Terrorism Time Line
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Terrorism Time Line. Munich Olympics.

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Munich olympics
Munich Olympics

  • 1972- This action was in danger for the murdering of eleven Israeli Olympians. During this day eight Palestinian terrorists entered the Olympics and murdered eleven people on the Israeli Olympic team. The Olympic Games still remain with terrorists in masks to hide there identities.

State sponsored terrorism
State-Sponsored Terrorism

  • July 1987- Car bombing in Pakistan- 72 deaths -250+ wounded -no organization –Afghan intelligence agent sponsors

  • Nov. 1987- Bombing in Korean planes – 115 deaths. North Korean intelligence service sponsors

  • April 1983- Car bombs in Beruit -69 deaths –Islamic Jihad organization -Iran sponsor

Dec. 1988- Bombing of Pan Am over Scotland

-258 passengers dead 11 on ground – Libya sponsor

August 1989- Bombing of French passengers over Chad- 171 deaths –Islamic organization- State sponsor= Iran

Cases of religious inspired terror
Cases of Religious Inspired Terror

  • The first world trade center bombing

  • February 26, 1993 a van exploded in garage of World Trade Center New York

  • Islamist terrorist carried out the attack on US

Baruch goldstein
Baruch Goldstein

  • February 25 1994 during Islam holy week Dr. Baruch fired 111 shots which killed 29 people and wounded 150 people

  • If they were wounded they were beaten to death

  • Terrorist group Kach felt betrayed by his govt’

  • Felt that he was giving away what god has given them

Aum shinrikyo
Aum Shinrikyo

Five members of this group with a root of Japanese Buddhism. During this time, five of these people went on a train and released a bag of Sarin nerve gas.

In result to the gas people began choking and vomiting.

Passengers aboard this train collapsed

and soon 12 people died and 5,500 were


First example of mass destruction on March 20th, 1995

The Aum Shinrikyo thought they were threatened by an Armageddon, so they believed there group could survive.

Symbolizing results??

Christian identity
Christian Identity

On June 15th, 1985, Richard Wayne Snell was sentenced to death for planning to bomb a federal building in Oklahoma.

Snell was a member of the:


S- SwordA- Arm of the Lord

The CSA’s belief are based on the Christian Identity movement. Which is religious system in which “blends white supremacy with political and religious conservatism”.

Timothy McVeigh bombed the Murrah Federal building above on April 19th, 1995. 10 years after Richard planned to.

Religious motivated terrorism
Religious Motivated Terrorism

By 2003 more than half of the groups were seen as religious motivated terrorists.

In 1980 the U.S states department listed terrorist groups. Including the religious terrorist groups.


Concern about a rise in terrorism
Concern about a rise in terrorism!

Even before September 11th experts of terrorism have increased there abilities to improve weapons. Concerns have been pointed out to the use of materials; nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons.

Factors to help explain and motivate
Factors to help explain and motivate!

The World Gone Wrong: Terrorist Groups have thought that the world had gone wrong for them. Their beliefs are from social, political, cultural, and spiritual issues.

No Other Option: When confronted by the political and cultural crises that turned into movements to show there concern of what’s going wrong.

The struggle of what's’ good and evil, or between God and the Devil.

The U.S Today Facing Terrorism

As the violence sky rockets due to terrorism, government officials become alarmed. The officials have noted the individuals who attempted the ingredients to make nuclear weapons.