ontology applications in ers management n.
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Ontology Applications in ERS Management

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Ontology Applications in ERS Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ontology Applications in ERS Management. The Role of Decision Supporting Ontologies for Implementing Effective Solutions to All-Hazard Danger Zones Ontolog Forum Ontology Applications in Emergency Response Planning and Emergency Medical Response --------------- January 25, 2007

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ontology applications in ers management

Ontology Applications in ERS Management

The Role of Decision Supporting Ontologies


Implementing Effective Solutions

to All-Hazard Danger Zones

Ontolog Forum

Ontology Applications in Emergency Response Planning and Emergency Medical Response


January 25, 2007

Bob Smith, Ph.D.

CSU/Tall Tree Labs


premises and promises
Premises and Promises
  • Premises:
    • Audience experience and interests/needs and expectations;
    • Reasonable agreement about “The Problem”;
      • Situational Awareness of “Sea Change” in need to improve information/knowledge exchange and proper timely use;
      • A Window of Opportunity to make needed changes now exists;
      • Needs for conceptual clarity about existing domain complexity and evolving semantics ( Kinds of “hazards”; Categories of Preparation & Preparedness).
  • Promises:
    • Initial start at redefining Decision Support Systems as DSO;
    • Initial start at building a research funding knowledge base;
      • Reusable digital ERS_M components and registry/repository
  • Conclusions:
    • Found no clear Ontology Applications other than in Situational Awareness areas
    • High potential applications for migrating the 230+ specific Bioterrorism and Emergency Response applications from current point in Ontology Spectrum forward on the Spectrum
    • Primary stimulus for building prior Applications was legislated requirements
danger zones
Danger Zones
  • Where you live and where you work and play (and your travels between them)
  • Largely unmarked and hidden to you, but digitized for various purposes by some “responsible Agent” (or Agency) within a legislated/document context at LEVEL
    • OMB GIS Initiatives and related SDO
    • Fed Agencies
    • State Agencies
    • Regional Agencies
    • Municipal Agencies
    • Private Agencies
  • See: Reference Tracking Unit at SUNY Buffalo (Werner Ceuster’s Real, Belief Network, Artifacts)
  • See: Barry Smith’s Document Ontology presentation
decision supporting ontology dso
Decision Supporting Ontology (DSO)
  • Recent Forum use of “Clinical Vs Administrative”;
  • Balance Ontology Engineering with Ontology Management;
  • DSO More than “Decision Support Systems”;
  • Ontology Teams and their specialized Methods and Skill-sets with industrial applications in Emergency and Normal Conditions;
  • Team Roles: Onto Engineers; Onto Mgmt; Onto Liaison; Onto Programmers; Onto SOA Platform; XML Wizards: Re-defined DSS Position Functions
    • Project Planning and Business Process Management
      • Network Theory
      • Critical Path AnalysisTask Logic and Process/Knowledge Management
Our Approach to identifying Ontology Application Use and Potential Use in Emergency Response Systems
  • Weanalyzed existing document collections for purposes of categories and terms used to characterize Applications, Problems, and Funding ( Reserved policy gap analysis and process improvements for later:
    • Documents Collected from:
      • Ontolog Forum,
      • GAO, OMB, HHS, HLS,
      • UN, W3C, OASIS,
  • Key projects tools
    • Taxo-Thesaurus Project (Denise Bedford & Bob Smith, Co-Organizers):
    • Kayvium Architecture (www.kayvium.com) and SemTalk Process/Project tool suite (www.semtalk.com)
    • Process improvement using ontology-based (OWL-BPMN) simulation tools
  • Ontology Issues exposed by prior Ontolog Sessions, especially for from:
    • Alan Rector
    • Chris Chute
    • Barry Smith
    • York Sure
    • Leo Obrst
    • Peter Yim
    • Werner Ceusters
    • Duane Nickull and Kurt Conrad
    • Eliza Kendall
    • Many others
future tasks and questions
Future Work

Rules and Rules for Rule Making

Validate All Threats in SOA-RR Pilot

Update liaisons

Questions ?

Future Tasks and Questions