currawong bush park excursion june 11 th 2013 n.
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Currawong Bush Park excursion. June 11 th , 2013

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Currawong Bush Park excursion. June 11 th , 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Currawong Bush Park excursion. June 11 th , 2013. A chance for the Grade 3’s to begin their journey towards an understanding of the term “Sustainability.”. Recycling or Landfill?.

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currawong bush park excursion june 11 th 2013

Currawong Bush Park excursion.June 11th, 2013

A chance for the Grade 3’s to begin their journey towards an understanding of the term “Sustainability.”

recycling or landfill
Recycling or Landfill?

The students learnt about recycling and the importance of being able to identify and in turn educate each other and their families about what items of waste are suitable for recycling and what needs to be placed in landfill and vice versa.

They did a terrific activity in which they had to order from most appropriate to least appropriate, items that are often placed into landfill which should have been recycled. We will complete this during this meeting.

animals and the circle of life
Animals and the “Circle of Life”


The students learnt about Biodiversity – the link between humans, animals and the environment.

This was “Bruce” the Koala who the students and teachers all enjoyed having a pat of.

Biodiversity teaches us that we need to be in harmony with the planet. That our actions do have either positive or negative effects on the environment and each other.

habitats and eco systems
Habitats and eco-systems

The students learnt about different environments and habitats as they wandered around the Park. This habitat is described as “grassy woodland.”

They also learnt that when the environment and animals work together they form an eco-system and each part plays its own important role.

Even dead trees such as these provide valuable homes and as they decompose their wood shavings provide mulch for the soil.


The students participated in a Leadership Workshop where they discussed the important qualities of a leader and lead a blindfolded partner around a range of “touchy-feely” boxes where the sight impaired partner had to describe what they were touching.

They also had to untangle a human knot, one person at a time which they found quite challenging.

Environmental leadership and setting good examples for others are integral to sustaining the planet.

time for you to choose recycle or dump
Time for you to choose: Recycle or Dump
  • Here are 10 objects:
  • You are to place them in order from most appropriate to be placed in landfill or dumped, to least appropriate. (work in pairs)
  • Piece of rope, woollen socks, a tree branch, painted wood, glass bottle, plastic bottle, steel can, cotton rag, paper, aluminium can.
  • 5 minutes for completion and discussion.
where to now for the school and sustainability
Where to now for the school and Sustainability?
  • We are currently working towards achieving another level for our 5 Star Sustainability Accreditation and renewing our expiring ones.
  • Term 3 will see a focus across the school on Sustainability and practices to support it. Feel free to use today’s activity with your class.
  • The basis behind Sustainability is that each person around the globe should have access to clean air, fresh water and fresh food (especially produce e.g fruit and vegetables)
  • I will be sending emails to people who are currently involved with the Sustainability committee and asking if they are still interested or have time available to stay onboard. Everybody is welcome to flag their interest even if not currently involved.