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Wednesday, October 8 th , 8:00 am VCCCD Luminis Implementation Rupinder Kaur, Mike Rose, Bill Pearce Ventura County CCD PowerPoint Presentation
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Wednesday, October 8 th , 8:00 am VCCCD Luminis Implementation Rupinder Kaur, Mike Rose, Bill Pearce Ventura County CCD

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Wednesday, October 8 th , 8:00 am VCCCD Luminis Implementation Rupinder Kaur, Mike Rose, Bill Pearce Ventura County CCD - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wednesday, October 8 th , 8:00 am VCCCD Luminis Implementation Rupinder Kaur, Mike Rose, Bill Pearce Ventura County CCD. VCCCD Luminis Implementation. Presented on behalf of…. ConfigMan and the Immutables!. VCCCD Luminis Implementation. Topics of discussion: Project Overview (Bill)

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Wednesday, October 8 th , 8:00 am VCCCD Luminis Implementation Rupinder Kaur, Mike Rose, Bill Pearce Ventura County CCD

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Presentation Transcript
Wednesday, October 8th, 8:00 am

VCCCD Luminis Implementation

Rupinder Kaur, Mike Rose, Bill Pearce

Ventura County CCD

vcccd luminis implementation
VCCCD Luminis Implementation

Presented on behalf of….

ConfigMan and the Immutables!

vcccd luminis implementation3
VCCCD Luminis Implementation

Topics of discussion:

  • Project Overview (Bill)
  • Implementation Details (Mike, Rupinder)
    • Logon Wizard
    • Single sign-ons
    • Skin Template Customization
    • Hot Javascript Techniques
    • Alert emails
    • Omni-Update interface
    • Banner INB and SSB channel creation and deployment
    • Training
project overview
Project Overview

Goals of Implementation:

  • Do no Harm!
  • Replace functionality of EmployeeCentral
  • Provide for a seamless transition
  • Clean up data and procedures
    • Banner User ID
    • GOAEACC (SPRIDEN_ID and Oracle ID)
    • Third-party ID
    • HR Procedures
  • Two phases – faculty/staff (August), students (Spring 2009)
project overview5
Project Overview


  • Demos mid-2007
  • Contracts negotiated Summer/Fall 2007
    • Luminis Basic
    • ADAP/SAF
    • Gmail interface
    • SLC Training and CBT
  • Standard Sungard Implementation Schedule
    • Tech Assessment, Planning, Installation
    • OIG, Content Planning, Organizational Planning
    • Data Integration Consulting
    • ADAP/SAF Installation
project overview6
Project Overview

Some highlights…and lowlights:

  • Tech assessment
    • Late discovery that we were a district of 3 colleges – added in load balancer, 8 portal servers
    • Discovered we were behind on Student release
  • Tech Planning Workshop
    • Prelim agenda said 3 days on-site
    • Notified the week before that it was a 2-hour conference call
    • Should have been 3 days on-site
  • College and district participation, aka herding cats
  • Reserved words – Policy, District Office
project overview7
Project Overview

Some highlights…and lowlights:

  • Separate content planning sessions – colleges, and district office
    • Colleges had their ideas for a layout
    • DAC wasn’t real happy
    • Compromise was reached on layout based on roles
  • Names
    • Marketing, PIOs decided on C3
    • Initially called MyWebstar – 99.99% sure it was ok
    • Of course, the .01% rule held
    • Now called MyVCCCD
  • Blackboard Vista issues
    • Has to be same logon as Luminis (not ID number)
    • CRN/Term was reversed for sections
project overview8
Project Overview


  • First install in UPGR (Sungard)
    • 4 days on site – teaching/learning experience
    • Followup to resolve problems over the next two weeks
  • Subsequent Installs (Colby, VCCCD staff)
    • Complete test install – 3 days
    • PROD install - .5 days
    • Sungard certification
  • PROD re-install (MyVCCCD)
    • Wanted a clean install – including load-balancer
    • 3 days – issues with LB, Vanity URLs
    • Channel reinstall–3 days (.5 day work, 2.5 days, um..)
  • Biggest task was the Luminis patches.
project overview9
Project Overview


  • Luminis is the authoritative source
  • Third-party ID
    • Increased to 20 characters (could be 30, but for AD)
    • First_lastnnn for Students, flastnnn for employees
  • Initial password
    • PIN at time of user load to Luminis – problem if changed
    • PIN in Banner was upper-case, not case-sensitive in SSB
    • AD was passSSSS (last 4 of SSN)
    • Implemented GOBTPAC trigger – ssSSSS, pre-pend “pa”
  • Luminis/AD/Oracle rules – Luminis was LCD
  • Logins from public websites (MC, OC, VC)
  • Immutable ID/Workflow
    • Workflow needs immutable ID for external authentication
    • Changed to use TP ID – no change in WF (already Banner)
    • Auto-populate Workflow users at some point
project overview10
Project Overview

Portal layout:

  • Scoped Roles
    • Employee
    • Employee@LOC (DC, MC, OC, VC)
    • Faculty
    • Faculty@LOC
  • Tab Default Order
    • Hidden Emergency Tab
    • My College
    • Faculty Resources
    • Work Life
    • Employee Resources
    • Banner Testing
    • My Tab
project overview11
Project Overview

Slick Stuff Mike and Rupinder will show:

  • Priority Alerts – Lotus DB Email
  • Content Management – Omni Update
  • Shortcuts to Webstar (SSB) menus
  • Backoffice bolt-on
  • Report Viewer bolt-on
  • Links to other databases (non-SSO) and for secondary users (i.e., BANSECR) in PROD
  • Pull downs for Employee Benefits, Application Downloads
  • Workflow
  • Training and Documentation
announcements channel
Announcements Channel

-Known as Priority alerts

-Use email to populate the Priority alerts channel

-Have a specific email address to target each college location

-Expiration date defaults to 7 days from posting

-Message of email becomes the text of announcement

-Selected individuals have permission to send

-Can send attachments

As easy as 1-2-3

1. Email your announcement


Announcements Channel

2. Receive confirmation



Priority Alerts Channel is populated!

content management
Content Management

-Use OmniUpdate instead of Luminis built-in editor

-College website uses this for content building

-Staff already knew how to use this-no need to learn a new web editor-Minimal training needed for uploading content.

-More flexibility in design of the channels

-Placed direct edit links (as icons) in the ‘OmniUpdate’ channels to the OmniUpdate software.

Show-Employee Quicklinks channel

shortcuts to webstar ssb menus
Shortcuts to WebStar (SSB) menus
  • Needed all ‘Application’ links in one place in the portal
  • Luminis built in channels did not work for us
  • Did not retain their settings-Expand/Collapse menus

- Needed ‘targeted’ links-to go to a specific location in Webstar

  • Created separate ‘deep links’ to Webstar menus
  • Rendered ‘in-frame’
  • Controlled by user ‘roles’.

Demo-Personal Information link

sso to report viewer and backoffice
SSO to Report viewer and BackOffice

- Needed links to Webstar bolt ons

- Placed SSO links along with other application links

- Controlled by user roles. E.g. Backoffice only appears for the backoffice ‘role’

Demo-Reportviewer link

links to other databases
Links to Other Databases
  • Created Banner Testing tab to house all links to non_PROD Databases for Banner, Webstar etc.
  • Also created a subscribable non-SSO PROD channel for secondary users (e.g. to log in as BANSECR)

Demo-Banner Testing Tab and PROD channel

ssb account creation wizard
SSB Account Creation Wizard
  • Initial login complicated/confusing
    • Rolled out MS Active Directory, Outlook & Luminis at the same time
    • Luminis ADAP & SAF
    • Multi-College District (AD at different stages)
  • Advertising/Visibility – Get the word out
    • Employee Flex Day Workshops
    • All Faculty use SSB
custom gcf sso
Custom GCF SSO

Built GCF SSO to:

  • Lotus Notes
  • Intranet
  • MS Outlook Web Access
    • Problems with delivered MOWA GCF and OWA 2007
      • Logout of OWA also ends luminis session
      • Always uses OWA “Light”
    • Solution: Use GCF Template from
  • GCF PD Issue:
    • es.mowa.configURL=http://localhost:8008/cpipconnector/mowa/GetConfigVersion2
template modification
Template Modification

Custom Skins (deployskintemplate)


  • In PD, Must be Repeated on Each Portal Server
  • Requires Server Restart to Take Effect
template modification35
Template Modification


  • Store CSS and JS files in shared directory


  • Small Hack to custom.xsl
template modification36
Template Modification


  • Improve Style & Formatting
  • Animations & AJAX


  • Possible Performance Hit

Easy Way to:

  • Open Any Channel Full-Frame
  • Open Any URL Within Luminis Frame
  • Open CPIP/GCF SSO Pages


  • Links Work in Any Channel Type
  • Easy to Port Content Between PROD/TEST
  • Features Can be Combine

Example (SSB SSO In-Frame):

  • Normal Link:<a href=" uP_tparam=utf&utf=/cp/ip/login%3Fsys%3Dsctssb%26url%3Dhttps%3A// twbkwbis.P_GenMenu%3Fname%3Dbmenu.P_GenMnu" >Personal Information</a>
  • LumLink:<a lumlink="lgheader" cpipsys="sctssb“ href="twbkwbis.P_GenMenu?name=bmenu.P_GenMnu">Personal Information</a>
  • Live Demo
other customizing
Other Customizing
  • Custom Icons (Role Based)
    • Luminis User Interface Customization Guide
    • Watch out for upgrades!
  • Bookmark Channel Default Links
    • Bookmarks Plus Table: upc_bookmarks
    • Bookmarks Table: upc_bookmarks_ng