gender selection in babies myth or fact n.
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Gender Selection in Babies: Myth or Fact? PowerPoint Presentation
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Gender Selection in Babies: Myth or Fact?

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Gender Selection in Babies: Myth or Fact? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If curiosity got the better of you and you’re wondering whether it is possible to predict the sex of your baby or not, the answer is it is now possible.

Before, a couple can tell the gender of their unborn child through ultrasound on the fifth month of pregnancy, or through other gender prediction methods usually rooted in one’s culture and tradition.

But the accuracy of this method is still questionable. To some degree, the prediction will remain a prediction unless it is proven correct on the day of birth. This is not the case anymore.


Gender Selection in Babies made it possible for any couple who qualifies for the method not only to know the gender of their offspring but to literally choose it.

Through high technology methods and approaches, a couple has the power to do baby gender selection – that is, they have the freedom to choose whether they want a baby boy or a baby girl.

In the following months after conception through a high-tech method, they can verify the baby’s gender through ultrasound without discrepancies, thus leaving the couple satisfied.

This method is helping millions of couple to realize their dream. It does not only guarantee pregnancy; it even guarantees that the couple will get what they want, but at a high price, of course.


The odds or chances of conceiving the child of their dreams is 100%. Even before the baby is implanted into the mother’s womb, doctors have already determined the gender of the baby.

This is done to eliminate any possibility of gender shifting within the days of pregnancy. However, to qualify for such a delicate method, the couple is fully evaluated. Some methods are not limited by age but it is still safe to stick with the ones that deal with what’s natural.

Hormone assessment is done to women to make sure they are not yet menopausal. Sperm count is done to males to assure doctors that they will be able to collect healthy sperm cells for the fertilization process.


A couple must also be married or have at least one child before engaging in the procedure. Other factors need to be considered to avoid failure, since, after all, there’s a lot of money at stake for this one method to be accomplished.

Today, selecting the gender of your next child is possible. It is no longer an impossible dream, provided that the couple can afford the expensive procedure. Gender Selection inBabies, although very risky and very costly, can help you achieve your dream of building a family.


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