toffler s third wave timeline n.
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Toffler’s Third Wave Timeline PowerPoint Presentation
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Toffler’s Third Wave Timeline

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Toffler’s Third Wave Timeline - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Toffler’s Third Wave Timeline. Joy Winterhalder. Agricultural Age: 8000BC-1750.

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agricultural age 8000bc 1750
Agricultural Age: 8000BC-1750
  • The significance of this age was the transfer of nomadic wandering all around - to grouping into villages, thus the creation of culture. Toffler (Toffler, 1990 p 22) stated that “despite patches of primitivism and hints of the industrial future, agricultural civilization dominated the planet and seemed destined to do so forever.”
  • Toffler, A. (1980). The Third Wave. New York: Bantam Books.
industrial age 1750 1950
Industrial Age 1750-1950
  • The Industrial Revolution that began in the eighteenth century. This is when people began leaving the farming traditions and began working in factories. Schooling children began to take place in schools and taking care of the elderly, taking place in a nursing home. Society required mobility (Toffler (1980).

Toffler, A. (1980). The Third Wave. New York: Bantam Books.

information age 1950 2000
Information Age 1950-2000
  • The Informational wave signified when the workforce moved from muscle to mind. This period was driven by information technology as Toffler (Toffler1980 p 167) explains “the enormous jump in the amount of information we all exchange with one another, that explains why we are becoming an information society.”.
  • Lackney, J.A., Fielding, R., Magney, T., & Menzel, R. (1999). Changing patterns in educational facilities. an refp workshop con 1998 vancouver conference. Retrieved on May 20, 2010 from:
  • Toffler, A. (1980). The Third Wave. New York: Bantam Books
intuitive age 2000 present
Intuitive Age 2000-Present
  • The Intuitive Wave involves instant communication, networking, virtual learning and long distance learning. This wave is the wave of high technology and on-line learning. Toffler (1980) believed that this wave would turn industry over to biological and would probably be the wave that would have the deepest impact ever.
  • Toffler, A. (1980). The Third Wave. New York: Bantam Books.