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The What If? Box

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The What If? Box - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The What If? Box
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Presentation Transcript

  1. The What If? Box A magical box filled with unlikely questions. Made by Mike Gershon –

  2. Click a button…get a What if…? ? ?

  3. What if humans could fly?

  4. What if you could turn invisible for a day?

  5. What if humans had tails?

  6. What if there was someone exactly the same as you?

  7. What if you had a secret ability?

  8. What if humans could only remember certain information?

  9. What if school didn’t exist?

  10. What if there were no laws?

  11. What if the government gave up?

  12. What if holidays were banned?

  13. What if you could go to school whenever you wanted?

  14. What if you had to work from the age of fourteen?

  15. What if weather forecasters were paid to get things wrong?

  16. What if the government controlled everybody’s wages?

  17. What if every job paid the same money?

  18. What if bankers had to live in council estates?

  19. What if private schools were banned?

  20. What if showers were made illegal?

  21. What if animals started talking?

  22. What if your dog is actually taking you for a walk?

  23. What if what you think is true isn’t true?

  24. What if society was more equal?

  25. What if society was less equal?

  26. What if taxes were raised?

  27. What if the government got rid of taxes?

  28. What if movies came true?

  29. What if World War Two had never happened?

  30. What if the Roman Empire had not collapsed?

  31. What if the another party had one the last election?

  32. What if slavery had been banned earlier?

  33. What if there had been no American Revolution?

  34. What if there had been no French Revolution?

  35. What if there had been no Russian Revolution?

  36. What if nuclear weapons had not been invented?

  37. What if televisions had not been invented?

  38. What if you could change one law? What would it be?

  39. What if you could change one thing about the world? What would it be?

  40. What if you could change one thing about school? What would it be?

  41. What if you could change one thing about yesterday? What would it be?

  42. What if you could choose what subjects to study from the beginning of Year 7?

  43. What if all schools were for 3-18 year-olds?

  44. What if newsreaders are lying?

  45. What if newspapers don’t tell the truth?

  46. What if there is no such thing as truth?

  47. What if farming was banned?

  48. What if global warming continues?

  49. What if free speech was curtailed?

  50. What if human rights were ignored?