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Or was it…?? PowerPoint Presentation
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Or was it…??

Or was it…??

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Or was it…??

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  1. It was May 18, one week and three days before the school year would end and Bernard Bailey, age 12, boy wonder, was walking to his home on an ordinary, regular, normal, sun-shiny, blue sky day. Or was it…??

  2. As Bernard bounded breathlessly around the corner, he saw a startling sight. “Gadzooks!” he exclaimed noisily.

  3. A group of ladybugs were sitting at a table having afternoon tea and speaking in British accents. “Pip, pip. Cherio, young lad,” one of them said to him. “For crying out loud!” he shouted.

  4. He decided to take a short cut through the woods which were a labrynth of trees. As Bernard strolled around the bend he had another odd encounter.

  5. “What in the world?” pondered Bernard. A caterpillar and dragonfly were re-enacting a scene from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. “To be, or not to be, that is the question,” hollered the dragofly overdramatically. “I’ve got to get out of here,” said Bernard. He decided to leave the woods and walk towards the road.

  6. As Bernard walked down the sidewalk and over the hill he came upon three bees, two ants and a butterfly bustin’ a move to the tune Shake Your Groove Thing. One of the ants was singing along, “Yeah, yeah!” it squealed.

  7. Bernard moved on, but was still distracted by the dancing bugs and absentmindedly smacked his forehead into some kind of hive hanging from a tree.

  8. Suddenly, purple and yellow striped flying insects with enormous stingers shot out of the hive like bullets in a gun. “Bzzzzzzzz!” said the bugs. “Aaaaaaaahhh!” screamed Bernard.

  9. Bernard made it to his house, threw open the door and slammed it shut. He thought that it seemed to take 100 hours to get home. Settling down to watch T.V., Bernard finally felt safe and relaxed. Strangely, he heard a squeaky, faint voice singing, “There’s no business like show business…” and wondered where it was coming from.