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Unit 8 Human and Nature

Unit 8 Human and Nature. Life in Alaska Moose. Polar Bear. Grizzly Bear. Maritime mammal--- Sea lion. Bald eagles. Alaska Natives. Indians. Dog sled. Cultural and historical heritage.

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Unit 8 Human and Nature

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  1. Unit 8Human and Nature

  2. Life in Alaska Moose

  3. Polar Bear

  4. Grizzly Bear

  5. Maritime mammal--- Sea lion

  6. Bald eagles

  7. Alaska Natives

  8. Indians

  9. Dog sled

  10. Cultural and historical heritage

  11. There are 1,100 miles of pipelines, hundreds of miles of roads, 23 gravel mines, 27 production plants, 2 refineries, 3 jet airports and 5 docks for North Slope oil fields. Trade-offs,

  12. Oil spill from pipeline, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. There is an oil spill per day in Prudhoe Bay.

  13. Leaking toxic fluids, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.deposit

  14. Global Volunteer Network

  15. Feature Program: • The Global Volunteer Network's partner organization is a NGO, composed of youthful national leaders, professionals, and volunteers. Their objective is to assist and develop local communities through environmentalism, education, integration, research and volunteerism. Their programs are nationwide, assisting local communities with their basic needs, focusing on children and the environment.

  16. Volunteer, volunteering, volunteerism

  17. Volunteer in Thailand • Assist in a wildlife rescue centre in the Petchaburi province of Thailand, feeding, maintaining and caring for mistreated and domesticated animals.

  18. Volunteer in Alaska Located in “The Great Land” this program is a unique opportunity to experience true Northern culture. Alaska has been deemed “The Last Frontier” because it is a place where you can still see wilderness in many forms; many people feel that they are standing on the edge of discovery when they visit Alaska for the first time. Alaska is home to more than half of the world’s glaciers, the tallest mountain in North America, Mt. McKinley, is one-third the size of the entire United States of America, is the only state to have borders on three different seas, is home to an abundance of wildlife such a grizzly bears, moose, caribou, wolves, mountain goats, bald eagles, whales, and so much more. Alaska is rugged and steeped in the history and tradition of more than 10 distinct Native Alaskan Cultures; it is one of the only places left where many individuals still choose a subsistence lifestyle. Alaska is the perfect place to spend time volunteering because just being in Alaska brings one a sense of truly being a part of nature and all of her raw energy and thrills. Volunteers will have the opportunity to participate in environmental field work of varying degrees, including trail maintenance and organic farming, research, conservation education, community outreach, park maintenance, plant conservation, and environmental activism.

  19. Requirements on this program • The recommendation letter from authorized medical institution, the health should be rated • Professional experience and expertise • Professional in ecology, zoology , biology and geology is preferred • Wild survival skills • A basic sense and respect for the native cultural and natural heritage • Intercultural communication competence • The term of service, 2years • Male preferred • Without any commercial benefits, • No commercial background • R& D center sponsored • Certified and specific program, • Self-defense

  20. Volunteer in South AfricaAs a volunteer, you will be involved in every aspect of managing and maintaining a wildlife sanctuary. Out on the reserve, nothing stands between you and the wildlife. Many species of plains game will gaze quietly as you go about your work. Maintaining a reserve in optimum condition requires constant vigilance. In addition to ensuring a pristine habitat for the wildlife, you will be preserving a type of vegetation that is increasingly threatened by agriculture, forestry and urban development. The wildlife sanctuary is located on a rare veld (bush) type called bankenveld, recognized for its high biodiversity. Less than 1% of bankenveld is conserved under formal government programs, so this private conservation initiative is of critical importance. By joining our program, you will be helping to preserve species and habitats in one of the most biologically diverse areas of the world.

  21. Volunteer in New Zealand This program is located in one of the most picturesque cities in the world. You will join a small team of volunteers working to preserve, monitor, and re-establish our natural environment here in the Wellington region and beyond. Prepare yourself to encounter the challenges of 'hands on' conservation and environmental restoration work in our native forests, wildlife reserves, rugged coastlines, and offshore islands.

  22. Species extinction is likely to occur for up to a century after a tropical forest has been logged, according to recent studies. Rain forest fragmentation will cause future extinctions of many African primates

  23. Supplies Kill the insects , pesticide , natural enemy, weeds killer, crops, strong resistance to ddt , genes, Ban, prohibition , enforcement confine , restriction , Projects, program, scheme, Regulation , regulate, regulator, regulatory , legislation , legal, illegal, Outlawed , initiative, Environmental activist , progressive, Claim,

  24. Supplies

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