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Register website domain PowerPoint Presentation
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Register website domain

Register website domain

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Register website domain

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  1. Nowadays, it became very easy to register website domain name if you are planning on creating your own website. But before performing this task you should know what a domain name is, domain name is the name which makes up the address of your website. Choosing the right domain name is the most crucial part of building your website as it must be the right name that goes with what your website is about. At no point you should register a domain name which contradicts what your website is about, in fact this is your first step to get your website online so you definitely have to do it right. Register website domain

  2. On market there are lots of a variety of domain name extension's available such as .com, .org, .info, .net and so much more, so the decision is up to you on how you want your domain name to end depending on whether you want your website to be local, national, organizational or international. And you have to make this unique, right and attractive because it might affect the visitors you expect to visit your website as well as make your website search friendly. It's very important point to consider is the search engines, if being found in major search engines such as Google, your domain name should contain your major keywords related to your business. For example, if you are running a registered business it might be so difficult to choose a domain name different to your company name, but the majority of people searching in search engines are searched by particular subject. Suppose, a domain name like would be better than, this might be of great help if you want to receive traffic from all angles.

  3. Do register a domain name that your visitors can easily remember, it must be short and simple and keep in mind the fact that not everyone who will visit your site is going bookmark it. Try to use multiple domain extensions like .net, .com, if you don't want anyone to copy your domain name, which prevents you from the copycats. Avoid registering a domain name, which are too long and have too many syllables, for example, the bestworldclasswebsitehostingserviceprovider this looks ugly.

  4. Domain name India

  5. When you have taken a domain and applied all the above formalities and you are ready to register your domain name, then this takes you to the next step, which is a very essential part of your project. In web hosting it is crucial to select the right web hosting provider because this is where you build, maintain and publish your web pages, so enjoy registering your domain name without worrying about it. Refer here: Visit us: