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  1. HERITAGE HIGHSTEPPERS Parent Information Meeting

  2. Meet the Director • Mrs. Currie • 21 years dance and teaching experience • Experience directing a 5A & 3A Dance Team, Middle school dance team and have sponsored Freshman, JV and Varsity cheer squads at a 4A high school all at the same time. • Former HS and College dance team member • Past Board member for 4 years of Dance and Drill Team Directors of America • Professional Judge of dance competitions all over Texas and Oklahoma • Married 23 years with a junior Panther O-line player and 7th grade competitive gymnast here at HMS.

  3. INFORMATION • Highsteppers Website – • Go to HMS website • http://www.gcisd-k12.org/hms/site/default.asp • Click on ACTIVITIES • Click on DANCE TEAM • Menu on the left side of page • Other Information • Constitution

  4. EXPENSES • 3rd page of packet • Fundraisers will be held throughout the year to helpdefray some expenses. • We do not receive any funding outside of fundraisers…therefore, scholarships are not provided. All figures are approximate.

  5. MEMBERSHIP • Heritage Highsteppers are expected to set a good example by displaying the following character traits: • Must be honest and truthful • Must exhibit high moral standards • Must willingly display positive school spirit • Must show good sportsmanship • Must exhibit a very positive attitude toward dancer duties

  6. Duties of a Heritage Highstepper • Show school spirit and cheer for HMS at athletic events • The Highsteppers are responsible for helping setup and clean up pep rallies. • Highsteppers are required to attend practice to prepare for games, pep-rallies & competition • Highsteppers may only dance at one Athletic event per week. School dance takes precedence over outside dance studios. Please arrange your schedule accordingly

  7. Heritage Highsteppers • COMMITMENT!!!!!!!! • When at a game – give 100% of time and effort • Attend ALL practices (unless ill or school sponsored event) • Give 100% at practice • Dancing is a TEAM sport. • We look great as a team or we don’t. Actions of one Highstepper effect the ENTIRE team. School dance takes precedence over outside dance studios. Please arrange your schedule accordingly

  8. PRACTICE • Practice 1-2 days a week beginning in April to prepare for the upcoming year & camp • Days of practice may vary due to game schedules—every Wednesday! • We do work with coaches if a Highstepper is participating in athletics • Preparing for Competition will require more practice—will get plenty of notice of extra practices

  9. PERFORMANCES • Monthly calendar of practice and performances will be on the dance website. • Weekly schedule emailed every week. • There may be tryouts for all performances (regular season & competition)

  10. ATTENDANCE • Highsteppers must seek approval from sponsor BEFORE being absent from a game or practice. • Excused absences: personal illness, school function • School dance takes precedence over outside dance. • Any Highstepper who has not attended at least three class periods on game day may not perform that evening.

  11. DEMERIT AND MERIT POLICY • A Highstepper will receive demerits when she fails to satisfactorily complete her responsibilities. • There are two demerit cycles: • 1) Election Day to the first school day of the fall semester • 2) first school day of the fall semester to the day before Election Day.

  12. DEMERITS • Attendance • Performance • Practice • Uniforms • Conduct • These demerits may NOT be removed (through merits) during a demerit cycle. • General Responsibilities

  13. HOW DO I EARN MERITS? Remember: FIVE merits will erase ONE demerit!

  14. BENCHING • Failure to maintain an overall “70” or above average in any class during a six (6) weeks • After three unexcused absences from practices or from games • After receiving the 5th and 7th demerit as outlined in the demerit policy. (See Demerit Policy, p. 4)

  15. NUMBER OF HIGHSTEPPERS • Natural Break • There is NOT a minimum or maximum number of girls • The number of team members will be determined by the candidates’ demonstration and verification of the required qualifications.

  16. NATURAL BREAK Natural Break

  17. ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS • Enrolled and in attendance in the GCISD by the day of tryouts. • Minimum fall semester average of 77.5 or above in all classes for the current school year. • May not have been expelled for any reason. • May not exceed ten (10) unexcused absences in any one class during the current school year. • Must be in good financial standing with the Highstepper organization and the school Reports Cards can be purchased from counseling office for $1 - OR – you may print from Skyward (we MUST have conduct grades)

  18. HIGHSTEPPER TRYOUTS BEFORE JUDGES • The categories to be judged are as follows: • Technique • Precision • Appearance • Overall Impression • More details on page 9 in the constitution • The judges are certified Showtime dance instructors.

  19. TRYOUT PREPARATION All workshops are closed practices.

  20. TRYOUTS • Thursday, March 22, 2012 • HMS gym A (warm-up area) • Gym B (Tryouts with judges) • All Candidates report at 3:40 to warm up • Candidates must stay until all try-outs are complete…call backs are possible All tryouts are closed sessions.

  21. TRYOUT RESULTS • New Heritage Highsteppers will be posted by 10pm Friday, March 23rd on the dance portion of the HMS website. • New Heritage Highsteppers will meet in room 706 on Monday, March 26th at 7:30am.

  22. OFFICER TRYOUTS • Process will begin Monday, March 19th through Thursday, March 22nd. • Candidates will: • Choreograph a Solo Dance Performance. • Be interviewed by the judges. • Create a binder - details in officer packet. • Choreograph and teach their own original 8 count at tryouts as requested by the judges..

  23. IMPORTANT DATESfor the 2012-2013 Team • Weekly Practices - Wednesdays 3:40-5:00 - Beginning April11th for 3 weeks. • Monday, April 9th at 6:00 pm in the SAC 2012-2013 Heritage Highstepper Team Parent Meeting • Bring your checkbook! • Uniform Fittings – Date and time TBA

  24. CAMP! • Camp date: August 6-8 • Showtime Camp – at HMS • Camp is mandatory for all Heritage Highsteppers. • **see me if you have conflicts • Camp fee should not exceed $150. We do not have an exact amount at this time.