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Low maintenance Pool Tips

In the movies, there’s always a hot pool boy, ready and willing to keep your swimming area spotless, and provide related services. In real life, you might have a pool service, but you probably do most of the cleaning yourself. continue with this short pdf to know more!

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Low maintenance Pool Tips

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  1. LOW MAINTENANCE POOL TIPS GET RID OF SURFACE DIRT GO GO GADGET POOL CLEANER Aroboticpoolcleanercomewith self-driveandself-parkoptions,you canuseyourphonetoinstructthe robottogetinsidethepool,doa deepclean. Onceaday,givethepoolaonce overwithaskimmerpole.Justpick outtheleaves.Youconsiderbasic leafcover; thiscanbeusebyyour Smartphonepoolapp. REVIEW POOL CHEMICALS CHEMICALS HOW DEEP IS YOUR POOL? REVIEW POOL youshouldroutinelytestthechemical levelsandadjustthemaccordingly. Youcandothisonyourphoneaswell, thoughyou’llhavetophysically restoretherightpH. checkhowmuchwaterisinthe pool.Toomuchevaporationcould destroythepoolfilter,andmight indicatealeakthatneeds repairing.

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