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PRESENTED BY: WAYNE MIMS. CCM History Mission Structure Test locations CCM Customers Laser and Optical Systems Operational Systems JFCOM Spt Foreign Systems Center Test Capabilities Summary. AH-64 Apache Pyro. CatsEye Laser Threat Warning Sensor ground test –CY 2007. Agenda.

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CCM History



Test locations

CCM Customers

Laser and Optical Systems

Operational Systems


Foreign Systems

Center Test Capabilities


AH-64 Apache Pyro

CatsEye Laser Threat Warning Sensor ground test –CY 2007


CCM History

  • OSD-chartered and established in September 1972 to address:

  • • Rapid development in the late sixties of terminally-guided weapons for Southeast Asia

  • Lack of fully-investigated countermeasures (CM)

  • Emergence of more technologically advanced weapons systems

Located at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico with over 30 years of service to the testing and evaluation community

“. . . to direct, coordinate, support, and conduct CM/CCM T&E activities applicable to all precision guided weapon systems, including electro-optical guided weapon systems, millimeter wave guided weapon systems, and related components, and such other T&E activities as the Director, Operational Test & Evaluation may direct. ”


Mission continued

  • Perform early pretest CM assessments to support technology insertion and system development

  • Determine performance and limitations of PGW systems, subsystems, and related components in a CM environment

  • Provide independent analysis and/or recommendations on CM/CCM effectiveness (with US, allied and threat)

  • Test CMs with emphasis on realistic environments (joint environment emphasis)


Center operates under the policy, guidance, supervision and direction of OSD-DOT&E


DoDD 5141.2, 5/25/00

DoDI 5129.47, 10/24/07

WSMR ISSA, 5/14/03

Personnel: 71 Civilian

Funding: Institutionally funded by DOT&E for the mission

Center Test Activities

Mobile testing across the United States and in several foreign countries

Ccm customers
CCM Customers

Program Managers



  • Participate in pre-deployment exercises

  • Observe TTPs and individual system responsiveness in an ops environment

  • Provide timely feedback to warfighters on CM/CCM in the ops environment

  • SME expertise in CM/CCM

  • Provide support in all areas of acquisition Life cycle (cradle to grave)

  • Provide SME expertise in the area of CM/CCM

  • Suggest improvements

  • Provide reports to support system changes

  • Provide support for DOT&E Title 10 oversight role

  • Provide information on specific system suitability

  • Provide reports to support Acquisition decisions

  • Naval Warfare

  • Air Warfare

  • Land Warfare

  • Live Fire

  • Net Centric and Space Systems

  • CV/MV-22

  • AH-1 (W&Z)

  • ATFLIR Targeting Pod


  • JSOW

  • JFCOM – Carrier Air Wing (CVW), Desert Talon (DT), Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron (MAWTS)

  • Joint Red Flag exercise

What is a countermeasure?

As defined by the Center for Countermeasures:

Countermeasure(s) (CM) Any device or technique intended to impair the effectiveness of a weapon or system, particularly precision-guided weapons and sensor systems. Countermeasures can be active or passive. They can be deployed preemptively or reactively.

Counter-countermeasure(s) (CCM) Any device or technique that is intended to impair the effectiveness of a countermeasure.

Countermeasure categories
Countermeasure Categories

  • Countermeasures:

    • Passive Countermeasures – Decoys (simple and high fidelity) and Nets (simple and multispectral) and signature reduction techniques, paints, reflectors

    • Active Countermeasures – Smokes and aerosols, Lasers, Jammers, False Target Generators, Flares, heat plates, chaff

    • Inadvertent Countermeasures – smoke trails, heat trails, solar or other IR radiation

  • Counter-countermeasures:

    • A secondary or tertiary guidance system on a PGW (ie multimode seeker).

    • An active countermeasure can be used as a counter-countermeasure

Laser and Optical Systems

  • Over 50 Lasers

    • Reference calibration to NIST

    • Wavelength (200–10600 nm)

  • Rangefinders & Sight Optics

    • Day and night capabilities (U.S. and foreign)

Innovative Berlin (IB) Laser

Verdi-V6 Laser

Detectors and Warning Systems

  • Detectors

  • Laser Pulse Train Analyzer (LPTA)

  • Silicon detectors; easy to use, throw away witness sensors

  • Multi-color Laser Energy Meters (LEM)

  • Scitec Laser Radiometers

  • Warning Systems

  • Foreign Laser Optical Warning Receiver (FLOWERS)

  • AAR-47 (U.S.)

  • Harlid (Military)


Jfcom support
JFCOM Support

MANPADS Simulator

Cobra tail w/flares Desert Talon January 2008

SCUD Decoy at Joint Red-Flag Alaska April 2008

MANPADS Technical

Foreign systems

Galix 13 – Foreign Grenade

ROSES (Foreign IRCM expendable developments)

The Technical Cooperation Program (TTCP) Urban Ground Trials

Foreign Systems Analyzed

False Target Generator (CM)

Laser Guided Missile

Foreign Laser System

Foreign Precision Guided Munitions

Foreign Systems

Galix 13 foreign grenades

Roses – CH-47 Experimental flares test

Center test capabilities

Joint Mobile IRCM Test System (JMITS) is a mobile, self-contained, ground-based, open-air missile simulators capable of replicating MANPADS threat signatures in both the IR and UV bands. This system corrects the shortcomings of existing open-air infrared countermeasures test systems.

Seeker/Radiometric Van is a mobile system consisting of a 53-foot trailer and a Kineto Tracking Mount (KTM). The system is capable of utilizing up to eight IR seekers at one time, depending on the seeker configurations, to test IRCM system performance. Coupled with this van is a radiometric suite of imagers and spectrometers collecting signature information.

Center Test Capabilities

A CTEIP funded development

Center test capabilities1
Center Test Capabilities

False Target Generator-CCM developed-capable of detracting some PGWs from the intended target

L8A3 White Phosphorus Grenades - provide IR coverage for a “valued target”

Smoke Generators “Coyotes”- provide CM coverage in visible and IR bands.


The Center for Countermeasures’ CM/CCM testing and analysis occurs:

To assist the system developer and the DT and OT agencies in CM testing and hardening

To provide customers information and recommendations from an independent source

Center for Countermeasures

White Sands Missile Range, NM 88002-5519

For further information call: 575- 678-7239 or 678-7200