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BB14. SQL Services Futures.  Patric McElroy Group Program Manager SQL Data Services. Services Challenges SQL Data Platform. Services-based applications face unique challenges. We’ll focus on Data model/access Occasionally connected Business intelligence. Administration

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Presentation Transcript
Sql services futures l.jpg


SQL Services Futures

 Patric McElroy

Group Program Manager

SQL Data Services

Services challenges sql data platform l.jpg
Services ChallengesSQL Data Platform

  • Services-based applications face unique challenges

  • We’ll focus on

    • Data model/access

    • Occasionally connected

    • Business intelligence

  • Administration

  • Resource governance

  • Trust

  • Reach

  • Interaction















Azure services platform l.jpg
Azure Services Platform

Azure™ Services Platform

Scalable available data services storage and database services l.jpg
Scalable, Available Data ServicesStorage and Database Services

Windows Azure Storage

SQL Data Services

“Premium database service in the cloud”

Extends the rich capabilities of the SQL data platform to the cloud at scale

Relational data processing over structured and unstructured data

Integrate with key data platform capabilities – e.g. Data Analytics, Reporting, ETL

  • “Essential storage service in the cloud”

  • Provides a core set of non-relational storage and retrieval abstractions at massive scale

Sql services futures extending the sql data platform to the cloud l.jpg
SQL Services FuturesExtending the SQL Data Platform to the cloud

  • Data services tier of the Azure Services Platform

  • Built on SQL Server foundation

  • Broad data platform capabilities as a service

    • Friction-free provisioning, scaling

    • Significant investments in scale, HA, lights-out operation and TCO



Data Sync

Data Mining

Reference Data


Trey research media marketplace l.jpg
Trey Research Media Marketplace

  • Normalized relational data and unstructured data

  • Complex relational queries across all data

  • Query/processing on rich data types; e.g., spatial

  • Business Data Analytics on/off premise


Media Buyer


Customer Web App

Trey Research

Photos andMetadata


Trey Exec


Photo Management App

Corporate Management App


  • Multi-master datasynchronization

  • Occasionallyconnected clients

  • Scale-free

  • High availability

  • Geo distribution

  • Broad reach

  • Agile development

Mobile App


Data model sql data services ado net data services l.jpg
Data Model SQL Data Services & ADO.Net Data Services

Authority container entities ace data model l.jpg
Authority-Container-Entities (ACE)Data Model

  • Authority

  • Authority

    • Unit of geo-location and billing

    • Collection of containers

  • Container

    • Unit of consistency/query

    • Collection of entities

    • No schema required

  • Entity

    • Property bag of name/value pairs

    • Unit of update/change

    • Flexible shape and types

  • Container


Data and operational model l.jpg
Data And Operational Model

Data Model

Operational Model

  • Current

  • Authority, Container, Entity (ACE) Model

  • Flex Entities

    • Flexibility for multi-tenant applications

    • Flexibility for applications where the content is being created by users

    • High performance scalability

  • Structure imposed by application


  • Rapid provisioning of accounts, authorities and containers

  • Relational query capabilities

  • Accessible via internet-friendly protocols and formats

  • Future

  • More flexible organization of containers

  • Additional data types & shapes

    • Nesting, hierarchy

  • Schema support

    • Type checking, storage optimizations, inheritance, schema update

  • Relationships

    • links, integrity constraints


  • Relational functionality

    • Joins, projection, aggregates

    • Sub-queries

  • Distributed query

  • Integration with Windows “Strata” service hosting

  • Claims based authentication and authorization

  • Geo-services

    • Distribution, hosting, redundancy

Ado net data services alignment l.jpg
ADO.Net Data Services Alignment

ADO.Net Data Services (Astoria)

Evolves to


flex entities

Client Support

SQL Data Service

Data Service Support

Evolves to


schematized data





Entity object mapping l.jpg
Entity/Object Mapping

Auto-generated code

[OpenType (“flexProps”)]

public classImageContent


string Kind { get; set; }

string Id { get; set; }

long Version { get; set; }

stringSubmittedBy { get; set; }

string Title { get; set; }

Dictionary<string, object> flexProps;







  • Kind=ImageContent

  • Id

  • Version

    • SubmittedBy

    • SubmittedOn

    • Title

    • LocationId

    • Payload

    • Description

    • Latitude

    • Longitude

Astoria processes metadata and generates CSDL


Querying strongly typed and flex properties l.jpg
QueryingStrongly Typed and Flex Properties

  • Querying for strongly typed properties

  • var results = fromicincontext.ImageContext

  • whereic.SubmittedBy == “David Robinson”

  • selectic;

  • foreach (var c in results)

  • Console.WriteLine(c.Title);

  • Querying for flex properties

  • var results =

  • fromicincontext.ImageContext

  • whereic.Field<string>(“Description”) == “bar”

  • selectic;


Ado net data services l.jpg


ADO.Net Data Services

Broad reach interoperability l.jpg
Broad ReachInteroperability

Standard, Internet-friendly protocols and message formats


Data Services

Open Source Client Libraries

  • Broad reach across open-source client libraries

  • Aligned with native tooling support

  • Available on: http://github.com/sdsteam

  • Entity Data Model

  • Rich tooling support

  • Symmetry across on/off premise data

  • require 'net/http'

  • require 'rexml/document'

  • require 'yaml'

  • module SSDS

  • ssds_config = "#{RAILS_ROOT}/config/ssds.yml

    • request_xml = REXML::Document.new()

    • request_xml.add_element('s:Container')

    • request_xml.root().add_attribute('xmlns:s', 'http://schemas.microsoft.com/sitka/2008/03/')

    • request_xml.root().add_element("s:Id")

    • request_xml.root().elements["s:Id"].text = container

    • req = create_post(request_xml)

    • execute_requestreq

Create Container

Sync data hub access l.jpg


Sync Data Hub & Access

Enterprise data hub sharing data through data sync l.jpg
Enterprise Data HubSharing data through Data Sync

  • Sharing data via the Internet

    • Across devices and across enterprises

  • Sharing data with offline capabilities (Sync)

  • Sharing data through a sync service

Data Sharing

Occasionally Connected




Data mining service sql server analysis server ssas l.jpg
Data Mining ServiceSQL Server Analysis Server (SSAS)

  • Extension of SSAS Table Analysis Tools

  • Leverage data from SSDS or load data from Excel

  • Benefits

    • Rich “attached service” for use in building sophisticated apps

    • Zero setup/admin

    • Friction free capacity (multiple users)

  • Thin Client

  • Pull data directly from SQL Server Data Services

  • Upload your CSV files

Excel add-in

Analyze your

spreadsheet data

Sql services data mining l.jpg


SQL ServicesData Mining

Bi as a service biaas l.jpg
BI-as-a-Service (BIaaS)

  • Investments to enable you to leverage cloud data in existing data processes – e.g. Reporting and ETL

  • New services based on our market-leading BI platform – e.g. data mining service

SSIS source component for SSDS

Data Provider

SQL Server

Integration Server (SSIS)

SQL Server

Analysis Server (SSAS)

SQL Server

Report Server (SSRS)

Reporting against ssds data on premise l.jpg
Reporting Against SSDS DataOn-premise

Schematized data…

  • Leverage SSDS Data from within existing processes (reporting/ETL)

  • Reports across on/off premise data

    • Using existing tools & run-time

    • Flexible report builder

    • Rich visualizations

  • Challenge to map flex entities into tooling

    • Extract schema meta-data

    • Sample overall data set for flex properties

      SSIS will work in a similar way…





+ flex entities


Sql services labs l.jpg


SQL Services Labs

Sql services labs24 l.jpg
SQL Services Labs

  • Now Available

    • http://www.microsoft.com/azure/sqllabs.mspx

  • 6 incubations available

  • Aligned with Live Labs, Office Labs, Dev Labs

  • Goals and Motivations

    • Highlight innovations

    • Early look at potential futures

    • Broad public feedback

  • Summary l.jpg

    • SQL Data Services (SDS) has been architected for flexible use within your future software+service application architectures

    • SDS is being extended in many important directions, revealing the full power of SQL Server and the SQL Server data platform in the cloud

      • Relational capabilities

      • Data model

      • Alignment to ADO.NET Data Services conventions

      • Data Synchronization

      • SQL Server platform capabilities like BI

    • Broad, cross-platform interoperability

      Sign-up is available for PDC attendees - get started today!

      Broad availability w/ public CTP in mid-Nov!

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