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  1. Mythology Shannon & Nathalia

  2. Aphrodite • Goddess of love and beauty • Aphrodite was born when Cronus cut off a piece of Uranus’ genitals and threw them into the sea, and sea foam appeared. The foam then gave rise to Aphrodite. • Because of Aphrodite’s beauty, other gods thought that their rivalry over her would cause a fight between them, so Zeus married her to Hephaestus. Even though she was married she was also involved with other men like Ares (god of war).

  3. Atalanta • Atalanta was a virgin huntress, who did not want to be married • Her father wanted a son, so when she was a baby her father left her on a mountain top to die. • When King Oineus forgot to make a sacrifice for Artemis she sent down the Calydonian boar. Atalanta joined heroes including Meleager. She was the first one to hit the boar and draw blood, but Meleager was the one to kill it. He then gave the skin of the boar to Atalanta. • After the hunt, he father came to find her. He wanted her to be married but she did not want to be married. She agreed to marry only if her suitors could beat her in a race, but those who lost would be killed. Hippomenes (a suitor) asked Aphrodite for help. She gave him three golden apples and every time Atalanta was ahead in the race he would roll the apples in front of her so she would get distracted. Hippomenes won the race and married Atalanta. They had one child together.

  4. Medusa • Medusa was a once a beautiful, yet vain, young women. She let everyone that would listen that her hair shined brighter than the sun, her eyes as green as the Areagon sea, she used to brag about how her skin was more beautiful as the freshly fallen snow, she'd also say that her lips were as red as the reddest rose. She used to gaze at herself in a hand mirror for an hour every morning and she'd admire herself in the darkened window every night, she'd even forget to fetch water for her fathers horses because she was distracted by her reflection in the water! • When Athena went to the Parthenon she kept commenting about Athena's art work saying how she'd look better in all of the portraits and how she would look better than Athena if it was her and how it was wasted on Athena! Everyone who overheard her gasped and all left before an angry Athena showed up and they were right too! Athena showed up and yelled at Medusa for being naive and vain, but that's not all, she cursed Medusa! Her once beautiful hair turned into snakes! She turned into a horrible creature! Whenever she looked at someone, they'd be turned to stone! So then Athena sent her to live with the Gorgon sisters in the mountains, so she couldn't turn any innocent people into stone! Medusa later was killed by Perseus.

  5. Medusa Before After