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Night of a fire

Автор: Мирдиянов Артур - Республика Татарстан, Альметьевский район, Муниципальная бюджетная образовательная организация «Средняя общеобразовательная школа № 18», 10а класс Наствник: Алямова Эльвира Талгатовна - учитель английского языкаНазвание работы: Night of a fireНазвание конкурса: Детский международный конкурс презентаций “ Holiday Parade. Парад праздников”Вектор-успеха.рф – портал для детей и подростков

Night of a fire
Night of a fire

  • I am going to tell to you about a holiday which Night of the Fire or day of Guy Fox refers to.

  • All has begun, when queen Elizabeth 1 has ascended to a throne of England, it has passed some laws against the Roman Catholics. Guy Fox was one of members of small group of Catholics which considered, that the government addressed with the Roman Catholics dishonestly. They hoped, that following king, James 1, will change laws, but it has not made it. The group of men under direction of Robert Gejtsbi, prepared for murder of king James. Guy Fox was one of this group. They have prepared secret plot and 5ноября 1605 wished to blow up English parliament and king. It was day when king opened session of parliament.

  • Before it one man has bought the house in the neighbourhood with a building of parliament. In the house there was a cellar which passed under a building of parliament. They planned to place gunpowder under the house and to blow up parliament and king.

  • To Guy Fox have entrusted closely to observe of flanks with gunpowder and fire a match.


  • In 1605 a certain Guy Fox (Guy Fawkes) was full of determination to blow up with use of barrels with gunpowder the Parliament building, and at the same time with it and king Jacob I who had to say at this time there speech. It was entrusted to Guy Fox to set fire to a match group of conspirators though it and wasn't head of plot.

  • Every year on November, 5th in the Great Britain mark Night Guy Fox (in English - Guy Fawkes Night or Bonfire Night). The sky of London and other large cities is shined with fireworks, everywhere blow up petards. The main tradition - ignition on a fire of a scarecrow of Guy Fox, the man of the hour. That Guy Fox, rhymes about which acts are known by any English student. That Guy Fox, whose the person is familiar, probably, almost to everyone – owing to a horrible mask from cult film « V Vendetta » … So means why this person became a symbol of all rebels and not consent, and the tradition of fireworks and fires whence has undertaken?

Powder plot
Powder plot

  • In 1603 queen Elizabeth, died, corrected England within 45 years. After death of the queen the throne was borrowed with the Scottish king Jacob I (the son Maria Stdzhuart, executed with 15 years earlier according to Elizabeth's order). English Catholics hoped that Jacob, it will have a good feeling, however it didn't hurry to change the orders secured by Elizabeth. And then there was an idea to get rid of the undesirable monarch. In 1605 the group of supporters among whom there was an aristocrat and the Catholic the native of York Guy (Guido) Fox, thought over the drama plan which becomes subsequently history as 'Powder plot' (Powder plot).

  • Conspirators decided to kill not simply the king - they became pregnant to blow up the building of English parliament together with representatives of both chambers! on November 5th 1605 Jacob I has to be present when opening parliamentary session together with queen Anna and the senior prince of the son.

Remember remember the 5th of november
Remember, remember, the 5th of November!

  • However, dexterous plans couldn't be executed. Before explosion one of participants sent the friend to the Catholic to lord Montigl the letter in which he asked that he didn't visit Parliament on November 5th. Some hours later the letter appeared in hands of the king. Jacob whom I ordered to look for Parliament cellars where 36 flanks with gunpowder and Guy Fox were found, intended any minute to burn a match.

  • Gunpowder was neutralized, and inhabitants of the streets adjoining Westminster, studying, what danger threatened their buildings, started celebrating rescue at the night of disclosure of plot. They kindled fires on streets. Properly this growth of tradition in more drama event, and on fires started burning down effigies of the Fox of the Guy, a symbol of "Powder Plot".

The most noisy holiday
the most noisy holidaY

  • At this strange, but a holiday fully reflecting English traditions, a set of names – Night of Guy Fox in London (to be exact – day, Guy Fawkes’ day), it – Bonfire Night (Bonfayr Knight is said). Official date of carrying out night of Guy Fox – on November 5.


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