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Academic Approval System PowerPoint Presentation
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Academic Approval System

Academic Approval System

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Academic Approval System

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  1. Academic Approval System Summer survey results and system updates C. Griffith | Office of the Associate Provost, Undergraduate Affairs

  2. Overview • Survey Results and Major Themes • Changes to Academic Approval System • Path forward • Consult process

  3. Survey Results • Purpose • Obtain feedback from UCC members, submitters, and approvers, regarding the Academic Approval System • Find “What works, what doesn’t, and where we can improve the system.” • Major Themes • Overall, consensus appears to be very positive in regards to the system. • The UCC is effectively carrying out its function. • Areas for Improvement • Qualitative responses from survey provided much needed feedback • Questions, descriptions, and directions within system requests • Syllabus information • Responsiveness/support to system users • Consult process

  4. Overall, how would you rate your satisfaction with the Academic Approval system? On Q.5, nearly 70% of respondents selected somewhat satisfied (50%) or extremely satisfied (20%) with the Approval System.

  5. In regards to requests to 'create' or 'modify' courses, the information collected in the approval system provides enough information to make an informed decision at the department level. On Q.8, 64% of respondents selected positives responses in regards to the system providing approvers enough information to make an informed decision at the department level.

  6. When thinking about the roles and responsibilities of the UCC, how would you evaluate the committee's efforts over this past year? On Q.13, 100% of respondents selected generally positive statements concerning the effectiveness of the UCC over the past year; extremely effective: 10%, very effective: 55%, and moderately effective: 35%

  7. Overall, how would you rate your satisfaction with the UCC's efforts in considering requests that were submitted by your department or academic unit over the past year? On Q.15, nearly 66% of respondents selected positive response in regards to the UCC’s efforts in considering requests from their departments/college; extremely satisfied: 38.9%, somewhat satisfied: 38.9%

  8. Please rate the effectiveness of the UCC 's course and curriculum review subcommittee. On Q.18, 95% of respondents felt the UCC subcommittee were at least moderately effective or greater; extremely effective: 35%, very effective: 40%, and moderately effective: 20%

  9. Updates Changes to the Academic Approval System • Updated/added questions within the system forms • Clarified wording/description/direction of some form items

  10. Updates Syllabus • Added text regarding elements of a course syllabus which are required by University of Florida policy • Included text/response areas to cover information items normally provided by a syllabus

  11. Future efforts Path Forward • Outreach will be a major part of our efforts moving forward • Faculty/staff or program/department/college • Please feel free to email or call for assistance • Feedback from working directly with submitters/approvers is of immense value • Working through the submission process with faculty/staff allows us to see the first hand experiences of users and use the information to make the Academic Approval System better • Created a listserv of all Curriculum Committee Chairs for All Colleges • Will be emailing monthly

  12. Consult Process Consults • The UCC ‘Consult process’ was a major point in a number of survey responses • Dr. Lindner will address the current Consultation process and options for the future

  13. Casey Griffith Academic Support Services Coordinator Office of Undergraduate Affairs