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Representation. REPRESENTATION. Gender: Women. How does the cover art represent women?. Gender: Women. Very limited roles for women in the game: Love interests (5 for Niko , 1 for Roman) Prostitutes – Mothers/Wives/Girlfriends in the BG

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Gender women
Gender: Women

  • How does the cover art represent women?

Gender women1
Gender: Women

  • Very limited roles for women in the game:

    • Love interests (5 for Niko, 1 for Roman)

    • Prostitutes –

    • Mothers/Wives/Girlfriends in the BG

    • 1 token female crime boss (Elizabeta Torres)

  • Watch this video of Torres:


  • How is she represented?

    • How means ‘as what’

    • How means ‘using which techniques’

Gender women2
Gender: Women

  • ‘Fridged’ women

  • ‘Fridging’ refers to “killing off a central character in order to give another character someone to avenge…”

What does the ‘fridging’ of Kate tell us about attitudes towards women in the game (refer to a theory…)?

Gender men
Gender: Men

  • Re-watch the scene in which

    we are first introduced to Vlad:


  • What different versions of masculinity are represented here?

  • From what else we have seen of the game, which versions would seem to be the ‘preferred’ interpretations?

    • Support your claim with evidence

Gender men1
Gender: Men

  • GTA IV is about a clash of two types of masculinity – the brains and the brawn

  • Re-watch the scene in which we meet Mikhail & Dimitri for the first time

What evidence is there of these two roles?

What other examples of Brains vs Brawn can we find in GTA IV?

Gender men2
Gender: Men

  • Watch these two videos involving Brucie Kibbutz



  • Which aspects of masculinity are explored here?

  • How are the different forms of masculinity being represented?

Gender sexuality
Gender: Sexuality

  • Bernie Crane


  • How is homosexuality represented here?

  • Compare with previous scenes with Brucie Kibbutz

    • What seem to be the game’s messages & values concerning homosexuality?

Gender sexuality1
Gender: Sexuality

  • The Ballad of Gay Tony

  • This is a piece of DLC for the main game

    • [3.24-6.10]

    • How does this video complicate all representations so far within the main game?


  • There is a heavy amount of stereotyping:

    • Most of the Eastern Europeans that we see are/become criminals

    • Black Africans (Little Jacob) – Jamaican

  • Roman has become Americanised

    • What evidence can you find for the Americanisation of Roman?

Eastern europeans
Eastern Europeans

  • Re-examine the characters of Nico, Roman, Vlad, Bernie Crane, Mikhail & Dimitri

  • Is there any attempt to represent the people from Eastern Europe in a balanced way?

    • If so: where?

    • If not: give examples of the imbalance

  • You may wish to refer to the videos again…

Coming to america
Coming to America

  • How is the experience of the immigrant represented throughout the game?

  • What points of comparison/contrast might we find between representations of race here and in GoW3?

    • Comparisons of multi-cultural societies

    • Contrasts between insiders/outsiders