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  1. ODRA Bourg -Francja 8 – 21.11.2005

  2. Before all…

  3. Poland lies in Central Europe. It has borders from the west with Germany, from the south with The Czech republic and Slovakia, from the east and north east with Ukraina, Byelorussia, Russia and Lithuania.


  5. Poland lies along the Baltic sea in the north, and in the south the Sudety and Carpathians mountains. There are two main rivers: the Vistula and the Odra.

  6. There are many traditions in Poland Christmas People make cribs. Easter People throw water at each other.

  7. Holy night is a religious holiday when at night girls look at their candles floating away on the water, in order to predict their future love life. Harvest festival is a celebration in the Polish country side.On this occasion, people thank God for their crop and have fun at a folk party.

  8. Poland has many interesting places: Mountains Lakes The sea

  9. Traditional Polish food is: Pork chop withpotatoes Red borsch with raviolis Vodka Poppy-seed cake Polish raviolis

  10. The Odra River

  11. The map of the Odra River

  12. Information about the Odra River The Odra River is an important river in the Central Europe and has a border with Germany. It connects the industrial region of Silesia with the sea. On the river can be found barges transporting iron ore, coal, timber and metal. The last town situated on the Baltic Sea and the Odra River is Swinoujscie.

  13. The view of the Swinoujscie Port

  14. The port of Swinoujscie The Odra River flows into the Baltic Sea through Swinoujscie. It is a very important industrial port as well as a fishing port and also a transit and touristic port between Denmark, Sweden and Germany. Furthermore, it is a touristic resort with a long sandy beach. It is one of the most important port.

  15. The Odra Estuary The Baltic Sea The Szczecin Bay The Odra Estuary

  16. The Odra River and Wolin Island The Odra River flows into the Szczecin Bay where three islands connected together by three straits (canals) can be found. The strait of Swina connects Szczecin to the bay and then to the port of Swinoujscie and to the Baltic Sea. The Wolin Island is situated on the bay and is practically on the German border.


  18. This is the ,,Flis’’ raft. This trip is very long and hard. It lasts 14 days and it is organized to rebuild the transit, transport and tourism on the river.

  19. Here we can see the ships and rafts which are sailing to the town of Szczecin.

  20. The Odra River in Szczecin

  21. The port of Szczecin . Because of its location Szczecin is a major, international transport junction

  22. In the 14th century the maritime traffic in the Szczecin port was very heavy. • The busiest trade route led from Szczecin to Lubeck, Gdansk, Stockholm, Rewel (now Tallin), and Riga.

  23. The port of Szczecin is now one of the three principal sea ports of Poland. • It is situated at the estuary of the Odra River and is 65 km away from the open sea.

  24. Several quays build cargo ships, other quays repair or refurbish ships, others handle general cargo, such as: • iron-ore • coal • grain • bulk cargo such as cement • timber Here we can see a container ship waiting to be unloaded.

  25. The port is connected by canal to Berlin, in Germany. • Szczecin Port is equipped with over 130 portal bridges and overhead cranes with lifting capacities of 2 to 50 Tons. • The commercial port requires restructuring and modernisation as well as organisational and legal changes if it is to remain competitive at European and world standards.

  26. To conclude: this fully-equipped maritime port serves ship owners and trade from all over the world. Szczecin's economy is closely associated with the sea and, therefore, its port is vital to the city.

  27. Architecture of Szczecin

  28. Szczecin is the largest city of Western Pomerania. In 1243 Szczecin was given town rights (recognized officially as a town). It was already 400 years old. It was christianized in 1124. The architect, Mr. Hausman, who built the « Place de l’Etoile » in Paris also built the Grunwaldzki Square. Both have the same design.

  29. The RedCity Hall and the fountain on Tobrucki Square The Red City Hall was built in the first part of the 14th century. In the 17th century it was rebuilt by Swedes but destroyed by Americans during the II World War. At the moment it resembles the 15th century building.

  30. The Port Gate Today it is situated in the centre of the city. Once it was closing the city on the westside. The King’s Gate The King’s Gate is a part of the city fortifications. It was built in 1725-1727. It is a rare monument of baroque architecture.

  31. The Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes was builtin 1346-1647.At first it was a brick building. It was rebuilt,developed and redecorated many times. During the Second World War it was destroyed up to 60% by Allies’ raids. The Castle of The Pomeranian Dukes

  32. The house of the Loitz’s family This little palace was built in the Renaissance style in 1547 by the family of well-known bankers and merchants.

  33. This is the place where the cultural life of Szczecin is located; here the most important events are performed (e.g « The Sea Days »). Chrobry Embankment

  34. At the top of this picture we can see the museum and the theatre. Chrobry Embankment

  35. The „Under the Globe” Palace wasbuilt in 1725 and rebuilt several times. The palace was not destroyed during the war. The Fountain on Orla Białego Square was designed by Grael in 1727-1732.It has the shape of an eagle with spread wings.

  36. The Church of St. Peter and Paul – The oldest church in Szczecin (1124) The Church of St. Peter and Paul – interior

  37. THE CHURCH OF JOHN THE BAPTIST It was built in a new-gothic style in 1890. During the war it has been partiallydestroyed.

  38. The Basilica of St. Jacob (The Cathedral) The Baslilica ofSt. Jacob. It was built in 1180 – 1187. The church was rebuilt many times. Originally it wasin Gothic style. Interior of the Basilica

  39. THE CHURCH OF THE SACRED HEART OF JESUS The church was built in 1914. This is the first churchmade of concrete.

  40. THE MONUMENT OF POPE JOHN PAUL II This monument commemorates thePope’s visit to Szczecin in 1987. (John Paul II was Polish)

  41. THE MONUMENT OF ACTION OF POLES It was officially inaugurated in 1979. It shows 3 eagles which symbolize 3 generations of people who after the II World War rebuilt the city.

  42. THE PEDESTRIAN STREET OF BOGUSŁAW X It’s a popular meeting place for all citizens. There are a lot of restaurants, pubs etc. In the summer, various events take place there.

  43. Radisson SAS Hotel * * * * It’s the biggest and most modern office and business building which was built in two years.

  44. THE RADISSON HOTEL It’s the most representative hotel in Szczecin.

  45. The shopping centre „Galaxy” Inside you can find: many well-known shops (e.g H&M, Géant), McDonald’s and other restaurants, a multi-screen cinema.

  46. THE SHOPPING CENTER „KUPIEC” There are some shops, cinema „Helios”, a bowling and a fitness club.

  47. A promenade through the town