the constitution is not clear about the power of the supreme court
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Judicial Interpretation of the Constitution

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Judicial Interpretation of the Constitution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Constitution is not clear about the power of the Supreme Court. Judicial Interpretation of the Constitution. The strength and path of the court were found with Chief Justice John Marshall 4 th Chief Justice 1801 – 1835. Judicial Interpretation of the Constitution.

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Marbury v Madison

President John Adams, a Federalist, appoints 82 Federalist justices.

(Last day in office!!)

Marbury v Madison
midnight judges threat to incoming president jefferson a democrat republican
“Midnight Judges"

Threat to incoming President Jefferson (a Democrat-Republican)

Marbury v Madison
judicial review
Jefferson ordered his Secretary of State, James Madison, not to allow William Marbury to take his position.

Marbury was particularly unpopular

Judicial Review
John Marshall: FTW.

Judiciary Act of 1801 (passed

by Congress) infringed on the

Court unconstitutionally!

Marbury: No “standing” to S.C.

Judicial Review
judicial review1
Judicial Review



The Court was able

to rule a law unconstitutional

and thus created the

important precedent of judicial


S.C. gets final say!!!

Judicial Review