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An Ultimate Buyers guide To Outdoor Furniture Covers PowerPoint Presentation
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An Ultimate Buyers guide To Outdoor Furniture Covers

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An Ultimate Buyers guide To Outdoor Furniture Covers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Looking for a complete and ultimate buying guide to outdoor furniture covers? Check this infographic and get a clear concept about outdoor furniture buying guide.

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An Ultimate Buyers guide To Outdoor Furniture Covers

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    1. Infographic designed and brought to you by Outdoor Furniture Covers THE BASICS Outdoor elements such as the sun and the rain all work together to weaken the integrity of your patio furniture. It is often a big hassle to have to bring everything inside when no one is using the furniture, just to have to take it out again a day or two later. Outdoor furniture covers offer the best solution allowing you to leave your furniture outside while preserving your fnish and extending the life of your patio furniture. Here are the basics of what you need to know before choosing the cover that suits your needs. BASIC FEATURES OF A GOOD FURNITURE COVER Waterproofng Reinforced Seams The presence of moisture can make your furniture a nesting ground for molds and other organic bacteria that ruins your furniture fnish. Your covers should be capable of repelling water to defend your furniture against exposure to moisture. Water sealed seams are important in repelling rainwater from getting under your cover. A strong panel attachment prevents ripping and tearing of outdoor furniture covers. Check for the quality and fastener material used to attach the panels with each other. Size/Shape Secured Fastening Furniture comes in various shapes and sizes. Your cover should ft snugly over your furniture without it being too loose or too tight to remove. Make measurements as detailed as possible and take picture references before making a decision. Look for adjustable features for a tailored ft. Note how your cover secures itself to your furniture, whether it’s with a cord, zippers or velcro. Some furniture covers feature several fastening methods to ft over outdoor furniture properly. Sun Protection The sun is a major factor in wearing down your furniture’s fnish as well as the cover itself. Choose a material that blocks the sun’s harmful UV rays while preserving itself from sun exposure. DIFFERENT TYPES OF OUTDOOR FURNITURE COVERS Your measurements will determine the best choice of cover for any outdoor furniture from Adirondack chairs, tables, and umbrellas. Note any protrusions or extensions your furniture may have as this will affect your overall measurements. A smartphone picture accompanied by your measurements would be a very helpful tool in picking the best furniture cover. Measuring For Seating: Width: Measure the entire horizontal distance across the outer edges of the arms. Height: Measure the topmost edge of the back of the seat vertically to the ground to determine depth. Length: Measure horizontally across the edge of the front leg to the back edge of the seat. HEIGHT LENGTH WIDTH Measuring For Tables: Width: Measure the horizontal distance from opposite edges of the table top (North to South). Height: Measure vertically from the top of the table to the ground. Length: Measure the horizontal distance from the edge to the opposite edge of tabletop (East to West). HEIGHT WIDTH LENGTH Measuring For Umbrellas: Height: Measure from the top of the umbrella to the ground. Diameter: In a folded position, measure the diameter at the bottom of the umbrella rib. HEIGHT DIAMETER DIFFERENT COVER MATERIALS Patio furniture covers can be made from a variety of materials. Understanding the material’s essential characteristic will help you pick the best cover for your furniture. Below are materials commonly available for outdoor furniture covers. Marine polyester: Marine polyester is a fabric designed for situations where water is present, such as on boats. In addition to being water-resistant, some marine polyesters are mildew-resistant and protect against UV rays. Marine vinyl: In addition to blocking UV light, the marine-grade vinyl fabric is durable and water-resistant. Canvas: If you choose to buy a canvas cover make sure it’s designed to resist mold, mildew and UV rays. Naturally, the fabric is strong, and some products are even machine washable. Infographic designed and brought to you by SOURCE: Join us on: