proposal of new work item model of a wot web of things system for hes n.
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Proposal of New Work Item: Model of a WoT (Web of Things) System for HES PowerPoint Presentation
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Proposal of New Work Item: Model of a WoT (Web of Things) System for HES

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Proposal of New Work Item: Model of a WoT (Web of Things) System for HES - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Proposal of New Work Item: Model of a WoT (Web of Things) System for HES
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  1. Proposal of New Work Item:Modelof a WoT(Web of Things) Systemfor HES Sept. 17, 2014 Ho-Jin Park ( WebOf Things

  2. Trend ofHome Appliances AS-WAS TO-BE AS-IS Mobile Convergence LCD and radio communication embedded in devices Mobile convergence realized Smart Hub Mutual connections of home appliances Maximized Smart user experience Cloud Hub Extended user experience regardless of time and location Customized Smart service Service Connected Service Cloud based Environment Contents Sharing Smart Hub Cloud Hub Web-connected Openness of home appliances Local/remote control of home appliances Online shopping Deeper interaction Mutual connections of home appliances Making knowledge out of home information Mash-up with Web information Smart grid Smartphone-connected diagnosis Broader distribution AS-connected diagnosis

  3. Web of Things (WoT) • WoT isa way to realize the IoT. • IoT(Internet of Things): Global infrastructure enabling advanced services by interconnecting Things • WoT(Web ofThings): All Things connected and controlled through the Web • Physical devices can be accessed as resources of the web and services/applications can be provided based upon a web-based service environment. Web of Things ? = Things <Ref. Framework of the WoT, Rec. ITU-T Y.2063>

  4. Use Case of WoT at Home • Smart Home is one of the most representative use case of WoT. • User’s demands to remotely control & monitor home appliances using mobile devices are increasing. Analysis Management Platform(Cloud) Detected abnormal power consumption Home Energy Consumption Diagnosis Service Comparisonby locations/households Real-time cause diagnosis & analysis Energy Consumption Statistics Obj. Home Energy Consumption Diagnosis Obj. Web Environment Obj. Obj. Obj. Obj.

  5. ITU-T Y.2063: Framework of the WoT • Released at July of 2012 by ITU-T Study Group 13 • Describes the overview, identifies the requirements to support the WoT • Specifies the functional architecture for WoT <Conceptual Model of the WoT, ITU-T Y.2063 >

  6. WoT Functional Architecture of ITU-T Y.2063 • Divided into 3 layers: service, adaption and physical layer • Service layer makes a service available & manage it • Adaption layerinteracts with physical devices for the translation of different protocols and message formats • Physical layer includes physical devices

  7. Needfor HES Application Model of WoT • The WoTmodel of ITU-T Y.2063 is a generic model independent of application domains. • Needs to be rebuilt to be applied to the specific domains considering their environmental characteristics • A model of WoT system for HES application needs to be defined. • Considers integrating the WoT with the existing HES components and protocols • Defines the functional roles of HES components and their interaction for WoT services • The application model is essential to guarantee the interoperability among HES devices for WoTservices

  8. Proposal of New Standard • Title • ISO/IEC 15067-x HES application model: Modelof a WoT(Web of Things) System for HES • Scope • This standard specifies a generic high-level model for a WoT system using HESthat enables a consumer to control and manage the home appliances inside the house as well as outside the house using a method known as WoT(Web of Things). • Develop architectural models specially considering HES • Specify key services in HES • Specify communication messages needed to support the services • Purpose and Justification • The models in this standard foster interoperability among WoT products from competing or complementary manufacturers.

  9. Outline of the Proposed Standard • 1. Introduction • 2. Scope • 3. WoT(Web of Things) for HES • 4. The model of a WoT system for HES • 4.1 WoTsystem taxonomy and lexicon • 4.2 Logical and physical models • 4.3 Taxonomy of WoT system Services • 4.3.1 Structure of Services • 4.3.2 Service1… • 4.3.m Service1 n • 4.4 Lexicon for WoT system • 4.4.1 HES message lexicon overview • 4.4.2 HES message list • Annex A: Appliance Profiles for constraint Web protocols (Informative) • Annex B: Appliance Profiles for HTTP (Informative)

  10. WorkingSchedule • All work will be finished in 36 months. • NWIP with a Working Draft • April 2015 • First CD • Oct. 2015

  11. Thank you!