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SQL Server Notification Services

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SQL Server Notification Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SQL Server Notification Services. Andy Potter Senior System Consultant SQL Server Notification Services Intellinet. Agenda. Notification applications in general Adding value to the enterprise Business and technical scenarios of note About the Notification Services Platform

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Presentation Transcript
sql server notification services

SQL Server Notification Services

Andy Potter

Senior System Consultant

SQL Server Notification Services


  • Notification applications in general
  • Adding value to the enterprise
    • Business and technical scenarios of note
  • About the Notification Services Platform
    • Notification Services platform overview
    • Business value of this platform
  • Resources
  • Demonstration of sample applications

Getting InformationNo notifications – connected requestor




My Device



LOB, Rpt


Getting InformationPush notifications – all or nothing



My Device




LOB, Rpt


Getting InformationNotifications – subscriber preference


Notification Application

My Device(s) of Choice



A new class of applications that deliver personalized and timely information to any device

LOB, Rpt

notification applications



Notification Applications



Source Systems

Subscriber Devices and Systems


why invest in notifications
Why Invest In Notifications
  • Send critical information to customers, partners, and employees
  • Form proactive relationships with customers and clients using personalized, timely services
  • Make it easier for customers to initiate business transactions with you
  • Empower employees with information whenever and wherever they need it
consumer applications
Consumer Applications
  • Might scale to millions of subscriptions
  • Automatically send notifications to customers
  • Financial Services
    • Receive and react to personal portfolio changes and current market conditions
  • Travel and Hospitality
    • Flight arrivals, schedule changes
  • Electronic Commerce
    • Search criteria, buy and sell
line of business applications
Line of Business Applications
  • Monitor business data
  • Alert the appropriate person or system when action is required
  • Define the events that occur in the LOB application
    • Which events are of likely interest to subscribers or other applications?
business intelligence applications
Business Intelligence Applications
  • Track critical company data
  • Numeric data reaches a threshold
  • Focus on Key Performance Indicators
employee communication
Employee Communication
  • Keep employees informed
  • Updates to projects
  • Timely research
  • Alert to actions that may be required
real world implementations
Real World Implementations
  • Monitor ETL processing
  • KPI Threshold alerts for a data warehouse
  • Monitoring Business Rule enforcement between two applications
notification services platform
Notification Services Platform
  • Platform to develop and deploy rich, highly scalable notification applications
  • Declarative programming model
    • Based upon XML and T-SQL
  • Execution engine
    • Based upon SQL Server 2000 and .NET Framework
  • Maintenance tasks built in
application overview



Application Overview



Source Systems

Subscriber Devices and Systems


why use sql server notification services
Why Use SQL Server Notification Services?
  • Rapid time to market
  • Ease of development
  • Rich feature set
  • Scalable and reliable
  • Flexible and extensible
rapid time to market
Rapid Time To Market
  • Low or no additional licensing cost
    • Included in SQL Server license
  • Notification Services framework provides most of the core infrastructure
  • Leverage existing systems
    • No need to rip and replace
    • Heterogeneous environments okay

Prototype, build and deploy scalable notification applications quickly

ease of development
Ease Of Development
  • Use well-known tools and techniques
    • Integrated experience with Visual Studio
    • Leverage SQL Server expertise
      • Developing T-SQL procedures
      • Tuning the relational database
      • Managing a SQL Server database

Short learning curve, leverage existing development experience

rich feature set
Rich Feature Set
  • Management features
    • Queue management
    • Failures and retry logic
    • Windows services

Rich application model with various notification application features, plus manageability

mix and match the match rule types
Mix And Match The Match Rule Types

Subscribers want to

know whenever event occurs

Can add relevant info to it

Notifications trigger whenever event occurs

Triggered by event


If MSFT > $25

@ 9:00 AM

each Mon-Fri

Time zones built-in

Calendar recurrence patterns

Settable intervals between notifications

Notifications trigger however subscriber requests them

Triggered by day and time

Often combined with

Day and Time schedule rules

Can pull info from cumulative events

Sensitive to event history

Highest MSFT

price today

Often combined with

Day and Time schedule rules

Can control intervals between notifications

Sensitive to subscription history

Wait a day

to repeat

rich feature set delivery richness
Rich Feature SetDelivery Richness

Choice of content formatting (CF)

Device specific

Language specific

Rich Formatting

To application server, cell phone, wireless PDA, desktop PC, and/or e-mail account

Combine notifications sent to the same user into one notification

Digest Notifications

Send daily summary of my portfolio

Send summary of docs modified since I last connected

Same message to many subscribers

Format once, deliver to many

‘Multicast’ Notifications

Weather report for New Orleans area

Traffic on I-95

Corporate newswire

scalable and reliable
Scalable And Reliable
  • Notification Services generation exceeds any protocol delivery
    • Read performance whitepaper for details
  • Standard best practices for tuning SQL Server databases
  • Support for various deployment configurations
    • H/W to balance workload, high availability

Scalable and reliable notification engine out-of-the-box

flexible and extensible
Flexible And Extensible
  • API for application developers to use
    • Subscriber, devices, subscriptions, events API
    • Native managed API
    • COM interoperability layer
  • Extensible components architecture
    • Custom event provider support
    • Custom delivery protocol support

Integrate into virtually any environment

notification services summary
Notification Services Summary
  • Notification Services is a platform
  • Enables rapid development of robust, scalable notification applications
  • Easy to use declarative programming model
  • Numerous deployment configurations
train your staff learn about notification services
Train Your StaffLearn about Notification Services
  • Notification Services Website
    • http://www.microsoft.com/sql/ns
  • DevelopMentor offers a 3-day course
    • http://www.develop.com/dm/course.asp?id=163
  • MSDN whitepapers
    • Search for articles beginning with “Notification Services” at http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/dnsql2k/html/sql_sample_quickstart.asp
    • “Notification Services Capacity Planning and Performance Tuning”
    • “Notification Services Quick Start Guide for Sample Installation”
community resources
Community Resources
  • Public newsgroup
    • microsoft.public.sqlserver.NotificationSvcs


    • http://communities.microsoft.com/newsgroups/default.asp?icp=SQL
  • Community page
    • http://www.gotdotnet.com
  • E-mail suggestions
    • mailto:NSWish@microsoft.com