ceretom portable ct scanner n.
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CereTom Portable CT Scanner PowerPoint Presentation
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CereTom Portable CT Scanner

CereTom Portable CT Scanner

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CereTom Portable CT Scanner

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  1. CereTom Portable CT Scanner

  2. Overview • The RN Role • The CT Technologist Role • For more information please see the Portable CT Protocol (attached)

  3. RN Role:Preparing for scan while patient is in bed After the Physician has requested the Portable CT exam the RN will follow this process • Confirm with the CT Technologist on a time for exam to be performed • Begin to prepare the patient for the exam • All lines, pumps and equipment should be moved to the side of the patient bed • Bed should be pulled away from wall by a minimum of four feet, or angled away from the wall to accommodate the CereTom • Assist the CT Technologist to position the scan board under the patient • Assist with moving the patient and the scan board into position at the top of the bed • Monitor all lines and equipment while CT technologist is positioning the CereTom

  4. RN Role:Preparing patient for scan on the scan platform For patients who must be moved from an isolete or crib for CT scanning : • The RN with the assistance of the CT Technologist and others as needed, will move the patient to the scanning platform • All lines, pumps and other equipment will be monitored during this move and during the CT scan • The RN will assist with the positioning of the patient and the scan platform in the CereTom • Post exam the RN will assist with getting the patient back into their isolete or crib

  5. CT Technologist Role • The CT Technologist after receiving the order from Cerner, shall communicate with the patient’s RN to confirm that the exam will be performed portably and the time it will be done • CT Technologist will bring the Portable CT scanner to the unit/room (scan platform if needed) • CT Tech with the assistance of the patient’s RN will move the patient onto the scan board or scan platform and position for the CT scan • CT Tech will position the scanner for the exam • CT Tech will place all appropriate lead shielding required for the exam i.e.: lead shield, CT scan aprons and lead aprons for staff, then will perform the exam • After scan performed and patient taken off of the scan board or scan platform with assistance from the RN