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Assistive Technology Loan Application Database PowerPoint Presentation
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Assistive Technology Loan Application Database

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Assistive Technology Loan Application Database - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Assistive Technology Loan Application Database

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  1. Assistive TechnologyLoan Application Database Originally Developed by Maryland ATGLP and CorTech Data Design

  2. Assistive TechnologyLoan Application Database Tracks All Aspects of the Application Process • From initial contact through decision-making to closing the loan • Produces statistical reports to meet the needs of Board of Directors, state and federal agencies, internal procedural and marketing uses • Includes provisions for “rescue” payments made to avert default • Does not track direct loans after approval - amortization, re-payments, etc.

  3. Assistive TechnologyLoan Application Database Highly Customized Database Program • Developed in Microsoft Access • Maryland ATGLP, Virginia ATLFA, Delaware DATI • Variability built into the program • Users can add to or modify drop-down lists • User can edit standard documents • Reports can be printed for user-entered date-ranges, selected funding sources, etc. • Can be modified to meet your specific program needs (terminology / additional reports)

  4. Assistive TechnologyLoan Application Database Focus on Ease of Use and Time-Savings • Data entry without scrolling to find entry fields • Automatic calculations - credit and financial • Frequent use of drop-down box entries for speed and standardization of entries • Standard applicant letters produced with one click • Staff contacts with applicants can be scheduled and tracked so that no one “falls through the cracks” • Can be modified to meet your specific program needs (Board Meeting Notes)

  5. All Functions are Menu Driven

  6. Tabs for Data Entry Without Scrolling Entering or Finding an Applicant Record Summary for Board Review Summary for Bank Review Communication with Applicant

  7. Entering a New Prospective Applicant After application received, changed to Applicantand Folder # is assigned

  8. Entering a New Prospective Applicant Drop-down boxes are provided to simplify and standardize data entry Lists of Referral Sources is built and modified by the user in background tables

  9. Entering a New Prospective Applicant Print an Interest Letter

  10. Interest Letter Mail Merge letter created in Microsoft Word using data from the currently displayed applicant. Name & Address Bank Name Content of standard letter can be modified by user

  11. Disability Tab Memo fields allow as much text entry as desired

  12. Contacts Tab Initial Follow-up entry is generated automatically for 14 days after info mailed Can schedule contacts and print reminder list later Clicking in this box will remove from reminder list

  13. Financial Info Tab All fieldsin blue are calculated Debt amount is brought forward from the Credit Tab Joint Applicant Info is brought forward from Joint App tab

  14. Credit Tab All fields in blue are calculated Bad debt payments calculated even when no plan in effect Bankruptcy Risk Indicators

  15. Joint Applicant Tab All fieldsin blue are calculated All Infosame as applicant Multiple Joint Applicants may be entered

  16. Loan & Status Tab All basic loan info including bank decision Status Box shows current status and history of progress Multiple Loan Types can be entered

  17. Loan & Status Tab Loan Types in drop-down box are RESNAstandards.List can be modified by user.

  18. Credit Summary for ATGLP Board Risks for bankruptcy pre-coded and only appear if statistics exceed 35%.

  19. Closed Letter Data from Applicant merged into Word mail merge letter Name & Addressand Greeting Date Approved Loan Amount,Term, and Interest Rate Contact Person and telephone # at the bank Bank Name

  20. Default Payments Tab To record payments made to avert default, amount of defaulted loans, and recovery payments received

  21. Pre-Report Setup Screen All reports are preceded by a setup screen similar to this one.

  22. Loan Activity Summary One-page summary to report program activity to the board Section of stats for the most recent month Section of stats for program inception-to- date

  23. Pending Board Review Report Applications included when bank approved or withdrawn Total loan amount for all applications

  24. Breakdown by Referral Source This page shows the breakdown for only AFP funded applications. Two other pages show the breakdown for Telework funded applications and for all applications.

  25. Fund Balance Report Designed to show the board the amount of funds available for loans. If your prgram is not able to produce this report by other means, additional data entry will allow the database to produce it. Calculates reserves based on individual bank requirements.

  26. Breakdown by County All stats for a user-specified period broken down by Maryland County Also can be printed for a single funding source and different date range

  27. Monthly Breakdown Stats broken down month-by-month and with combined totals Designed to be used to prepare reports for other agencies Can be printed for any number of months and can span more than one year

  28. Sample Marketing Report Loans Paid Off Designed to provide list of people to be contacted for possible additional loans. Pre-report setup screen also allows printing of mailing labels for same contacts.

  29. Assistive TechnologyLoan Application Database • Tracks All Aspects of Application Process • Focus on Ease of Use and Time Savings • Highly Customizable Program