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This is

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  1. Thisis


  3. Washers Review

  4. air mass! Air Masses EASY This is a huge body of air that has similar temperature, humidity, and air pressure at any given height. Back to Jeopardy

  5. Continental Tropical! Air Masses MEDIUM The Air mass that would be located in the area shaded red would be called what? ? Back to Jeopardy

  6. Maritime polar! Air Masses HARD This type of air mass brings cool, humid weather to the West Coast of the United States. Back to Jeopardy

  7. Continental! Air Masses THINKER! This general type of air mass forms over land. Back to Jeopardy

  8. Weather Front! Fronts EASY This is the name of the boundary where two different air masses meet. Back to Jeopardy

  9. South East! Fronts MEDIUM Which direction is the Cold front moving? Back to Jeopardy

  10. Low Pressure Fronts HARD What pressure system is associated with warm fronts? Back to Jeopardy

  11. Warm front! Fronts THINKER! This is the type of front that forms when a warm air mass overtakes a slowly moving cold air mass. Back to Jeopardy

  12. Convection Currents! Tectonic Plates EASY What causes tectonic plates to move? Back to Jeopardy

  13. Rift Valley Tectonic Plates MEDIUM What feature is formed when two continental plates separate such as the North American and Eurasian plate? Back to Jeopardy

  14. Alfred Wegner, Continental Drift, or Pangaea Tectonic Plates HARD What comes to mind when you see this picture? Back to Jeopardy

  15. Plate Recycling! Tectonic Plates THINKER! What is this WHOLE process called? Back to Jeopardy

  16. Warm ocean water! El Nino and Hurricanes Easy Where do hurricanes get there energy? Back to Jeopardy

  17. D. All of the above! El Nino and Hurricanes MEDIUM The weather phenomena known as El Niño…. • Commonly occurs around Christmas time every 4 to 7 years • Is indicated by a warming of the waters off the coast of Peru • Is indicated by a slowing down or reversal of the trade-winds • All of the above. Back to Jeopardy

  18. It will INCREASE! El Nino and Hurricanes HARD When El Nino hits South America what will happen to its normal rainfall? Back to Jeopardy

  19. Coriolis Effect! El Nino and Hurricanes THINKER What process does this relate to? Back to Jeopardy

  20. Contour Lines! Topography Vocabulary EASY These connect areas of equal elevation… Back to Jeopardy

  21. 20m! Topography Vocabulary MEDIUM What is the contour interval of this map?!?! Back to Jeopardy

  22. Between 701-719 meters Topography Vocabulary HARD What is the elevation of the star? Back to Jeopardy

  23. Topography Vocabulary THINKER! Which of the topography maps below fits the erosional feature to the left? Back to Jeopardy

  24. Mechanical or Wind Miscellaneous EASY What type of weathering is this? Back to Jeopardy

  25. Weathering and Erosion! Miscellaneous MEDIUM What two processes cause this to occur? Back to Jeopardy

  26. From West to East Miscellaneous HARD Which direction does our jet stream move? Back to Jeopardy

  27. Miscellaneous THINKER! Back to Jeopardy