I beat the odds
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I beat the odds. Final Socratic Seminar. Directions & Guidelines. You are going to add your prep notes to your ALREADY EXISITNG Google Doc that is titled, “Discussion Prep.”

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I beat the odds
I beat the odds

Final Socratic Seminar

Directions guidelines
Directions & Guidelines

  • You are going to add your prep notes to your ALREADY EXISITNG Google Doc that is titled, “Discussion Prep.”

  • For our final discussion on this book, you will need to spend some time prepare critical ideas to share in Thursday’s fishbowl discussion.

  • Bullet points are fine, but make sure that they are adequate enough to guide and demonstrate your thinking

  • It will not be enough to simply talk; your ideas must add depth to the discussion!

  • Make sure that you come up with several ideas for each question so that way you will have something to share, even if somebody takes your first idea.

  • Remember: Thoughtful preparation now means effective participation (aka: success!) later.

The questions
The Questions

  • Michael Oher shares the “truth” about the movie is different from his actual life. What surprised you about what was fact and what was fiction? Also, how do you think would feel if somebody made a movie about your life, but included some details that did not put you in a very flattering light?

  • If you could pick ONE ADJECTIVE to describe this entire book, what would it be? Offer several supporting details to support your choice.

  • When you think about the life that Michael was born into, compared to the life that he leads now, what detail from his “old life” seems the most awful? Likewise, what detail seems the most impressive for his life now? Explain your thoughts for both.

  • Chapter 20 is filled with positive messages to real people from Michael Oher. Pick a quote, or BRIEFLY, summarize something he shared, that you found to be particularly inspiring or hopeful. Explain why.