this is england research l.
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This is England research

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This is England research.

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this is england research

Release date: 27th April, 2007.

  • The film had a budget of $2,380,000.
  • On the opening weekend in the UK, it made a profit of £207,676 (63 screens). In the USA on the first weekend, it made $18,430 (1 screen).
  • Distributed by Optimum releasing, it was released on DVD by them. Not only that, but it was also initially aired in the UK on Channel 4.
  • On the Rotten tomatoes website, 93% of critics gave the film a positive review.
  • Produced by Warp films and Film4.
  • Was directed by a well known film maker, Shane Meadows. However, the actors were not well known, and so the film was more based on showcasing the film maker’s talent.

This is England research


This poster is not an official poster for a film- but a winner of a competition. This is a viral form of distribution.


“The movie is taut, tense, relentless. It shows why Shaun feels he needs to belong to a gang, what he gets out of it and how it goes wrong. Without saying so, it also explains why skinheads are skinheads.”

- Chicago Sun times

“A compelling TV drama which mixes light-hearted humour with a real depth of feeling.”

- The Telegraph

“A modest, near-flawless gem, This Is England is a humbly, if insistently political, autobiographical homage to a lost world of youth.”

- New York times

“Known for its gritty realism, its grasp on the dank, cold colours of crumbling council estates, but also for the warmth of its brilliant cast.”

- The Guardian


They also had a soundtrack to the film (as the album to the left shows). It was released on the 23rd April, 2007 by Universal soundtracks.

Not only that, but they also sold T-shirts (shown above) and wallpapers.