engagement is key to making wellness services work l.
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Light A Fire

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Let Limeade Light a Fire for wellness

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Light A Fire

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engagement is key to making wellness services work

Engagement is key to makingwellness services work.

By providing employees with a fun, social experience, you have a big head start.

But you can’t stand over every shoulder. What can you do?

it starts with support from the top
It starts with support from the top

From: Your CEO

Subject: I’ve set my goals. Now it’s your turn

I’d like to let you know of two goals I’m working on: Exercise three times a week, and start every meeting on time.

I’m also proud to introduce the innovative service that has helped me set and track these goals…

We provide an email your CEO can send to all participants.

we give you the tools you need to light a fire
We give you the tools you need to light a fire
  • Fun, dynamic company challenges
  • Easy, flexible incentives
challenge your company to a well being goal
Challenge your company to a well-being goal

Reward participation with incentive points or the prize of your choice

Leaderboard provides peer pressure and motivation

Comment zone encourages engagement and interaction

Some example challenges:

  • Charity Walking Events
  • Most Days of Exercise
  • Number of Walking Meetings
  • ….what can you dream up?
our points based incentive system lets you reward engagement in a simple flexible way
Our points-based incentive system lets you reward engagement in a simple, flexible way.
  • And what the reward is
  • Health Benefit Contributions
  • Integrated incentives
  • T-shirts, drawings
  • You decide what activities to reward
  • Assessment completion
  • Goal-tracking, community participation
  • Challenge participation
an example incentive program
An example incentive program








  • 3 months post launch
  • goal-tracking points
  • Community Participation



  • 6 months post launch
  • Biometric Screening
  • Walking Challenge
  • 2 weeks post launch:
  • complete assessment
  • track goals once
  • 9 months post launch
  • Charity Walk Challenge
  • Bike To Work Challenge


  • Fully-paid health benefits(vs 80% paid for nonparticipants)