natural digestive support supplements for regular n.
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Natural Digestive Support Supplements for Regular Bowel Movement PowerPoint Presentation
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Natural Digestive Support Supplements for Regular Bowel Movement

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Natural Digestive Support Supplements for Regular Bowel Movement - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This power point presentation describes about natural digestive support supplements for regular bowel movement.

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natural digestive support supplements

Natural Digestive Support Supplements

A regular bowel movement is a must for every human. Regular bowel movement could be thrice a day or thrice a week, as long as it’s the regular routine. However, any changes in normal bowel routine, such as frequency, colour or consistency, demands consultation with the doctor. To help maintain regular bowel habits, natural digestive support supplements should be taken.

natural digestive support supplements 1

Natural Digestive Support Supplements

They are safe and have no side effects. The human digestive system is highly efficient in extracting nutrients from the food and drinks we take in, processing them into our bloodstream and then preparing the leftovers to be disposed of all this within a span of just a few hours. This material then passes through the intestine and stored in the colon.

natural digestive support supplements 2

Natural Digestive Support Supplements

Here, the water is removed and the rest is removed from the body, generally with a day or two. The frequency of bowel excretion depends on age, diet, and daily activity. But, sometimes due to our lifestyles, there might be irregularities in bowel movements.

natural digestive support supplements 3

Natural Digestive Support Supplements

Irregular bowels or constipation can be caused due to insufficient intake of water, insufficient intake of a fibrous diet, lower activity levels or ignoring the urge to release bowels. It may also be a result of certain medications, such as iron supplements, narcotics, antacids, diuretics and those for blood pressure, depression and seizures.

natural digestive support supplements 4

Natural Digestive Support Supplements

Constipation, if not treated fast, may lead to serious conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, diabetes, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, underachievers’ thyroid gland, colorectal cancer or multiple sclerosis.

natural digestive support supplements 5

Natural Digestive Support Supplements

Constipation can be avoided by drinking enough fluids, eating a fiber-rich diet and exercising regularly. It can also be treated with laxative which is a substance which helps in regularizing bowel movements. They could be a food or a medicine. Generally, a combination of both is prescribed to a person suffering from constipation.

natural digestive support supplements 6

Natural Digestive Support Supplements

Although it is an effective and faster way to soften stools and increase bowel movement, laxatives may cause side effects such as bloating, gas and abdominal cramps. Hence, a natural supplement for a regular bowel movement is recommended.

herbs in arozyme capsules

Herbs In Arozyme Capsules

There are herbal constipation remedies available to help treat constipation.

Herbs such as Cascara Sagrada, Rhubarb, Slippery Elm, Psyllium, and Senna are excellent herbal remedy for poor digestion.

natural digestive support supplements 7

Natural Digestive Support Supplements

Coffee is also a natural digestive support supplement. Other natural supplements for regular bowel movement include hot drinks such as herbal tea, a cup of hot water with honey or lemon juice. All foods which are rich in fiber are natural treatments for constipation relief.

arozyme capsules

Arozyme Capsules

One of the most recommended herbal constipation remedies is the Arozyme capsule. It is the best herbal treatment to regulate bowel movement naturally, which acts as herbal supplements for constipation relief. It helps to regularise bowel movements with the help of 100% herbal content.

arozyme capsules 1

Arozyme Capsules

Take one Arozyme capsules twice a day will help in providing relief from constipation and cure the person completely within a short span of 3-4 months. It is the best natural digestive support supplement.

arozyme capsules 2

Arozyme Capsules

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