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Patio Furniture Covers


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Patio Furniture Covers

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  1. THE BEST WAYTO KEEP YOUR TEAK LOUNGER CLEAN  Youhave made the purchase of a teak lounger - one of the best investments you can make for your patio. And because it is such a high investment, you want to make sure you are going to get the best out of it. This includes keeping it clean throughout the seasons - if you are going to pay a high amount for your investment, you want it looking good all year round, right? But the elements have another idea in mind: bringing it down teak cleaner with the sunshine, rain, and heat. This will not only give your lounger all the dirt and debris it can handle, but also fade the color over time. Youwill not be the only one to combat the elements adversely affecting your teak lounger.But knowing how to keep it clean is the secret to making sure your lounger's color lasts all year round, and make sure it stays looking brand new. Everyone knows the easiest way to keep your teak lounger looking good all summer long is to constantly keep it clean, keeping dirt and debris off of it. The easiest way to do this is by using a mild cleaner, like dish soap, and mixing it with warm water. Mix it well in a bucket, and scrub your troubles away with a sponge or soft cloth. Once complete, your lounger can be left to naturally dry away in the sun. If you need to do a little deeper clean, try taking a pressure washer to your lounger, after you scrub down with soap and water. By doing this often, you will ensure that your furniture will have a nice glow that it came with from day one. If keeping it clean regularly doesn't work, then try applying a special teak cleaner to your teak lounger.Many retailers and specialty shops sell teak cleaners that are specially made to get past the dulling exterior, and revitalize it once more with a natural shine. Many of the formulations are non-toxic, and not oil based (so they are environmentally and pet friendly). And because they are a specialized cleaner, their effects will last for months, as opposed to weeks. Keep teak cleaners in mind when shopping around for the right cleaning agent for your lounger. If none of the above work, perhaps it is time to consider refinishing your teak lounger.That's right - if your lounger is too gray to save, it may be time to sand it down evenly,until the golden exterior shines through once more. Be very careful as to how much you sand off: sand off too much, and you will be lowering the life

  2. expectancy for your lounger.Once the sanding is complete, apply an oil treatment to your teak, and you will be prepared once more to let the golden hue shine through. Keeping your teak cleaner should not be a tough process. With regular maintenance, a little know how,and all the right tools, you can make sure your furniture will be at its finest all year round. With a little dedication now,you too can make sure your outdoor patio furnishings are good to go all summer long. please visit my website for more information and to buy links at affordable rates.

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