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New Service Delivery Presented by Milton Russell

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New Service Delivery Presented by Milton Russell - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New Service Delivery Presented by Milton Russell. New Service Delivery. Scope Team Members Training Methodology Project Start Date May 25, 2005. New Service Delivery Scope.

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New Service Delivery


Team Members



Project Start Date

May 25, 2005

new service delivery scope
New Service Delivery Scope

Beginning: Customer (builder, developer, home and commercial owner, contractor, etc…) contacts CPS Energy for new service (electric and/or gas service).

Ending: Customer receives CPS Energy services through gas/electric meter.

new service delivery scope cont
New Service Delivery Scope (cont.)

Included in Scope:

  • Distribution system electric and/or gas only
  • Residential subdivisions Overhead (OH) and Underground Residential Distribution (URD)
  • Residential single family/multi-family dwellings,
  • Commercial developments OH and Underground (UG)
  • Mobile home lots
  • Streetlights installed as part of residential subdivisions.

Not included in Scope:

  • Customers with existing services from CPS Energy
  • Civic and System improvement projects
  • Overhead to underground conversions
  • Transmission projects
  • Downtown network projects
  • Maintenance and Repair of existing infrastructure
team members
Team Members
  • Julius Moore – Team Leader
    • Years: 10
    • Area: Transmission Planning/Underground Engineering
  • Duane Dugie
    • Years: 29
    • Area: Customer Coordination/ EDS East
  • Mark Barth
    • Years: 34
    • Area: Large Commercial Planning
  • Hubert Friesenhahn
    • Years: 24
    • Area: Underground Cable Splicer/EDS East
  • Floyd Haman:
    • Years: 23
    • Area: Underground Electric Distribution (UED)/EDS West
  • Charlie Martinez
    • Years: 28
    • Area: Overhead Construction/EDS West
team members cont
Team Members (cont)
  • Jeanine LaRocque
    • Years: 23
    • Area: Administration/EDS East
  • Karrie Satcher
    • Years: 5
    • Area: Purchasing/Contract Services
  • Steve Blain
    • Years: 10
    • Area: Subdivision Planning
  • Curt Alexander
    • Years: 13
    • Area: Gas Marketing
  • Milton Russell
    • Years: 14
    • Area: Underground/EDS East
team members cont7
Team Members (cont)
  • John Harnsberry
    • Years: 1
    • Background: HR and Training
    • Note: recruited from outside of CPS Energy
  • Glenn Frerich
    • Years: 28
    • Area: Underground Energy Distribution
    • Note: Glenn replaced Floyd Haman in March 2007


the nsdr team received the following training
The NSDR Team received the following Training
  • Work Style Inventory
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Accelerated Process Improvement
  • Guiding Team Performance
  • Influencing Without Authority
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • The New Leadership
  • Change Management
  • Process Design & Implementation
  • Essential Facilitation
  • Fish Training
  • Give’em the Pickle
  • The Leadership Pickles
  • The Fred Factor
  • 11th Annual Lean Management Conference
key activities timeline
Key Activities Timeline
  • Current State Assessment – November 2005
  • Conceptual Solution Design – December 2005
  • Business Case approved - March 2006
  • Design NSD Facility – July 2006
  • Detailed Solution Development – December 2006
    • Web Portal
    • Job Status Display Screen
    • Front Lot Construction standard change
    • Developer responsible for all utility coordination
    • Employee Selection for Pilot
    • WMIS Task Structure Changes
  • NSD Pilot Training - November 2006 to January 2007
  • NSD Pilot – March 2007 to September 2007
  • Implementation– October 2007 and beyond
front lot construction
Front Lot Construction


  • Cost Savings utilizing front lot
  • Reduce time frame of construction
  • Shorter service length
  • Easier access for Transformer
  • Simplified and Streamlined platting process
  • Reduces the amount of service re-routes
front lot construction cont
Front Lot Construction (cont)


  • Use fewer, but larger Capacity transformers (Not Physical Size)
    • Reduces conflict with other construction
    • Improves Aesthetics
    • Transformer Study
  • Eliminates the need for future alleyway repairs that occur with rear lot construction
  • Supports tree preservation ordinance
    • Fewer trees destroyed or disturbed
    • Transformer Shared across two property Lines
front lot construction cont16
Front Lot Construction (cont)


  • Reduced outage time to customer
    • Crews do not disturb customer during outages
    • Customer can see crews working
  • Less cost for future encroachment
    • Removes encumbrance of customer’s backyards
  • Transformer shared across two property lines where applicable
developer installed infrastructure
Developer Installed Infrastructure

The Process

  • The Developer’s contractor that installs sewer and water can also trench and install the infrastructure conduit for electric and gas*.
  • The Developer’s engineer is now the Joint trench coordinator for all utilities. (AT&T, Time Warner, Grande Communication, Guadalupe Valley)

* If on CPS Energy’s approved contractor list.

developer installed infrastructure cont
Developer Installed Infrastructure (cont)

Advantages to Developer

  • Decreased time between the installation of wet and dry utilities.
  • Developer controls their timeline up to the point of pulling cable and setting transformers.
developer installed infrastructure cont19
Developer Installed Infrastructure (cont)

Advantages to CPS Energy

  • Now we are focusing on CPS Energy’s core business; energy delivery
  • No longer acts as the project manager for the Developer. That responsibility is now with the Developer’s engineer.
  • No longer responsible for coordinating pre-construction meetings.
all in one meter main
All-in-One Meter Main

Advantages to the Developer

and/or CPS Energy

  • Safety
    • Eliminates temporary meter pole
    • Eliminates conduit and cable running across yards and streets
    • No exposed service entrance conductors
    • Reduced customer complaints on Temporary Meter Loop removal (TML)
  • Reduced Timeline
    • One trip at the beginning of project
    • Should cut construction time for developers due to availability of power
    • Eliminate coordination to install and remove temporary meter loop
all in one meter main cont
All-in-One Meter Main (cont)

Advantages to the Developer

and/or CPS Energy

  • Cost Savings
    • Expedites service installation
    • Reduces Builder’s cost
    • Less permits
    • Cost of permanent vs. temporary to final equipment cost
    • Reduce number of turn downs due to poor construction
    • Initiating 1 work order vs. the potential of 4
    • 1 piece Module Meter
additional initiatives
Additional Initiatives
  • Elimination of supplying all self-contained single phase meter cans
  • Correcting and Standardizing CAM units to reflect the appropriate material (prerequisite to VMI)
  • Empowering our construction crews to participate in decision making regarding the reduction of trips to the jobsite
  • Right-sizing transformers
  • Integrated Supply/Vendor Managed Inventory