Male reproductive system
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Male Reproductive System. Males begin producing sperm at puberty The production of sperm continues until very old age, unless disrupted by disease or environmental factors. Sperm. The Journey of Sperm.

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The journey of sperm
The Journey of Sperm

  • Sperm are made in seminiferous tubules inside of the testes, which are held away from the body by the scrotum

    • sperm are produced at 97 degrees F

  • sperm are stored in the epididymis

Sperm journey continue
Sperm journey continue-

  • they travel to the urethra by the vas deferens

  • Sperm pass through seminal vesicles, which add fructose, amino acids, and vitamins for fuel

Sperm also pass through
Sperm also pass through-

  • The prostate gland adds an alkaline (basic) solution to neutralize the vagina’s acidic environment.

Still traveling through the urethra
Still traveling through the urethra-

  • Cowper’s gland has secreted mucus into the urethra and now adds thick alkaline solution to sperm and other fluids

  • This fluid is now called semen

  • The penis is an adaptation for internal fertilization


  • Between the seminiferous tubules in the testes are interstitial tissues where cells produce testosterone

    (the male hormone)