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Movement Makers Identity Profiles.

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Movement Makers Identity Profiles. Abraham Raba-Galarza. Buczkowski , Chad.

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buczkowski chad
Buczkowski, Chad

This is Chad Buczkowski, one of my old friends. He feels he is Chad Buczkowski because he was called by this name since he was born. He is a Caucasian male who’s nationality is Polish and Russian. Chad was never made fun of for being different from others. In fact he Thinks his differences actually made him seem friendlier. During the interview he mentions how he learned all you really need in life is friends and family. However when growing up he did not really have anyone to look to for guidance because my parents were so focused on my five older siblings and I never got much attention as a kid. He stated firmly “Even if I got a chance to change anything in my life I wouldn’t simply because I enjoy being who I am.” Three words he used to describe himself was creative, optimistic, and athletic. He revealed his one role model would be Neil Armstrong who was one of the first people to land on the moon. Why you ask? Well he has deep fascination with space and astronomy. He has never let me down in any way.

james julian
James, Julian

Julian James, another one of my old friends, believes he will find who he is later on in his life. Julian’s nationality is Antiguan and his ethnicity is African American. He was made fun of when he was younger and was ashamed of being who he is. Now he embraces who he is and doesn’t care if people talk behind his back. “I actually feel bad for them; These people who make fun of others are obviously cocky or troubled in some way.” Because of this he learned never to judge a book by its cover and be real, be yourself around others. “I don’t care how society as a whole views me. Either you get to know me or you don’t.” He describes himself using the words smart, funny and friendly. His top role model is his older brother because his older brother never gave up even when he hit tough times. He idolizes his parents because they have always been there for him to help him.

galarza ninette
Galarza, Ninette

Ninette Galarza, my mother, believes that people need to take advantage of great opportunities. Ninette is a Latin American who’s ancestry is Puerto Rican. Growing up she was never much different from all of her friends so she wasn’t really judged harshly. “I have learned that you should always try your best or else you will pay for it in the future.” She never had planned on going to college but never had the opportunity because she had to watch after her first born, Monika Galarza. Once she had two son she had to ask her parents to watch her daughter as she could not take care of three kids as a single mother with a low income at the time. However she soon overcame this great obstacle and has become something greater. She feels that society would have seen her as promiscuous even though she was not. Now she says people give her the utmost respect she feel she deserves because of the many difficult obstacles she’s lived through. “If I had had the ability to change my situation I wouldn’t because I would not have the great life I have now. No pain no gain!”, when asked would she change anything about her if she could. Three words she uses to describe herself are ambitious, understanding, and grateful. Her role model is her father because he had moved from Puerto Rico and made something of himself. Although he is painful at times, he has always been there for her and as well as her mother. As a child she was able to ask her parents any question without fear of them laughing at her sometimes ridiculous questions. She thanks her mother and father for helping her through her tough trials.

galarza monika
Galarza, Monika

This is Monika Galarza, my sister. She is, like her mother, is a Latin American who’s ancestry is Puerto Rican. As far as she knows she was never really made fun of as a child. She made plenty of friends and tries hard to keep ties with her old friends. Her grandparents have influenced her greatly by pushing her to succeed in school and life. She thinks society views her as another teenager on the block when she in fact feels like she is not. If she could she would not change anything about her though in the past she may have felt differently about this. She describes herself as energetic, friendly, and open-minded. “My role model is Ninette Galarza! (Our mother)” Although Ninette is going through constant challenges she never lets her daughter down by giving up. The people she looked to for any guidance are her grandparents and her mother. She however wishes they had explained things a little more when she was smaller such as subjects like sex. The topic never really came up because her grandparents enjoyed joking about it and her mother was usually too busy. She had to find out about sexual interactions and such through her school. Even then she still felt like at the time she did not understand anything about sex.

raba galarza abraham
Raba-Galarza, Abraham

This is Abraham Raba-Galarza. Abraham Raba-Galarza is the kind of person that likes to help other people out and not see people miserable or hurt. He is a Latin American who’s ancestry is Puerto Rican. As far as he can remember he has not been made fun of for being different. He accepted he is different because not everyone has gone through the same experiences or situations others have. When young he was taught since I was a child that it is important to take initiative because it will help him in the future. He thinks society views himas just another regular teenager on the block who will get in trouble. “Sometimes you can’t ignore being criticized but rather use those comments to better yourself.”Unique, imaginative, and unorganized are three words that he thinks describe himself. “I do not have a role model mainly because I look up to many people rather than one person. I also ask more than one person almost all the time for opinions because it is always better to have more than one opinion on situations you need help with. This is who I am. Why should you have to hide who you are?! It’s ridiculous!!!”