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about cancer treatment and Symptoms

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about cancer treatment and Symptoms
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about cancer treatment and Symptoms

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  1. 10 Bad Habits CauseCancer Cancer is a disease most at risk of causing the death of the second in the world. In the year 2015 the number of deaths due to cancer reached 8.8million. There are some habits that can cause cancer. For example bad habits, weight, food that is less healthy, less physical activity, smoking and alcohol consumptionexcess. The following bad habits that can causecancer. Airfreshener Air freshener is often used to overcome the smell of the room which is not good. However, the air freshener is not to improve the quality of the air in theroom. On the contrary, air fresheners contain harmful substances that cause cancer. These harmful substances will go into the nose when sprayed into theroom. Alcoholicbeverages Consuming alcoholic beverages has been shown to increase the risk of cancer. A study noted to consume alcoholic drinks two times in a day can increase the risk of cancer of the esophagus, colon cancer, rectal cancer and breastcancer. Birth control pills Birth control pills, consumed to prevent pregnancy. Taking birth control pills can increasethe

  2. risk of breast cancer caucesalso cancer of the cervix andliver. Candles A study says that the smoke from paraffin candles contain carcinogens and components of other fossil fuels. To replace the use of paraffin wax should use pure beeswax as it is not harmful for thebody. Smokingcar People are more often exposed to the smoke from the diesel fuel will have health problems. Smoke from cars can cause lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. Diesel and gasoline releases carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons that aretoxic. Cosmetic Women often use makeup to improve the appearance. But the chemicals contained in cosmetics will remain in the body even if already clean face. We recommend that you use cosmetics with organic ingredients to reduce the risk of skincancer. Food that isburned Fish, chicken, or other food that is processed with fire will cause some parts to be scorched. Although it has a delicious flavor, the food is burned can increase the risk of cancer of the stomach, colon andpancreas. 8. Canned food A container of metal materials are used to package foods contain harmful chemicals. Consume canned food will cause certain causes hormone disruption and changes inDNA

  3. which result in cancer of thebreast. Diet Soda Diet soda contains artificial sweeteners which can increase the prostate cancer causeand other types of cancer. Some research has also shown that diet soda can cause bladder cancer and tumors of thebrain. Sunscreen Most people use sunscreen or sunblock to prevent skin problems. But the sunscreen contains ingredients called zinc oxide which produce free radicals that can cause DNA damage and trigger the growth ofcancer. Can Use Herbal Medicine When TreatingCancer? Herbal remedies for cancer are usually made from herbs. Can from the leaves, flowers, stems roots, fruit, or seeds. Then these ingredients are processed and packaged in the form of capsules, tablets, oils, ointments, or drink in tea form. But whether the drug made of natural materialsisdefinitelysafetobeconsumedespeciallyforYouwhohavecancerremedies?This is the answer. Some people believe, taking herbs can cure himself of the disease of cancer because the drug is often called contains antioxidants and useful substances to heal the cells. In fact, as quoted from the website Cancer Research the use of medicinal herbs as replacement drugs for cancer until now, this has not been provenscientifically. Remedies of Cancerthat is currently known in the medical world just surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. Need more research to be able to make herbal remedies for this cancer to be a medical therapy that is recognized by the worldwide.

  4. In fact herbal medicines on the market only serves as a promotive (to maintain the health and fitness of the body), preventive (prevent the disease), curative (treatment companion), and rehabilitation (to be recover). According to Cancer Research in the Uk, 10 from the people who have the disease of cancer 6 or about 60 percent of whom use herbal remedies for cancer along with medical treatment. So, if You want to use herbal remedies for cancer, make sure You always consult it with doctor, after consultation, You will know the answer to that is herbal remedies for cancer that You choose may or may notconsume. Whyisitimportanttoconsultwithadoctor?Becauseanykindofherbalcancerremediesmost likely have side effects You don't know. There are safe for You to use and some are not.Some are even very risky as reported by Medical NewsToday. You have to remember that up to this time, the use of herbal medicine just as a supporting therapy, not the primary therapy in the treatment of cancer. So You still have to undergo the main treatment for cancer such as surgery, radiotherapy orchemotherapy. Some natural ingredients used as herbal remediesare indeed safe to be consumed. Although safe, the herbal medicines could potentially cause side effects both mild and serious on the body.Sideeffectsit'salsoprintedonthepackaging. Inorderto avoiddanger,herearetips-tips for safe eating of herbalmedicine.

  5. Be sure to buy products that have been registered in BPOM RI. You can check on the page BPOM http://cekbpom.pom.go.id/. It's easy, You just type the information that is on the drug, for example registration number, product name, or brand of herbal medicine that You want toknow. Don't forget to check the expiration date of theproduct. Follow all instructions for use and dosage listed on thepackaging. Contact customer service the product if You want to know more about theirproducts. Before consuming, make sure You consult first to thedoctor. Medicinal herbs can not be consumed by all people. There are some people who should be careful or avoid the group of herbal medicines. Don't just consume any herbal remedy, especially if the goal for the treatment. You should consult to the doctor if you want to insert any substance into thebody. Know the Symptoms of the CancerQuickly Any people assume that cancer is a type of disease that is deadly for both men and women, not a few people who was stricken with cancer and then lost the spirit of his life. How not, the data shows that in developed countries the classmate of the United States (U.S.) course who already have medical equipment super advanced though, the Symptoms of the Cancer becomes the cause of death of number two after heart disease. There are a lot of types of cancer with different causes-different in every person, a variety of researchtoknowthesymptoms,typesandhowtotreatmentiscontinuouslyperformeduntil

  6. now. No less than hundreds of billions of dollars that have been issued to finance the research sincethemid-1970s.However,thekeenresearch donecoupledwithincreasinglysophisticated medical equipment to treat it, it turns out is directly proportional with the development of the type and complexity of the disease of canceritself. Cancer patients often do not know if he was stricken with cancer, whereas cancer symptoms are quite easily observed. The Cancer Symptomscan be seen from the easiest to the slightly morecomplicated,thesymptomsofacancerthatiseasilyobservediscertainlyeasytobeseen by the naked eye such as that found on the surface of theskin. While more complicated if the symptoms of the cancer was contained in the body, so that the necessary follow-up investigation to ascertain whether the symptoms do indeed lead tocancer. Cancerisadiseasethatverymanyofitskind,therearemorethan200typesofcancerthateach have the symptoms themselves. Of course this is very inconvenient if you have to recognize it one byone. But most don't, at least You should understand some of the symptoms of cancer so they canbe aware if these symptoms happen to You or the people around You. Hopefully, the early detection of cancer can be done so quickly can be treated. In simple terms, cancer symptoms can be divided into two, namely the symptoms of a cancer that can be seen and the symptoms of cancer are difficult tosee. Cancer symptoms that are easy tosee The symptomsof the cancer that is easily seen is that arise on the surface or the symptoms are easily perceived. For example on the symptoms of breast cancer, will appear a lump in the breast. Obviously this is easily seen and felt, therefore, always check the body parts that are pronetoattackedcancerisveryimportantsothatearlysymptomsofcancerisquicklydetected.

  7. The symptoms of the cancer which is also easily seen such as when the discharge of blood in theurine,thisisusuallyassociatedwiththesymptomsofcancerintheorgansproducingurine. As is the case also if a person is experiencing coughing up blood, is very likely a symptom of lungcancer. Examples of the symptoms of other cancers that are easily seen such as when a person is difficult to swallow something, so this could be a symptom of esophageal cancer. Similarly, if there is a change of the skin which is striking, this may be a symptom of skin cancer. Symptoms-the symptoms of other cancers that are easily observed such as when the urination is not smooth, maybe this is a symptom of prostate cancer. The symptoms of the cancer that is not easilyseen While the symptoms of the cancer that is not easily seen usually associated with organs in the human body, for example if there is bleeding in the rectum. This may be an indication or symptom of cancer of the large intestine that befall a lot ofparents. Examples of cancer symptoms that are also not easily seen if preceded by the other pain. For example, a person suffering from anemia or malnutrition may actually is suffering from colon cancer. Cancer symptoms are not easy to recognize because it is very possible the sufferer just think of it as an ordinary disease, in fact, it is only a symptom or indication of the beginning and behind it stored a more dangerous disease that iscancer.

  8. The symptoms of the cancer are kind of similar such as anemia and iron deficiency this is weight loss and loss of appetite, good weight loss and loss of appetite is actually easy recognizable, but in general people will be a lot of shrugged it off and just think of it as a regularthing. Infact,ifnotwatchoutforwhoknowpreciselyitisanearlysymptomofcancer. For that, it is important to immediately see if you see the symptoms of cancer in the top of the perchinYourbody,examinationofearlycancerfollowedbycancertreatmentquicklycansave someone's soul. • Prostate Cancer Symptoms andTreatment • Forpatientswithprostatecancer,itmightbeconfusinginchoosingtheprocedurebestProstate Cancer treatmentthat can be done. Every treatment has risks and also benefits of each. The treatment of prostate cancer depends on severalfactors: • The stage of thecancer • The size of thecancer • Age and life expectancy of thepatient • How extensive the spread of cancer has occurred • The health condition of thepatient For patients with prostate cancer in the early stages, they can choose to wait and monitor the development of cancer. There are some cases of prostate cancer that requires no treatment at all, and this needs to be considered because there are side effects of treatment are quite significant.

  9. If you choose to keep an eye on prostate cancer, then during the period of supervision, additional information can be collected to help determine the appropriatetreatment. • ThesupervisionoftheprostatethismayrequireYoutoundergothePSAtestandalsoabiopsy procedure on a regular basis. This is done to ensure as early as possible whether there is a growthofcancercells.Aseriesofproceduresisdonetodeterminethetreatmentinaccordance with the stages of cancer, especially when prostate cancer has spread out of the prostategland. • Here are some ways of handling prostate cancer are recommended: • Surgery For ProstateCancer • Here are some of the ways and also the surgery procedures that can be done to overcome prostate cancer. • TURP or trans-urethralresection • TURP is a surgical procedure in cutting part of the prostate gland. TURP is done by way of generalanesthesiaoranesthesiaofthespine,soYoudonotfeelpainduringthesurgerylasted. The goal of surgery is to relieve or eliminate the Prostate Cancer symptomsof urination is impaired due to prostate cancer • Thesurgeonwillinserttheironwirewithacircularsectionontheendintotheurethratowards the prostate. The electric current used to heat the circular section which serves to cut the prostate cancer. • Radical prostatectomy • Radical prostatectomy is a surgical procedure to remove the prostate gland and surrounding tissue. Radical prostatectomy can cure prostate cancer in men if the cancer has not spread out of the prostate gland. But there is a small chance that not all cancer cells can be lifted. Thereis a possibility of cancer cells will return after theoperation. • Some of the potential complications of the procedure of radical prostatectomyare: • Urinary incontinence, i.e. inability to controlurination. • Erectiledysfunction.Betterknownbythetermimpotence.Theinabilityto achieveand maintain an erection. • Can no longer ejaculate so that can't have children throughintercourse. • Kryoterapi • Kryoterapi sometimes performed to treat cancer of the prostate early stages. However, most doctors will not choose this handling as the initial step oftreatment. • Inthisprocedure,thedoctorwilluseagustofverycoldtemperaturestofreezeandkillprostate cancer cells. Some of the side effects of this action are:

  10. Mostpatientswillexperiencebloodmixedintheurineduringadayuptotwodaysafter the action kryoterapi. • Kryoterapi effect on the anus and bladder, which makes the appearance of the pain,the pain, and the frequent urge to urinate. • Erectiledysfunctionorimpotence,becausekryoterapiriskdamagingthenervesaround the prostate that control erection. • Difficulty to controlurination. • Radiotherapy • Radiotherapyusesradiationenergytokillcancercellsincaseswherethecancerhasnotspread out of the prostate. Radiotherapy can also be used after surgery to kill cancer cells remaining. In addition, radiotherapy is also done to relieve symptoms Prostate Canceror the pain and slow down the rate of development of cancer in cases ofcancer. • The patient does not need to undergo hospitalization for the procedure of radiotherapy. Here are some of the side effects of radiotherapy in prostatecancer: • Pubic hair loss • Feel fatigue • Feel uncomfortable around the anus andrectum • Inflammation of thebladder • The inability to anerection • Urinaryincontinence • Problems with bowel movements, such as diaredanbleeding • Chemotherapy • On these measures, patients will be prescribed anti-cancer drugs by a doctor. This action is very appropriate if the condition of the cancer has spread to organs outside the prostate gland. Some of the side effects of chemotherapyare: • Hair loss. • Thrush. • Nausea andvomiting. • Diarrhea. • The increased risk of infection, due to reduced number of white bloodcells. • Easy bruising orbleeding. • Fatigue. • HormoneTherapy • Hormonetherapyisusuallycombinedwiththeprocedureofradiotherapy. Hormonetherapyis conducted before radiotherapy aims to improve the success of Prostate Cancer treatment. Whilethehormonetherapythatisgivenafterradiotherapyisintendedtoreducethepossibility of the return of cancer cells. • In addition to the functions above, hormone therapy can also be used to slow the progression of prostate cancer late-stage and relieve symptoms or the pain thatappears.

  11. Side effects of hormone therapy on prostate cancerare: • Loss of sexual arousal • Erectile dysfunction orimpotence • Weight gain • Swelling of thechest • Hot flush or the condition in which the body suddenly felt hot, which could cause sweating in excess and bodychills. • Sweating • Steroid tablets can be used if hormone therapy is no longer successful because the cancer is resistant to hormone. Steroids can be used to shrink tumors and inhibit tumorgrowth. CancerVaccination Thedoctorcouldgiveacancervaccineforpatientswithprostatecancer.Cancervaccineswork by encouraging the immune system to attack prostate cancercells. Cancer vaccine for each patient can be different, because the vaccine is made based on the white blood cells of the patient. However, these vaccines are consumed instead to prevent developing cancer, but prolongs life patients severalmonths. Treatment on thebone If prostate cancer spreads to other parts of the body, then most likely it will spread to the bone first. Spread to the bone will make sufferers feel pain, occur bone fractures, or calcium levels in theblood.

  12. This action aims to prevent or slow the spread of cancer to the bone. There are several steps commonly performed the doctor for the procedure the treatment of Prostate Canceron the part of the bone,namely: • Give drugs such as bisphosphonates and denosumab, to inhibit the spread ofcancer. • Administration of corticosteroids or pain medication to relieve pain in thebones. • External radiation therapy that serves to relieve pain of thebones. • Aradioactivedrug.Thisisadrugthatcontainsaradioactiveelementthatisusedtokill cancer cells. • Treat Late-Stage Cancer • If prostate cancer has already entered the final stage, then the condition is no longer curable. The treatment is carried out only to slow the progression, extend life, and relievesymptoms. • To cope with prostate cancer end stage, treatment that can be done is radiotherapy, hormone therapy, chemotherapy. • Researchers Find Cancer Remedies to kill CancerCells • As it turns out, scorpion venom can indeed be beneficial for the medical world so valued that expensive. • Although known to be very dangerous, scorpion venom it has protein chain facilities ( chlorotoxin ). Site askabiologist.asu.edu call this protein is able to stop and turn off the cell. The special ability is developed the scientists to kill cancer cells and can be one optional for natural cancer remedies.

  13. Meanwhile,Dr.JimOlsonofSeattleChildren'sHospitalandFredHutchinsonCancerResearch Center, Seattle, Usa, called protein in scorpion venom can paralyze cancer cells that attack the brain. Content in in scorpion venom called could be the solution to penetrate the membrane around blood vessels of the brain safely. That is, these proteins not only bind to and knock out cancer cells, but also cancer cells that radiant so as to facilitate the surgeon to lift itcompletely. Of about 2,000 species of scorpions worldwide, only 30's that has a poison strong enough to kill a human. However, scorpions are very dangerous such as Chinese golden scorpion, blue scorpion, Israeli scorpion, the deathstalker scorpion is precisely that used as the object of medical research. Special to the blue scorpion, a scorpion is a most malignant is considered as the most potential to be adrug. Figure of medical find the fact that scorpion venom can be used as a cancer drug is Demetrio Rodriguez Fajardo. Men of Mexican origin, this even finding this amazing fact when she was 17 years old. Now, at just 21 years of age, Demetrio still be a doctoral student atthe Universidad de Guadalajara and his findings even already getting recognition from the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency of the United States (FDA) to be used as a breast cancer remedies.

  14. Now, more and more researchers who developed scorpion venom to be used as cancer remediesother diseases such as heart failure and various types of cancer otherdeadly. Seehowlargethebenefitsfromscorpionvenom,canbeunderstoodrightwhythepricecanbe veryexpensive? Symptoms and signs of Breast Cancer Can Still beCured Breast cancer has become one of the main causes of the high number of deaths in women. In 2015, data from the World Health Organization (WHO) show that there have been 507 thousand women died due to breast cancer. It is scary, but actually if the traits of early-stage breastcancercanbedetected,itisnotlikelythisdiseasecanbecured.Therefore,itisimportant for You to know the traits of early breast cancer signs and symptomsas early aspossible.

  15. Refertotheexplanationforthedevelopmentofbreastcancerbystageaswellasthesignsand traits of breast cancerbelow. The development of breast cancer stage oneup. If seen from the development of cancer cells, breast cancer can be divided into several stages, namely: Breast cancer stage zero Whenthisstageoccurs,thecancercellsalreadythereandgrowing.Butitsdevelopmentisstill only in the ducts of the breast. Has not spread at all. Breast cancer stage one Breast cancer stage one still get early-stage breast cancer. The characteristics of breast cancer in this stage is the cancer cells have started growing and enlarged in the breast that become a place of growth. However, the cancer cells have not spread and the size is not more than 5cm. Breast cancer stage two At this stage, cancer cells can develop and grow in several ways. On the breast cancer stage IIA, the size of the mass of cancer less than 2 cm but has spread to lymph nodes in thearmpit.

  16. While on the breast cancer stage IIB, the mass of cancer has been more than 5 cm but cancer cells have not spread to the glands under thearmpit. Breast cancer stage three Ifsomeonehasalreadyenteredthisstage,itisdefinitelyacancercellsareabletospread.Stage IIIA is a condition where cancer cells have spread to the tissues of thebody. WhilethestageIIIB cancercellgrowthhasreachedtothesurfaceoftheskinandlymphnodes in thebreast. Breast cancer stage four Treatment breast cancer stage four is the development of increasingly fast and increasingly widened to the otherorgans. Signs and traits of breastcancer The early symptoms and signs breast canceris recognized, then the easier the cancer cells is removedfromthebody.Cancercellsstagezero,usuallydonotshowsignsortraitsofanykind. However, You can already recognize the characteristic features of breast cancer stageone. The characteristics of breast cancer the most common is the appearance of lumps in thebreast. Unfortunately,notonlycancerbetheonlyabnormalityinthebreastthatcanbedetectedbythe presenceorabsenceoflumps.Thisisbecausealumpinthebreastcanbetriggeredbyhormonal changesinteenstodamagedfattissue.Then,whatarethecharacteristicsofthecancerouslump breast? Generally, the characteristics of the lumps of breast cancer will be seen to have a hard texture with unclear boundaries and its surface is uneven. Bump also continue to settle 8 to 10 days after menstruation. If the lump close to the nipple, it will be seen that the nipples areinterested in, and somewhat hard-driven (sticky).

  17. In addition to the appearance of bumps, signs and traits of early-stage breast cancer that You can recognize is: Changes in the size, shape, or appearance of thebreast. Change the shape of the breastnipple. Pain in the breast that does not go away, even when You have already entered into a periodthenextmonth.Evenso,somewomenarealsotherewhodonotexperiencepain or soreness in her breasts. Nipples secrete a clear liquid, brown, oryellow. The nipple suddenly reddened and swollen without knowncause. Swelling around the armpit due to enlarged lymph nodes in the area. Veinsvisibleonthebreast,asaresulttheveinsinthepartofthebreastisclearlyvisible. At an advanced stage began to seem the presence of abnormalities in the breast skin (like an orange peel or the skin becomes reddish), sometimes the skin is also socurved like dimples because they are attracted by thelump. If You experience or suspect any of the signsand symptomsand characteristics of early-stage breast cancer as has been mentioned above, you should immediately consult to thedoctor. This is done so that You get the right treatment according to Your condition. With responsivenesstothetraitsofearly-stagebreastcancer,thenYourchancestorecoverfromthis disease is alsogreater. The various causes of breast cancer

  18. Actually until now researchers still can not know for sure what causes breastcancer. Like other cancers, breast cancer is a condition when certain cells grow abnormally and can not be controlled. Over time, these cancer cells will attack the tissues of the breast healthy nearby, and eventually spread to the entirebody. Further, researchers have successfully found some genes which if mutated, would be potentially against the development of breast cancer. Gene mutations are cancer gene 1 (BRCA1) and cancer gene 2(BRCA2). Thesecondgeneisfoundinapproximately10percentofthepopulationofpatientswithbreast cancer. Even so, even with the presence of gene mutations, experts still can not establish the causeofthebiochemicalinteractionsthatareneededinthedevelopmentofbreastcancercells. the breast pain swelling In addition to gene mutation, the researchers also agreed that medical history or lifestyle may increase the risk of breast cancer. Some risk factors that may be the cause of breast canceris: Gender Women are 100 times more often diagnosed with breast cancer than men. This is due to the influenceoffemalesexhormones,particularlyestrogenandprogestron.Insomecasesofbreast cancer, both of these hormones act as a trigger for cell growth and division. The risks of this cancer will generally increase due to the cells of the breast are often exposed tothesecondexposureofthesehormonesduringthemenstrualcycle.In addition,womenwho experienced early menstruation (before 12 years), menopause after 55 years, as well as have large breasts are also at high risk of breast cancer. Age According to a study by the American Cancer Society, more than two-thirds of breast cancer cases found in women aged 55 years and more. Only one-eighth the population of women found to have breast cancer at age less than 45years. Family medicalhistory Otherriskfactorsthatcouldpotentiallybethecauseofbreastcancerisfamilymedicalhistory. Women at risk is high of developing breast cancer if they have a blood relationship directly with the people who are diagnosed with breast cancer, e.g. mother, brother, orchild. Genetic According to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, genetic mutations of BRCA1 and BRCA, as far as this is the cause of breast cancer derived the mostcommon.

  19. Mutations in BRCA1 generally will only affect the risk of breast cancer in women, but mutationsinBRCA2havecontributedasariskfactorofbreastcancerinbothwomenandmen. Other genes that have a role in breast cancer derivative is ATM, p53, CHEK2, PTEN, and CDH1. • Certain ethnic • One of the factors the causes of breast cancer other is ethnic. Women nationality Europe rated more susceptible to breast cancer. Even so, African-American women have the chances of survival are very small to survive from this disease. Breast cancer also be the main cause of death in women Hispanic. • InIndonesia,breastcancerrankedthefirstcauseofdeathinwomen,beatinganumberofother types of cancer. The death rate due to breast cancer in women reaching a 21.4 percent based on the profile data mortality from Cancer (Cancer Mortality Profile) which was released by WHO in2014. • Lifestylefactors • In addition to the various factors that cause breast cancer are already mentioned above, some lifestyle habits also indirectly be the cause signsand symptoms of breast cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, a sedentary lifestyle can increase the risk of breast cancer include: • Obesity or excessweight • Excessive alcohol consumption

  20. Do not have children • Having your first child after 35 yearsold • Taking birth control pills • Using hormone replacementtherapy • Various treatment options of breastcancer • Here are some of the treatment options of breast cancerinclude: • Surgery • Surgery conservative, that is raised along with the cancer cells of the lymph nodes involved. Mastectomy total, ie lifting the entire breast affected bycancer. • Modified radical mastectomy (mastectomy modified radical), which remove the entire breast withcancer,lymphnodesunderthearmpit,alongthemusclesonthechest,andsometimespart of the muscles of the chest wall. • Radiation therapy • Radiation therapy uses X-rays to high-powered targeted to kill cancer cells can reduce the risk of recurrence. Radiation is generally used to destroy the cells that escaped the surgery. This therapy is given regularly for women who are at high risk after undergoing amastectomy. • Chemotherapy • Chemotherapyisacancertherapyusingdrugstoinhibitthegrowthofcancercells.Thistherapy can be done before surgery to shrink the tumor before it is removed. In addition, this therapy can also be done after surgery to prevent tumor growthback. • Hormone therapy • Hormone therapy is a type of cancer therapy by inhibiting the hormones and prevent the developmentofcancercells.Thistherapyiseffectiveonlyincancersinthebreastaresensitive to the hormone. Your doctor will perform tests to determine the type of cancer in Yourbreast. • Targeted therapy • Targetedtherapyisatherapythatusesdrugsorotherchemicalstoidentifyandsymptomsattack cancer cells specifically without killing the normal cells. This therapy among otherthings: • Monoclonal antibodies • Inhibitors of tyrosinekinase • Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors (inhibitors of cyclin-dependentkinase)

  21. The earlier the stage of cancer Your breast the higher the level of success of the treatment. In fact, according to data from the National Cancer, a person who is experiencing breast cancer stage one has a chance to survive the next 5 years reach 100percent. How to detect a characteristic of early-stage breast cancer? breast pain due toPMS To know the characteristic of early breast cancer, there are several things You can do, suchas: Breast self-check The easiest step to determine a feature of early breast cancer, You can do BSE, or breast self- examination. Breast self-examination is a technique of checking for women that can be done at home to check for lumps in the breast. Examination BSE conducted on a regular basis will help recognize the texture of the breast tissue is normal, so that if later You feel there is something unusual in the breast, You can be noticedandcanbeimmediatelycheckedtothedoctor.Trymakeitahabit tocheckthebreasts yourself every month. This way, You will be able to easily detect traits of lumps of breast cancer. The best time to examine breasts is a few days after the menstrual cycle finishes. Because hormonal changes can affect the shape and the feeling of You against the breast, the examination is best when Your breasts are at statusnormal. For women who have not experienced a menstrual cycle yet I should choose the same day to dothetest,forexamplethefirstdayofeachmonth.Itishighlyrecommendedtowriteajournal or notes about how to form Your breasts on any checks, to find if there is achange. Mammography In addition to doing BSE, You can do screening mammography routinely is also important to know the characteristic of early breast cancer. Mammography is the technique of scanning the image using the rays of the lower x-ray dose to detect and diagnose breast cancer. A Mammogram done simultaneously with the inspection routine clinical and examination breast self monthly as an important step in the early diagnosis of breastcancer. Women aged 40 years and over are required to undergo a mammogram every one to twoonce. If You or Your family has a history of breast cancer, your doctor may recommend to start mammograms early, often, and added some of the alternativescanning. When doing this procedure, Your breasts will be taped on the screen of the scanner x-rays. Then, a compressor will press Your breasts down to flatten the network. This will show the results of clearer images of Yourbreast. The doctor will usually require You to hold your breath every time shooting. For Your first time doing this procedure, You may be a little pain or discomfort. But don't worry, the pain and discomfort this will not lastlong.

  22. Duringtheprocedure,thedoctorwillexaminetheresultsoftheimagedisplayedonthescanner screen and asked the technician radiologic to take some additional pictures if the results are already there look less clear or requires further examination. Don't panic, it is prevalent todo.