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U of T Engineering and DocuShare

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U of T Engineering and DocuShare - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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U of T Engineering and DocuShare. The journey so far. Summary. Background Facts and Figures U of T context Engineering, and a bit about me Engineering, Xerox and DocuShare Goal, Objectives Vision The Journey Study, RFP, infrastructure, pilot; Current process; Lessons learned Plans

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u of t engineering and docushare

U of T Engineering and DocuShare

The journey so far ...



  • Facts and Figures
  • U of T context
  • Engineering, and a bit about me

Engineering, Xerox and DocuShare

  • Goal, Objectives
  • Vision
  • The Journey
    • Study, RFP, infrastructure, pilot; Current process; Lessons learned
  • Plans


uoft facts and figures
UofT Facts and Figures
  • Students in 2011 - 2012
    • Undergraduate: 79,530
        • Domestic: 56,154, International: 8,009
    • Graduate: 15,367
        • Domestic: 13,509, International: 1,858
    • St. George Campus
        • 41,182 undergraduate, 14,229 graduate students
    • Scarborough Campus
        • 10,399 undergraduate, 226 graduate students
    • Mississauga Campus
        • 11,679 undergraduate, 538 graduate students
  • Toronto School of Theology
        • 903 undergraduate, 374 graduate students
uoft facts and figures1
UofT Facts and Figures
  • Faculty and Staff
      • The University of Toronto has 15,033 faculty and staff members for 2011 – 2012
      • Faculty: 8,900
      • Staff: 6,133
  • Programs
      • approximately 600 undergraduate programs.
      • approximately 170 graduate programs; this includes doctoral and master’s programs
      • approximately 40 professional programs
uoft facts and figures2
UofT Facts and Figures
  • Residences and Clubs
      • The University of Toronto has more than 700 student clubs across all three campuses
  • St. George Campus
      • The University of Toronto at St. George has 11 residences: eight residences belonging to one of our seven colleges, Chestnut Residence, Graduate House and Student Family Housing.
      • The St. George campus is expecting to accomodate 6,160 students in its 11 residences for 2011 – 2012
      • The University of Toronto has a housing guarantee that covers all students entering their first year
  • Scarborough Campus
      • The Scarborough campus is expecting 765 students in residence for 2011 – 2012
  • Mississauga Campus
      • The Mississauga campus is expecting 1,500 students in residence for 2011 – 2012
uoft facts and figures3
UofT Facts and Figures
  • Budget and Cost
      • The University of Toronto’s operating budget for 2011 – 2012 is $1.688 billion
      • The University of Toronto’s estimated economic impact in the GTA is approximately $6.3 billion
  • Library
      • The University of Toronto has 30 libraries
      • The University of Toronto has more than 18 million holdings
      • The University of Toronto library system is the third largest in North America
u of t context
U of T Context

Decentralized organizational structure

  • result of an historical coming together of distinct Schools and Universities over time.

Disparate discipline/governance specific operational requirements

  • Professional faculties (Engineering, Law …)
  • Medical (Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry …)
  • Arts and sciences (3 campuses)
  • Graduate research focus
  • Undergraduate teaching and learning focus
u of t context1
U of T Context

The Centralization Pendulum

  • Some governance, infrastructure, systems and services institutionalized over time
  • Some remains or evolves ‘locally’ within the nodes of organizational hierarchy
    • Federal / Provincial / Regional / Municipal government analogy
  • Each dimension ebbs and flows back and forth over time
    • Best practices
    • Technology
u of t context2
U of T Context

Enterprise / Institutional Systems and Processes

  • At any time, still operational gaps that get addressed divisionally based on local needs.
  • Registrar’s Offices in the double digits
    • Universities
    • Schools
    • Faculties
    • Colleges
    • Campuses
engineering facts and figures
Engineering Facts and Figures
  • The Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering at the University of Toronto is the premier engineering institution in Canada and among the very best in the world.
      • 4,850 undergraduates
      • 1,600 graduate students
      • 230 professors
      • 6 departments and divisions
      • 9 undergraduate degree programs
      • U of T Engineering is at the fore of innovation in engineering education and research.
      • And 1 Undergraduate Registrar’s Office
a bit about me
A bit about me …
  • Student
      • NY 9T3 (9T2 + PEY)
  • Private and public
      • 6 years government, software development, consulting, telecommunications
      • Academic Scheduling at U of T Engineering in 1999
  • Director Administrative Information and Technology Services
      • Providing technology infrastructure and services
      • Servers, desktops, mobile
      • File, Print, Web, Database, Security, Development
  • Associate Registrar, Information Systems
      • Exploiting technology
      • Automating registrarial processes and student services
      • Student Information Systems
        • Kuali Student
      • Electronic Student File
engineering xerox and docushare
Engineering, Xerox and DocuShare
  • CAO Mission
    • Work smarter!
    • (I’m paraphrasing a bit.)
engineering xerox and docushare1
Engineering, Xerox and DocuShare
  • Objectives
    • Ease fleet management
      • auto monitoring of devices
    • Already automated ‘forms’ based processes …
    • … tackle ‘supporting document’ process automation
      • Admissions qualifications, doctors notes, immigration papers, name change documents
      • reduce effort required for these manual processes
      • improve service speed and quality
      • improve information availability
engineering xerox and docushare2
Engineering, Xerox and DocuShare
  • The Fleet Management Vision
      • Automated proactive replenishment of resources
      • Automatically triggered proactive maintenance
      • consolidated billing
  • The Electronic Document Management Vision
      • Searchable document repository
      • Foreign-key linked from primary Engineering systems
      • Joint Pilot, ‘Learn to fish’, departmental support
      • Meta-data driven hierarchical navigational structure
        • “Student_files” / [student number] / Session(s) / Process(es) / Document(s)
        • “Student_files” / [student number] / Process(es) / Session(s) / Document(s)
        • “Student_files” / [student number] / Session(s) / Document(s)
        • “Student_files” / [student number] / Process(es) / Document(s)
        • “Student_files” / [student number] / Document(s)
engineering xerox and docushare3
Engineering, Xerox and DocuShare
  • The Journey to date
  • Study
  • RFP
  • Infrastructure
  • Operationalize fleet management
  • EDM process selection and planning
  • Pilot EDM process
  • Learn
engineering xerox and docushare4
Engineering, Xerox and DocuShare
  • The Journey
    • Study of in place technology and corresponding costs
    • Omnibus RFP
      • Consolidate technology, plus new software and services
      • Many players in EDM space, many fewer in both HW and EDM
      • In depth onsite Proof of Concept with demo licenses
    • Selected Xerox
      • Overall cost neutral despite expanded capabilities
engineering xerox and docushare5
Engineering, Xerox and DocuShare
  • The Journey
    • Infrastructure implementation
      • MFP consolidation with “follow you” card swipe and/or password protected document release
      • XDM HW monitoring
      • DS CPX, NSI Autostore, Equitrac for Secure Access, high speed scanning
      • VMWare virtualization of Windows 2008 Server 64-bit for all servers
    • Fleet Management in place
      • Rough start aligning all systems and processes
      • Working well now
      • Users enjoying enhanced functionality
      • No more wasted paper!
engineering xerox and docushare6
Engineering, Xerox and DocuShare
  • The Journey
    • Pilot goals
      • New tool, sophisticated range of possible use cases and corresponding approaches
      • Desire for ‘best practices’ in our environment
        • To facilitate supportability
        • To avoid duplicating existing information bloat in yet another system (email, file server shares, physical files)
        • To identify compelling use cases for Engineering staff
        • Establish/Learn best practices through a limited access ‘control’ process pilot to experience reality of using various available features
      • Organic growth using a carrot, not a stick (organic carrots?)
        • Train balance of users on compelling use of relevant best practices, open the flood gates
engineering xerox and docushare7
Engineering, Xerox and DocuShare
  • The Journey
    • Pilot Selection and rational
      • Focus on most opportune and strategic workflow to get significant operational gains
    • Targeted ‘the student file’ at the Faculty level as initial vortex of paper processes
      • Tight control, limited stakeholders
      • Range of use cases
      • Range of feature exposure expected
engineering xerox and docushare8
Engineering, Xerox and DocuShare
  • The Journey
    • Pilot planning
    • Need cradle to grave solution
    • Targeted Admissions supporting documents first
      • Chronological start of file
      • Allows smooth process migration
      • Incrementally virtualize new active student files
      • Incrementally retire alumni paper files
      • population slowly migrates from paper to virtual
      • at some tipping point may batch convert remaining active paper files
uoft facts and figures4
UofT Facts and Figures
  • Engineering Admissions
  • For 2011/2012 incoming class:
  • ~9000 applicants
  • 50% are from Ontario High schools and are required to submit few documents
  • 25% from other Canadian province
  • remaining 25% are international
  • Applicants from all provinces and the Yukon
  • Applicants from over 110 countries representing all inhabited continents
  • Offers made to over 3400 students
  • Incoming first year class of 1354 students
  • 23% of these students are female
  • mean Ontario High School average 90.6% (highest in the history of the Faculty)
  • We received in excess of 12000 logged documents to support applications (note some may be electronic)
engineering xerox and docushare9
Engineering, Xerox and DocuShare
  • The ‘Before’ Process
    • Existing decision support system, SPF (Reader)
      • Tracks document requirements
        • Adjustable document requirements
      • Parallel recording of document receipt
        • On paper file
        • On SPF once paper file ‘ready’
      • No ability to search for ‘ready’ or ‘almost ready’ paper files
      • Missed opportunities for proactive/strategic file handling
engineering xerox and docushare10
Engineering, Xerox and DocuShare
  • The ‘Pilot’ Process
    • Print custom scan cover page for each received package
    • Prepare package documents
    • Separate documents with generic ‘new document’ cover pages
    • Scan at Fujitsu, not MFP (fast, double sided, no jambs)
    • Wait to arrive in DS
    • Find and open in DS
    • Open applicant requirements to find match
    • If missing, find applicant in SPF and adjust requirements
    • Back to DS, refresh (web) screen to see new requirements inventory
    • ‘Link’ virtual doc to (new) SPF requirement
    • SPF aware of and searchable for completeness of requirements satisfaction
engineering xerox and docushare12
Engineering, Xerox and DocuShare
  • Lessons Learned
      • Efficiency is key
      • Integrated workflow functionality between DS and SPF Admin
        • Issue: both web based, changes in one not automatically reflected in other without screen refreshes, very disruptive for user.
      • Can’t keep up at peak mail times
        • Wow … it takes _lots_ of time and resources to open, separate, prepare, coversheet, scan, file and match ~10,000 docs. Plan better and resource appropriately.
        • So we didn’t … we stopped part way through. Fortunately, we had a Plan B: we had maintained the paper filing system and were able to just skip the whole scanning process.
      • Customization
        • Used customized 3rd party add-on for integration of external meta-data from existing process admin/decision support system
        • Because it was customized, limited flexibility to use otherwise built in configuration features
engineering xerox and docushare13
Engineering, Xerox and DocuShare
  • The Plan moving forwards
    • Fix and evolve pilot
      • Remove customizations
      • Implement pre-printed Foreign Key coversheets to eliminate printing custom cover sheets.
      • Possibly scan all documents in a package as one big document to eliminate the need to separate docs and add individual separator pages
      • Remove linking process from DS: record identification atomically at first inspection within our system
      • AutoStore will use FK to pull meta-data from our system to populate DS meta data for auto-filing
    • Other coordinated formal process uses
      • CEAB
      • Purchase requests and approvals
    • Individual/Personal use
      • Routing
      • Windows 7, Office 2010/2011 compatibility?
    • Departmental use