solar buses n.
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Solar buses

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Solar buses. By Tristin “Sun power for the future”. Facts about Solar power. Solar Energy is better for the environment than traditional forms of energy.

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Solar buses

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solar buses

Solar buses

By Tristin

“Sun power for the future”

facts about solar power
Facts about Solar power
  • Solar Energy is better for the environment than traditional forms of energy.
  • Solar energy has many uses such as electricity production and heating of water through photovoltaic cells and directly for drying clothes.
  • Solar energy can also be used to heat swimming pools, power cars, for attic fans, calculators and other small appliances. It produces lighting for indoors or outdoors
solar panel
Solar panel
  • Solar panels (arrays of photovoltaic cells) make use of renewable energy from the sun, and are a clean and environmentally sound means of collecting solar energy.


about solar buses
About solar buses
  • The bus is rigged with solar panels to power our audio/visual and equipment. There are eight solar panels on the bus roof, and these produce electricity that is stored in batteries inside the bus. An inverter changes the voltage for different appliances—fans and interior lights run on a 12-volt system, while everything else runs on 110 volts.
the first solar bus
The first solar bus
  • Australia will play host to the first solar-powered electric bus in the world, with Tindo leading the charge in Adelaide, Australia. 100% powered by solar energy thanks to a BP Solar-sourced photovoltaic station, this green ride can ferry up to 42 passengers at once -without forking out a single cent.


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