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General Pool Maintainance Tips PowerPoint Presentation
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General Pool Maintainance Tips

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General Pool Maintainance Tips

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General Pool Maintainance Tips

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  1. General Pool Maintenance Tips

  2. Clean water and balanced water are two key components of pool maintenance. The pool should be cleaned on a weekly basis in order to maintain the chemical balance. A shock treatment is necessary for preventing pool problems. Test the pH and use chlorine every week, if required.

  3. 1 Balance Your Pool The pool water should be balanced in terms of pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness levels. Proper balancing plays a key role preventing corrosion and etching. This also helps in reducing the chances of scale formation which can have an adverse affect on pool equipment, surface and pool water. Eye and skin irritation is also prevented.

  4. 2 Chlorinate Your Pool By chlorinating the pool water, bacteria and algae can be removed. The desired level of chlorine in pool water is between 1 and 4 ppm. Chlorinating Tabs, Liquid Chlorine, Chlorinating Granules, etc. should be used for ensuring proper sanitation.

  5. 3 Shock Your Pool Shocking must be done on a weekly basis. It helps in reducing cloudy water, chlorine odor and eye irritation. Various products that can be used for this purpose are basic shock products, multifunctional shock products, etc.

  6. 4 Add Algaecide to Your Pool Rain and wind bring millions of algae into the pool water. The growth of algae leads to obstruction in filters, less water circulation and reduce the potency of chemicals. Algaecides should be used to hinder the growth of algae in the pool.

  7. 5 Clean the Pool Daily: 1. Remove waste out of the pool. 2. Wash all the skimmer baskets. Weekly: 1. Water should be tested. 2. Pool walls and floor should be cleaned. Cleaners, brushes and vacuums can be used for this purpose. Walls should be brushed down every day. 3. Hose down the pool area and make sure that the dirt doesn't mix with the water.

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