Perkins 101 accountability
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Perkins 101: Accountability. National Association of Career and Technical Information Pre-Conference Workshop Jim Schoelkopf Perkins 101: Accountability. Topic overview:

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Perkins 101 accountability
Perkins 101: Accountability

National Association of Career and Technical InformationPre-Conference Workshop

Jim Schoelkopf

Perkins 101 accountability1
Perkins 101: Accountability

  • Topic overview:

  • This session is comprised topics intended to help primarily new state staff understand Perkins IV accountability basics.

  • Topic areas will include:

    • Overview of Perkins Title I and II accountability requirements,

    • Collecting CTE Performance data, and

    • Reporting CTE performance data

Perkins 101 accountability2
Perkins 101: Accountability

  • What do I need to know?

    • What is the PCRN?

    • Title I Overview of Section 113

      • What are the “core performance indicators”

    • What is the non-regulatory guidance?

    • What is the FAUPL?

    • Title II overview of section 203

      • What are the “Tech-Prep indicators”

    • What is the CAR?

Perkins 101 accountability3
Perkins 101: Accountability

  • Perkins Career Resource Network (PCRN)

    • Purpose of PCRN is an on-line resource for states interested in Perkins accountability, program and administrative issues and to communicate with other states with similar interests to share best practices.

    • Where to access PCRN:

    • Resources organized by:

      • Legislation & Policy Guidance

      • State Formula Grants

      • Accountability

      • Discretionary Programs

      • National Initiatives

Perkins 101 accountability4
Perkins 101: Accountability

  • Title I: Overview of Perkins IV, Section 113

    • Purpose of section 113 is to set out the Act’s accountability requirements and core indicators for performance at the secondary and postsecondary levels for all CTE students.

    • A) Review the sub-sections in Section 113 – (a) purpose, (b) state performance measures and (c) reporting

    • B) On PCRN, select ‘State Formula Grants’ from the left side menu, then select ‘Monitoring’, and finally select ‘Supplemental Accountability Check Sheet’. Review how well your state/district would do using the check sheet.

Perkins 101 accountability

State Monitoring – Perkins IV - Accountability and Performance Checklist

Legend for Status:

P = Partial Compliance C = Full Compliance N = Not in Compliance NA = Non Applicable

Perkins 101 accountability5
Perkins 101: Accountability

  • Disaggregated performance data categories:

  • Gender

  • Race and Ethnicity (following 1997 revised standards)

  • Individuals with Disabilities (IDEA & ADA)

  • Economically Disadvantaged, including Foster Children

  • Single Parents

  • Displaced Homemakers

  • Individuals with Limited English Proficiency

  • Migrant Students (secondary only)

Perkins 101 accountability6
Perkins 101: Accountability

  • Section 113 Core Indicators of Performance

Perkins 101 accountability7
Perkins 101: Accountability

  • What is the non-regulatory guidance?

  • Purpose of the non-regulatory Guidance (NRG) is to provide structure and consistency to the Perkins core indicators and accountability efforts in light of the non existence of federal regulations on the Act.

  • On PCRN, select “Legislation & Policy Guidance” to find a link to the “Program Memorandum and Non-regulatory Guidance”

Perkins 101 accountability8
Perkins 101: Accountability

  • Final Agreed-Upon Performance Level (FAUPL)

    • Purpose of the FAUPL is to have an agreement between the Department and the State on student and performance definitions, measurement approaches, and baseline and performance targets for the core indicators.

    • State FAUPLs are attached to your states July 1 grant award. State FAUPLs are also posted on PCRN.

    • In using the FAUPL, consider:

      • how you might negotiate CTE performance with local districts and postsecondary programs?

      • how you might integrate analysis of local performance data to Perkins applications.

Perkins 101 accountability9
Perkins 101: Accountability

Example of a FAUPL page

Perkins 101 accountability10
Perkins 101: Accountability

  • Title II: Overview of Perkins IV, Section 203

    • Purpose of section 203 is to set out the accountability requirements and core indicators for performance at the secondary and postsecondary levels for Tech-Prep students.

    • Section 203 is a requirement for states who have NOT merged, or have partial merged, Title II funding with Title I funding.

    • Even if your state has consolidated its Title II funds it will be worthwhile to look at the Tech Prep indicators.

      • A) Review the performance measures and determine is they are reasonable indicators that would provide valuable information about your CTE program

      • B) Discuss with colleagues, focus group, the value of the indicators in light of programs of study or CTE programs in general.

Perkins 101 accountability11
Perkins 101: Accountability

  • Title II: Overview of Perkins IV, Section 203

  • Tech Prep Core Indicators

  • Secondary Level

  • 1STP1 - Enroll in Postsecondary Education

  • 1STP2 - Enroll in Postsecondary in the Same Field or Major

  • 1STP3 - Complete a State or Industry-Recognized Certification or Licensure

  • 1STP4 - Complete Course(s) that Award Postsecondary Credit

  • 1STP5 - Enroll in Remedial Mathematics, Writing, or Reading Course(s)

  • Postsecondary Level

  • 1PTP1 - Employment in Related Field After Graduation

  • 1PTP2 - Complete a State or Industry-Recognized Certificate or Licensure

  • 1PTP3 - On-Time Completion of a 2-Year Degree or Certificate

  • 1PTP4 - On-Time Completion of a Baccalaureate Degree Program

Perkins 101 accountability12
Perkins 101: Accountability

  • What is the Consolidated Annual Report (CAR)?

  • Purpose of the CAR is as a data collection and reporting format that allows states to submit their required data to the Department and allows reports to be generated from that data source.

  • The CAR is made up of three parts: 1) the narrative, 2) accountability data—enrollment & performance, and 3) financial status reports

  • To view CAR narratives, enrollment data, and performance data, go to PCRN, select “Accountability” from the menu, then select “Consolidated Annual Report”.

  • Users can create a customized report using the tool on the web page.

Perkins 101 accountability13
Perkins 101: Accountability

  • Important Note Concerning the CAR:

  • Secondary performance data is reported through EDFacts, not the CAR.

    • EDFacts:


    • Consult with your secondary education agency for the state reporting process

Perkins 101 accountability14
Perkins 101: Accountability

  • Helpful resources:

  • Perkins IV Data Accountability Guide

    • Posted electronically on PCRN

    • This guide fulfills two purposes:

      • it is a resource for identifying requirements contained in legislation and in non-regulatory guidance, and

      • it also provides a host of suggestions that should be viewed a Best Practices resource that states may (but are not required to) use when implementing Perkins IV.

Perkins iv data accountability guide
Perkins IV Data Accountability Guide

  • Common Perkins IV Accountability Terms: A Hyperlink Index

  • Introduction and Overview

  • Student Definitions

  • Secondary CTE Measures

  • Postsecondary/Adult CTE Measures

  • Secondary Tech Prep Indicators

  • Postsecondary Tech Prep Indicators

  • Perkins IV Validity and Reliability Checklist: Sample Decision Tree Diagram

  • Cross Measure Issues

  • Definitions: Race/Ethnicity, Special Populations and Other Student Categories

  • A Guide to Crosswalking Nontraditional Occupations and Programs

  • Strategies for Identifying Nontraditional CTE Programs

  • Annotated Resource Directory Accountability Data Guide

  • Perkins IV Accountability Data Guide Hyperlink Index—APPENDICES

Perkins 101 accountability15
Perkins 101: Accountability

  • Helpful resources continued:

  • Data Quality Institute (DQI)

    • OVAE’s Division of Academic and Technical Education (DATE) sponsors annual data quality institutes (DQI's) to help states develop and implement Perkins IV data systems that yield valid, reliable, and complete data on students who enroll in career and technical education programs.

    • June 7-8, 2011: Virtual DQI with a focus on SLDS & CTE data

  • Next Steps Work Group (NSWG)

    • DATE, in collaboration with contractors at MPR Associates, Inc., hosts monthly NSWG conference calls for state career and technical education directors and others to discuss issues related to Perkins IV accountability and program improvement.

    • Currently scheduled for the first Thursday of each month.

Perkins 101 accountability16
Perkins 101: Accountability

  • Helpful resources continued:

  • Data Quality Campaign (DQC)


    • The Data Quality Campaign (DQC) is a national, collaborative effort to encourage and support state policymakers to improve the availability and use of high-quality education data to improve student achievement.

    • FERPA Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

      • On April 7, 2011, the U.S. Department of Education released a notice of proposed rulemaking regarding the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Public comments are due to the Department by May 23, 2011.


Perkins 101 accountability17
Perkins 101: Accountability


Contact Information:

Jim Schoelkopf

MPR Associates, Inc. | 1618 SW First Avenue, #300

Portland OR 97201 | 503-222-5467 x403