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English 370. Thursdays 6:05-8:50 PM Melissa Gunby. Welcome!.

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english 370

English 370

Thursdays 6:05-8:50 PM

Melissa Gunby

  • This is English 370, English Fundamentals. English 370 is a “skills” course which will focus on the development of various analytical, critical, mechanical and grammatical skills and techniques. Throughout this course you will read and write a variety of paragraphs and essays and other materials to develop these skills in preparation for English 1. By the end of the semester you should be able to read critically and synthesize information from a text, as well as write to expose your ideas and information.
  • Before I begin going through the course requirements and the syllabus, what questions do you have for me?
course requirements
Course Requirements

How You’re Going to Pass This Class

3 things
3 Things
  • Lab
  • CME
  • Class
  • All 370 students must also enroll in the 370 Lab. This lab will allow you to work one on one with an instructor to work through the writing process, as well as some critical thinking and reading skills through a guided lesson.
  • You will need to purchase a green lab folder.
  • The lab requires 4 hours a week.
  • We are scheduled for group 2. This means you will attend lab from 18 March – 15 May.
important note
Important note
  • Please note: failure to complete the lab automatically results in a grade of No Pass for this class.
  • You MUST complete the lab to get credit for the course.
  • The CME is the Composition Mastery Exam, and is given at the end of every semester. Students in 370 must earn a score of 8 or higher to qualify for English 1.
  • We will be doing some activities with practice exams throughout the semester.
  • We will be taking the exam in class on Thursday, May 9.
the class
The Class
  • This is a pass/no pass class.
  • However, you must earn the equivalent of a C (70%) to earn a passing grade.
  • Grades will be calculated thusly:
    • In-class activities (participation): 35%
    • Homework: 10%
    • Weekly vocabulary journals: 10%
    • Tests and quizzes: 15%
    • Essays and writing assignments: 30%
  • If you do not earn 70% you will not earn a passing grade, even if you complete the lab and pass the CME.
what we ll be doing in class
What We’ll Be Doing in Class
  • Essays (3):
    • The Internet and Free Speech
    • The Hunger Games
    • Reflections on the American Psyche: Advertising and Popular Culture
  • Reflective Memo
class novel the hunger games
Class Novel: The Hunger Games
  • As a class we will be reading The Hunger Games.
  • There are a few assignments you will be completing:
    • Weekly vocabulary
    • Reading response journals
    • Group Project
    • Vocab and reading quizzes
    • Other activities in class to reinforce our reading and discussion
group project
Group Project

Groups will be assigned chapters to present to the class.

These assignments will be due on the day the assigned readings are due (see syllabus)

The presentation should include:

  • summary and analysis of the assigned chapters
  • An activity for the class based on those chapters assigned
  • An oral (or written) quiz on the chapters covered
other homework
Other Homework
  • Besides reading from The Hunger Games, there will also be assigned readings with questions from the textbook What Matters in America.
quizzes and exams
Quizzes and Exams
  • There are vocabulary and reading quizzes scheduled in the syllabus
  • There will be two mid-term exams (see syllabus; these will be practice CMEs)
  • There will be one final exam (CME)
  • Each of you has a secret identity taped to your back.
  • Asking only Yes or No questions of your classmates, try to figure out who you are.
  • Once you’ve figured out your identity, seek out your partner.
  • When you’ve found your partner, sit together and introduce your real self to each other.
  • Be prepared to introduce your partner to the class.
writing diagnostic
Writing Diagnostic
  • I want you each to write me a short essay. The purpose of this is twofold.
    • 1. I want to get a quick grasp on what skills, etc. we may need to go over this semester and this gives me a good baseline.
    • 2. one of your last assignments will be a reflective memo, looking back over your progress. This essay will serve as the “before” picture for that assignment.

Remember: Monday is a holiday: No Classes

  • You may leave when you are finished.
  • Homework (see syllabus for more detail):
    • "MySpace, Facebook, and Other Social Networking Sites: hot Today, Gone Tomorrow?" pg 24-29.
    • "You Gotta Have (150) Friends" pg 44-47.