Teenagers and alcohol
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Teenagers and Alcohol . Objectives. Get to know other parents and share family rules. Understand the school ’s position. Learn some strategies to keep teenagers safe. Parents’ communication style. 1 Sure.

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  • Get to know other parents and share family rules.

  • Understand the school’s position.

  • Learn some strategies to keep teenagers safe.

Parents communication style
Parents’ communication style



Maybe a couple of light beers. I will buy them for you at the supermarket.


Absolutely not! You are not to take or drink any alcohol while you are at the party.


Well, we have talked about allowing you to have some low-alcohol beer at home, but since then recent studies have shown that there is no safe level of drinking for young people. In fact they say that the safest option for people under the age of 18 is to not drink at all. We will give Cam’s parents a call to see what rules they have given to drinking alcohol at the party.

Parents communication style1
Parents’ communication style


Oh, you poor thing! Did you have a big night? Looks like you have a massive hangover—let’s get you something to eat.


Look at you! We are disgusted with

your behavior and you are grounded

for a month.



Hello, Joey. It’s obvious you drank last night. You need to be drinking lots of water today and we need to talk about what happened last night because we are worried about you and disappointed that you may have broken a rule we agreed on together — we are happy to sit down with you after lunch.

Considerations and tips
Considerations and tips

  • Support and encourage positive behavior

  • Choose an appropriate time to talk

  • Try to engage your teenager in an open and honest conversation

  • Discuss limits and boundaries

  • Help your teenager deal with peer pressure

  • Contact other parents

  • Go on a tour to the places your kidsmaygo to: Helen's, AJO, Ali Baba's, Peppers. Also, Scarletsand Si Tong which are nightclubs. Know how to get there should you need to.

  • Have the cell number of your kids’ friends in your cell phone.