Welcome to 2010 2011 academic year
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Welcome to 2010-2011 Academic Year. 2010-2011 Academic Year . Theme Presentation. 2010-2011. An Inside-Out Approach. SOE History. Trevecca Nazarene University is a Christian community providing education for leadership and service. 2002 Visit by State Dept. of Ed– Redesigned CF.

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Welcome to 2010 2011 academic year
Welcome to 2010-2011 Academic Year

2010 2011 academic year

2010-2011 Academic Year

Theme Presentation

2010 2011

An Inside-Out Approach

Soe history
SOE History

  • Trevecca Nazarene University is a Christian community providing education for leadership and service.

  • 2002 Visit by State Dept. of Ed– Redesigned CF

Welcome to 2010 2011 academic year

Conceptual Framework

Being, Knowing, and Doing – Educators: Shaping the Future.This underlying structure of the conceptual framework for the School of Education informs and frames the entire unit.


Understands Content

Understands Intellectual, Social and Personal


Understands Diversity


Designs Instructional Strategies

Manages and Motivates

Communicates and Collaborates

Plans and Integrates



Reflects on Practice

Participates in the Professional Community

Pursues Spiritual Development

Inherent in Trevecca’s heritage, mission, and program is the assumption that because of who we are (Being), we seek to learn (Knowing), and to teach (Doing).

Conceptual Framework

School of education mission
School of Education Mission

It is the mission of the School of Education to model competence, character, and compassion so that our students embrace and emulate these qualities in service and leadership.

Competence character compassion

Competence character compassion

competence character compassion

Our Values

Vision for the soe
Vision for the SOE

In a Christ-centered context,

the School of Education proactively addresses

the diverse needs of the educational community through

innovative, service-oriented partnerships & programs

that are

state, regionally, and nationally accredited.

Vision VisionVision

Ground rules
Ground rules

  • Model Christ-likeness

  • Listen to and respect one another

  • Be open-minded and flexible to change

  • Communicate openly

  • Be solution-oriented, relying on research when applicable

Ground rules Ground rules Ground rules

We believe
We Believe…

  • That higher education challenges individuals, changes lives, and provides opportunities;

  • That all students have potential and should be encouraged to make valuable contributions to the learning community;

  • That quality teaching requires diligence, a pursuit of excellence, and life-long learning;

  • That the School of Education must provide leadership and resources to pursue its vision;

  • That the School of Education faculty must model quality instruction, Christ-like behavior, and sensitivity to students’ needs and learning styles;

  • That the School of Education must set high expectations for students to become competent educational professionals; and

  • That the School of Education must provide programs that proactively address the ever-changing needs of traditional and non-traditional students.

Beliefs Beliefs Beliefs


The goal of the School of Education is that everyone will model

Christ-likeness by living the mission through


Which is exemplified by a passion for excellence in teaching and professional conduct, development and contributions


Which is exemplified by integrity, sincerity, dedication, and collegiality


Which is exemplified by valuing, mentoring, and serving students and colleagues

These values are embodied in the tenets of the Conceptual Framework –

Knowing Doing Being


  • 2003-04—“From a Strong Foundation…Building Bridges to the Future”

    • Book Study: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

    • Developed and began state-approved MAT K-6

    • Education in Action (first edition spring 2003)

  • 2004-05—“Growing Together”

    • Book Study: Good to Great

    • Developed Values, Mission Statement, Vision, Ground Rules, Beliefs, Goals

    • Prepared 5-Year Strategic Plan

    • State approval for new programs: Reading, MAT 7-12, ELL, IT, Undergraduate Business 7-12

  • 2005-06 – “Charting the Course”

    • Book Study: Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done

    • Refined priorities into 6 goal statements

    • Investigated NCATE


  • 2006-07 – “Staying the Course”

    • Book Studies: Whale Done , Five Dysfunctions of a Team, The Fred Factor

    • Submitted official application to NCATE/ Began Real Work

    • Submitted for state approval: Undergrad majors: Early Childhood, Special Education, Speech, Theatre, Physics; master’s: Early Childhood & Special Education

  • 2007-08—“Navigating through the Ports of Call”

    • No Book Study

    • NCATE work (program alignment, forms, self-study, and institutional report, etc., etc.)

    • Revised goals from 6 to 5

  • 2008-09—“Celebrating the Journey”

    • Book Study: The Life & Teaching of Jesus Christ

    • NCATE visit (fall 2008) / Accreditation Notification (spring 2009)

    • Added specific measurement to SOE goals

  • 2009-10—“Making the Leap from Good to Great”

    • Book study: Good to Great

    • Began LIFT program

    • Revised goals to 4 with rubrics

Four goals 2009 2010
Four Goals 2009-2010

The SOE will pursue the following goals for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning:

  • Faculty Research and Publishing (80% of faculty & staff participate at Acceptable or above; 33% at Target

  • Marketing (6% increase in enrollment)

  • Faculty / Staff Development (All participate in a professional development plan)

  • Program Improvement (various components)

2010 2011 theme
2010-2011 Theme

An Inside-Out Approach

Inside out approach
Inside-Out Approach

To Be

Rather Than

To Seem

Welcome to 2010 2011 academic year

The core
The Core

  • Seeds

    • Faith

    • Germination

  • Essence

    • Flavor

    • Character

    • Health – No worms / No decay

  • Life

    • Choices

    • Relationships

  • Foundational to

    • Competence, Character & Compassion

The inside
The Inside

  • Substance/ Meat

    • Personal & Professional Development

  • Knowledge

    • Content

    • Pedagogy

    • Emotional Intelligence

    • How people learn (Learning styles)

  • Foundational to Competence

The outside
The Outside

  • Appearance

    • What others see

  • Skill

    • Presentation

  • Habits

  • People should see actions that demonstrate

    • Competence

    • Character

    • Compassion

Welcome to 2010 2011 academic year

To understand our Being,

we will:

  • Know Self & Each Other Better

    • DISC – work styles

      • Judy King Politzer – Sept. 3, 10:00 a.m.

    • Leadership survey (late fall)

    • MBTI (Myers-Briggs)–personality styles (Dr. Maxson – Oct. 18)

    • 7 Habits Principles (Dr. Maxson, Oct. 18)

    • Book Study: Pulling Together

Welcome to 2010 2011 academic year

To increase our Knowing,

we will:

  • Read articles from professional journals on:

    • Working with various generations of university students

    • Using technologies for instruction

  • Conduct Research

Welcome to 2010 2011 academic year

To demonstrate Doing,

we will:

  • Conduct Research & Give Presentations

    • Research Wall

  • Learn new technologies together

  • Participate in Partnerships

    • McGavock Elementary

    • Antioch H.S.

    • Reading Clinics

S lid to the c re
S lid to the C re

1. Bright and shiny apples symbolize schools of yore,

Bright and shiny apples that were

solid to the core.

2. Bright and shiny apples today mean so much more:

Symbols of important values that are

solid to the core.

3. Being, Knowing, Doing—simple words that form the floor

For our Conceptual Framework to be

solid to the core

4. The outside of the shiny apple in this symbolic lore

Represents “doing”—skills that are truly solid to the core.

5. The inside of the shiny apple is the knowledge we adore.

The “knowing” that’s so important to be

solid to the core.

6. The heart of the shiny apple where vital seeds are stored

Germinate the inner “being” to make us

solid to the core.

7. Important shining values, we have claimed before--

Competence – Character – Compassion – will make us solid to the core.

8. The challenge of our work right now calls us to restore

Trust and Commitment to build a team that’s

solid to the core.

9. So will you make a sacred pledge as we enter this year’s door?

“I’ll do my best to build the team so we’ll be

solid to the core!”

Action steps for today
Action Steps for Today

  • Be honest and ask these critical thinking questions:

    • In my personal and professional lives, which choices/behaviors are in harmony with my values?

    • Are any of my choices/behaviors inconsistent with the values I claim to hold?

    • “In what ways are my habits, actions and behaviors congruent with the vision I have for my life/for where I work?” Adapted from "Secrets of the World Class, Turning Mediocrity into Greatness", by Steve Siebold

Welcome to 2010 2011 academic year