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Database Edition for Sybase

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Database Edition for Sybase. Sales Presentation. Market Drivers. DBAs are facing immense time pressure in an environment with ever-increasing data Continuous availability (24x7) of mission-critical Sybase databases Faster access to data – Performance!! Easier management of increasing data

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database edition for sybase

Database Edition for Sybase

Sales Presentation

market drivers
Market Drivers
  • DBAs are facing immense time pressure in an environment with ever-increasing data
  • Continuous availability (24x7) of mission-critical Sybase databases
    • Faster access to data – Performance!!
    • Easier management of increasing data
    • Data integrity – High availability
veritas solution database edition for sybase


Agent for Oracle

VERITAS Solution:Database Edition for Sybase


Database Edition for Oracle

HA Edition



Volume Manager Storage Administrator

VERITAS File System with (Cached) Quick I/O

VERITAS Volume Manager

product positioning
Product Positioning
  • VERITAS Database Edition for Sybase offers raw device performance with file system manageability.
    • Offers equal to raw performance and for high-memory systems even greater performance
    • Offers ease of management of file systems
    • Increases availability of Sybase dataservers
key features
Key Features
  • VxFS with Quick I/O delivers raw disk performance and ease of file system administration
    • Equal or better OLTP throughput
  • Ease-of-use is provided with a Java-based Storage Administrator GUI
    • Visual configuration from a single console
  • HA Edition provides automatic monitoring and recovery of Sybase application
raw i o performance with ease of file system management
Raw I/O Performance withEase of File System Management
  • Unique, total storage foundation solution to deliver the best of both worlds

Database Editionfor Sybase

Raw Disks

Conventional File Systems





  • Manageability
  • “Invisible”
  • locations for
  • segments
  • Difficult to
  • grow
  • segments
  • Performance
  • Lower database
  • throughput
  • (30-90% of
  • raw disk)
  • Higher CPU
  • overhead
  • Data IntegrityPotential

data loss

  • Manageability
  • Segment
  • organization
  • System-wide
  • backup and
  • restore
  • policies
  • Easy to create
  • and add devicesfor Sybase
  • Performance
  • Best OLTP


  • Data
  • Reliability
  • No potential

for data loss

with data

written to

  • disks directly
quick i o for databases

Quick I/O





Quick I/O for Databases
  • Breakthrough VERITAS File System interface technology
  • Presents regular VERITAS File System files to Oracle as raw character devices
    • Allows parallel updates to database files for increased throughput
    • Takes advantage of kernel async I/O (Solaris’ KAIO)
    • Sybase handles locking for data integrity
  • Eliminates traditional UNIX file system overhead



oltp benchmark results
OLTP Benchmark Results
  • Quick I/O and raw disk I/O produce equal performance for OLTP benchmark
    • Derived from TPC-C - mix of read-only and update-intensive transactions in order-entry environments
  • All configurations
  • include VERITAS
  • Volume Manager.
  • Test configuration
  • included:
  • Sun Ultra Enterprise
  • 4000 (4 CPUs;
  • 512 MG of RAM)
  • Solaris 2.5.1
  • VERITAS Database
  • Edition 1.2 for Sybase
  • Sybase ASE 11.5.1
  • TPC-0C scale factor
  • of 100
cached quick i o overview
Cached Quick I/O Overview
  • Implemented as a buffered read, direct write solution
    • Retains data reliability advantage of direct write
    • Gains read-ahead at the File System and memory-to-memory copy performance advantage
  • Easy online management to turn Cache on/off for Quick I/O files
    • Like Quick I/O, enabled on a per-file basis
  • Multiple database instances can co-exist with selective caching for specific datafiles
veritas storage administrator
VERITAS Storage Administrator
  • Simplifies Management
    • Allows one-step graphical execution of common configuration management steps
database edition ha veritas cluster server
Database Edition/HAVERITAS Cluster Server
  • Sophisticated availability configuration management
  • Clustered HA solution allowing 2-32 server scalability
  • 1:1, Any:1 and 1:Any policy-based failover
  • Application level cascading failover
  • Fast Kernel-to-Kernel communication & failover
  • Certified 3rd party support for SCSI, SAN & NAS storage
  • Centralized Cluster Manager console for HP-UX, Solaris and Windows NT
key selling points
Key Selling Points
  • Performance
    • Database Edition Performance achieves at least equal to Raw Device Performance
    • OLTP benchmark results (TPC-C derived)
  • Manageability
    • Even new DBAs can manage Sybase with when the Edition is installed
  • High Availability
    • Applications keep running when servers fail
supported platforms
Supported Platforms
  • Solaris 2.6, 7, 8
  • Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 11.5.2, 11.9.2, 11.9.3, and 12.0
  • Database Edition for Sybase enables businesses to meet their top database priorities:
    • Optimal performance
    • Manageability
    • High data and database availability