Bayside back to school night
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Bayside Back to School Night. Fourth Grade Bayside Elementary School 2010-2011. Bayside’s Positive Expectations. B e D etermined E xhibit R esponsibility S how R espect. Behavior Expectations. School- wide & Classroom Expectations Classroom Rewards & Procedures Classroom Jobs.

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Bayside back to school night
Bayside Back to School Night

Fourth Grade

Bayside Elementary School


Bayside’s Positive Expectations

Be Determined

Exhibit Responsibility

Show Respect

Behavior expectations
Behavior Expectations

  • School- wide & Classroom Expectations

  • Classroom Rewards & Procedures

  • Classroom Jobs

Mission statement
Mission Statement

  • Mrs. Wells’ Class will have a Baytastic year.

  • We will be determined. We will ask question to perservere and say “I know I can.”

  • We will exhibit responsibility. We will get our materials organized and complete our work on time. We will take responsibility for our actions and own up to the things we do to learn from our mistakes.

  • We will show respect. We will listen and care for each other because we can help each other learn.

  • These will help us:

  • read and comprehend challenging vocabulary,

  • write and spell neatly many stories and poems,

  • calculate large numbers using multiplication and division,

  • know locations and cultures,

  • and experiment with plants, animals, astronomy, fossils, and electricity.

  • We will have a Baytastic Year!

Integrated language arts reading writing
Integrated Language Arts(Reading & Writing)

How can we be better readers?

Comprehension & Fluency

Independent Reading




Reading and language arts
Reading and Language Arts

  • Guided Reading Instruction

  • Before, during and after reading strategies

  • Skills: Making inferences, making generalizations, drawing conclusions, summarizing, predicting and evaluating

  • Variety of text (Genres)

  • Utilizing Reference materials (dictionaries, thesauruses and computers)

  • Steps of the writing process (independently and cooperatively)

  • Independent Writing Journals – due each quarter

  • Vocabulary development, word attack skills, and grade level spelling

  • Houghton Mifflin resources online


Everyday math

Spiral effect curriculum

Encourages higher order thinking skills

Builds and maintains basic numeracy

Focus on Maryland State Curriculum

Math Games

Fact Practice

Online Resource:

Everyday Math

Integrated social studies

The Maryland Adventure





Londontowne Field Trip

Geography Bee

IntegratedSocial Studies


Scientific Method




Intervention enrichment time
Intervention / Enrichment Time

  • 9:15-9:45 each day

  • Students DO NOT miss instruction in classroom if go with other teachers.

  • Allows for small groups for skills practice, individual or group projects, and lesson reviews

  • Reading Enrichment is first 30 min. Reading (3 days/week)

  • Math Enrichment during Intervention / Enrichment Time (2 days/week)


Review & Practice

Less than an hour


Reading-write time in agenda

Math-Study Links & Fast Facts


Study for Tests

Parents may check



  • A-WOW!All directions were followed. There was extra thought put into the work. This is above expectations.

  • B-Good!All directions were followed. The skill was understood. Work has met grade level expectations.

  • C-OK.The skill is developing. Some directions may not have been followed or some work may not have been completed.

  • D-Needs Practice.The skill is not understood or the work is not completed enough to show understanding of the skill. When you see these grades, remind your child to “focus” on the model or lesson that the teacher does directly before they do the work.


9:00-9:15 Homeroom

9:15-9:45 Intervention/Enrichment Block

9:45-11:45 Reading/Language Arts Block

11:45-12:45 Specials

12:45-1:15 Recess

1:15-1:45 Lunch

1:45-3:00 Mathematics

3:15-3:45 Science

3:45-4:00 Dismissal

Special schedule
Special Schedule

Recess is 12:45. Lunch is 1:15.

Snack in Classroom about 11am


Birthday treats at lunch


Grandparents Day

Fall Festival

Winter Holiday

Friendship Day

& Jump Rope for Heart


Volunteers must have volunteer training
VolunteersMust have Volunteer Training

  • Classroom

    • Room Parent

    • Socials

    • Room Helpers

    • Home

    • Scholastic Book Orders

  • Field Trip Chaperones

  • Book Fair

Extra routines
Extra Routines

  • Bathroom Passes

  • Water Bottles

  • Snack

  • Behavior Chart

  • Thursday Folders

  • Ready Buck

Parent Academic Involvement & Updates

Review Thursday Folder

Interims-Mid Grades

Parent Conferences

Report Cards

Family Projects

Teacher parent communication
Teacher-Parent Communication

Together we can make this the most successful experience for our students
Together we can make this the most successful experience for our students!

Thank you!