Herbalife sampling party
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Herbalife Sampling Party. Gain the edge Awesome Health and Vitality!. Welcome. Discover good health and nutrition through Herbalife. Do you have any health issues? Most people suffer from a multitude of health issues in today’s pollution filled, stress filled society.

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Herbalife sampling party
HerbalifeSampling Party

Gain the edge

Awesome Health and Vitality!


Discover good health and nutrition through Herbalife.

Do you have any health issues?

Most people suffer from a multitude of health issues in today’s pollution filled, stress filled society.

Are you aware of your current health status?

Think about your lifestyle
Think about your lifestyle!

What are your excesses?

Foods depleted of nutrition
Foods depleted of nutrition...

Processed Foods,

contain preservatives,

man-made chemicals,

flavour enhancers, fats

& ‘dead food’, devoid

of nutrients due to

processing and

cooking methods

Nutrient value depletes from

food during time taken in


Hormones in our livestock


Antibiotics in livestock feed

Pre-harvesting & Soil devoid of

minerals due to over-harvesting


1. Ingestion

Assuring Quality Nutrition

through supplementation


Cleansing, Detoxifying &

assuring efficient Absorption of Nutrients through Villi (Villi line your small intestine, and absorb nutrition “& anything else” to your cells)


Utilization of absorbed

nutrition at a cellular level to

reproduce healthy cells

The good news
The Good News


  • 1. Balanced Nutrition

  • 2. Exercise Regularly

  • 3. Hydrate your Body

What did you have for breakfast today
What did you have for breakfast today?


And how do you feel now?

tired, want to snack, unhealthy?

Tired about feeling tired?

Run out of steam during the day?

Struggling with energy?

Feeling flat?


Cellular nutrition
Cellular Nutrition

  • Core Products

  • Formula 1

  • Nutritional Shake Mix

  • leanest protein on the market

  • designed to control weight

  • Personalised Protein Powder

  • builds lean muscle

  • controls hunger

  • burns calories

  • Multivitamin Complex

  • over 20 essential nutrients

  • helps support the immune system

Weight management
Weight Management

  • Satisfy hunger and feel energised

  • Protein snacks for between meals

Enhance weight loss
Enhance Weight-loss

  • Chitosan Fibre Complex

    fat blocker

    absorbs 20% fats

    appetite suppression

  • Instant Herbal Beverage

  • green tea

  • boosts energy

  • appetite suppression

Targeted nutrition
Targeted Nutrition

  • Formula 5

  • Vitamin C in a herbal base

  • contains iron

  • antioxidant activity

  • aids with fluid retention


lactobacillus acidophilus

“friendly bacteria”

improves immune system

bowel support

  • Herbalifeline

  • omega 3 fatty acids

  • good blood support

  • heart health

  • eye support

  • Formula 4

  • unsaturated fatty acid supplement

  • helps keep skin supple

  • supports a reduced fat diet

Targeted nutrition1
Targeted Nutrition

  • Tang Kuei

  • muscle relaxant

  • beneficial to women

  • relieves menstrual & menopause symptoms

  • exercise support

  • Joint Support Complex


    maintain healthy joints


  • Xtra-Cal

  • calcium

  • includes vitamin D & magnesium

  • aids bone density

  • Rose Ox

  • antioxidant

  • free radical scavenger

  • hormones, menopause, depression

Targeted nutrition2
Targeted Nutrition

  • Herbal Aloe Drink

    system detox

    aids healthy digestion

    helps relieves intergestion

    supports intestinal issues - IBS

Energy fitness
Energy & Fitness

  • Liftoff

    effervescent sports drink

    blend of guarana, caffeine & taurine

    less than 10 calories

  • N-R-G

  • natures raw guarana

  • raw unprocessed energy

  • allergy relief, hay fever, asthma


  • Eye Gel

  • Eye Cream

  • Cleanse

  • Tone

  • Moisturise

  • Exfoliating Scrub

  • Moisturising Mask

  • Clarifying Mask

  • Night Cream

Radiant c
Radiant C

  • Daily Facial Scrub Cleanser

  • Body Lotion with Sunscreens

  • Face Quencher

  • Daily Skin Booster

Skin activator
Skin Activator

  • Daily Replenishing Cream

Body essentials
Body Essentials

Everyday Soothing Hand & Body Lotion

Everyday Soothing Gel

Hand Cream

Everyday Body Wash

Everyday Soothing Spray

Bath & Body Bar

Hair essentials
Hair Essentials

  • Everyday Shampoo

  • Everyday Conditioner

  • Moisturising Shampoo

  • Moisturising Conditioner

  • Soft Hold Hair Spray


  • Man

  • Woman