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Assembly Expectations

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Assembly Expectations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Assembly Expectations
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  1. Assembly Expectations • Enter the Cafeteria following your teacher’s directions. • Sit, look forward and listen to the presentation without talking to people around you. • Ask questions or respond when prompted to do so. • Respect others by following the rules. • Exit the Cafeteria when dismissed by your teacher.

  2. Kranz Intermediate Student Orientation Assembly Suspensions & Expulsions School Procedures Safety Attendance Dress Code Student Conduct

  3. Introductions • Mr. Andry, Principal • Mr. Schonborn, Assistant Principal • Mrs. Watson, Dean of Instruction • Mrs. Rogers, Counselor

  4. School Security Campus Supervisors: Martin Nava Rosemary Natividad Martha Rodriguez Angle Bermudez Sam Leon Lunch Supervisors Guadalupe Vargas Vania Ruvalcaba

  5. I. MUST Recommend for Expulsion – ZERO TOLERANCE Possession of a handgun. Brandishing a knife, screwdriver, or an ice pick. Unlawfully selling a controlled substance. Committing or attempting to commit a sexual assault/ sexual battery Possession of an explosive ( i.e. M-80, quarter stick of dynamite.) In any instance listed in section I, law enforcement will be contacted and the student will be arrested.

  6. II. SHALL Recommend for Expulsion: • Causing serious physical injury to another person except in self defense. • Possession of any knife, explosive, or other dangerous object of no reasonable use to the student. • Unlawful possession of any controlled substance (marijuana, alcohol, etc.). • Committing or attempting to commit robbery or extortion. • Assault or battery upon any school employee. • In any instance listed in Section II, law enforcement will be contacted and the student may be arrested.

  7. Students may be suspended for any of those instances listed before • Suspensions can be from one to five days. • Expulsion- for up to one year in a LACOE Program

  8. Eating Area Procedures: Cafeteria Supervisor: Mr. Pena • Cafeteria food is to be consumed in the Cafeteria area ONLY! • Clean up your area before you leave the eating area. • No food outside eating area • All trash must be placed in a trash can • Second Breakfast is a privilege, not a right. • We follow a Policy of Cooperation

  9. Gum Policy • No gum on campus!

  10. Student ID Cards & Agendas • Student MUST carry their ID Cards at all time after they are distributed. • Agendas are required daily • Completed in INK • All Subject Areas • Signed During Announcements on Mondays and Fridays

  11. Dress Code - UNFORM POLICY PANTS / SHORTS Colors: Navy Blue or Tan (solid colors only) Style: Fitted at waist or drawstring. Sweats are acceptable, in navy blue. NOTE: Pants must fit at the waist and not be more than one size too large or one size too small. Walking shorts will not be shorter than mid-thigh, and no longer than the top of the knee. NO JEANS! SHIRTS / BLOUSES Colors: White, Light Blue or Navy (solid colors only) Style: Collared shirts, such as polo, oxford, turtleneck or mock turtleneck (T-shirts, scoop collared, partially collared, sleeveless shirts, midriff, or modified clothes with colored trim will NOT be allowed). Spirit shirts from school may be worn on Fridays.

  12. SKIRTS / JUMPERS / SKORTS Colors: Navy blue or Tan (solid colors only) NOTE: Skirts / jumpers must be worn with an appropriate uniform shirt, blouse or sweater. Leggings, shorts or tights are acceptable, in uniform colors, under skirts, jumpers or skorts (culottes). Length of skirt must be modest. SHOES, SHOE LACES AND SOCKS Athletic or regular shoes. No open-toed shoes. Shoes must be in good condition. Socks must be worn at all times. Shoe laces and socks must coordinate with uniform colors. NOTE: If wearing shorts, socks must be pushed down to the ankle.

  13. OUTER WEAR Colors: NAVY BLUE ONLY Style: Jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters or vests. NO LOGOS. (No pictures, graphics, writing or company symbols). Names may be sewn on the outside, script, regular print. NO OLD ENGLISH lettering. Spirit outer wear purchased from site will be allowed HATS (allowed only when outside of school buildings) Colors: NAVY BLUE ONLY Style: Full brimmed to provide sun protection (NO logos, wording, pictures, graphics, or symbols) Failure to wear appropriate uniform may result in a discipline referral - Detention All clothing must be neat, clean and in good shape.

  14. Free Dress Day and On Uniforms • No baggy clothing • No belt buckles/Hats with initials • No long belts. • No chains on wallets. • No short tops • No spaghetti straps • No bare midriffs • No Jerseys • No opened toed shoes • Students MUST wear PE Uniforms on Free Dress Days

  15. Dress Code • If you dress inappropriately you will be talked to ONCE, this assembly counts as once. • You will have to change and a conference will be held with your parent if it continues. • Only after a conference will we return your inappropriate clothes. • Detention is assigned for inappropriate dress beginning today.

  16. Safety - Out of Bounds Areas • Students are not allowed in parking lot. • Use the crosswalks- NO JAYWALKING! • No students in hallways unless you are supervised with a teacher (at any time) NO FOOD!

  17. Safety • Quad is not a place to run/play soccer, football, baseball or throw any object. Play in the grass area. • Sports are to take place on the basketball courts, athletic field. • At the end of the day, leave campus promptly, go straight home. • REMINDER: School rules apply to & from home

  18. Safety • Please do not have your parents bring money, jackets or items you have forgotten at home. Be responsible. Get your things ready the night before. • Flowers will not be delivered during school hours- PICK UP AFTER SCHOOL !!!!

  19. Safety • Personal items are to be kept with you at all times • Clearly label with your name • Do not leave your backpack unattended • We cannot be responsible for any valuable items brought to. If it is very valuable do not bring it to school.

  20. Cell Phones • Cell Phones are allowed on campus. • Can be used before school and after-school. • Must be turned off by the first bell and placed in you pocket or backpack during school hours. • Confiscated cell phones will only be returned to a parent/guardian.

  21. Safety • Items not permitted on campus: • Skateboards (must be stored and cannot be carried around campus after the first bell) • ELECTRONIC GAMES • CD players or radios or IPods/MP3 Players • Markers ( teachers will provide for class work, if found on your person will be confiscated and thrown away) • Aerosols of ANY KIND

  22. Textbooks & Library • All students are responsible for their textbooks. You must keep them in the same condition as you received them. • Lost or damaged library and textbooks must be paid for by you! • The Library is open during lunch and nutrition for your use. • If you owe money or books you will not be allowed to participate in school events…including PROMOTION!!

  23. Attendance • Student Advisor: Ms. Martinez • Absence notes or phone attendance office: • Information required: • Your name and teacher’s name (room #) • Date of absence • Reason for absence( ill, funeral, medical etc.) • Parent’s signature & phone number • If you are late to school or class you will receive detention…No Questions!!

  24. Academics • Students are ultimately responsible for their learning. • Attend tutoring after school • Complete homework and in-class assignments • Ask for help! • All students must use their Academic Planners/Agendas • If you need academic help please see your counselor….We are here to help you!

  25. DETENTION • Served the following day • Students are responsible for informing their parents • Must bring teacher detention form or Ticket to detention • Detention is served in the Café or Room 34

  26. Have fun and enjoy, but remember why you are here!