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CERN openlab Communication

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CERN openlab Communication. 06/12/2013. ICE-DIP students and supervisors F2F meeting Mélissa Gaillard CERN openlab Communications Officer. CERN Communication Context in Figures.

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cern openlab communication

CERN openlab Communication

  • 06/12/2013

ICE-DIP studentsand supervisorsF2F meeting

Mélissa Gaillard

CERN openlab Communications Officer

cern communication context in figures
CERN Communication Context in Figures
  • Visits Service: 85,000 visitors in 2012 (compared to 75,000 in 2011, 58,000 in 2010, 40,000 in 2009 and 25,000 in 2008) and still many more requests
  • Permanent exhibition (‘Universe of Particles’ in the Globe for Science and Innovation): around 62,000 visitors in 2012 (+20% compared to 2011 with 52,000 visitors)
  • Total of 169 protocol visits in 2012 (282 VIP visits with Head of States, Ministers, etc. in 2010 + 2011)
  • Teachers Programme: 1045 in 2012 (1112 in 2011, 984 in 2010, 830 participants in 2009): limit of present capacity...
  • Journalists visiting CERN and interviewing CERN physicists all year-long

Mélissa Gaillard - CERN openlab

the history of cern openlab
The history of CERN openlab

CERN openlab 10th birthday celebration on 3 May 2011

Mélissa Gaillard - CERN openlab

cern openlab sponsors
CERN openlab Sponsors

Mélissa Gaillard - CERN openlab

major actions
Major Actions
  • Mechanisms to:
    • Measure the impact of all communications
    • Report sponsor specific results
    • Request CERN official approval related to the use of CERN and CERN openlab members’ quotes in sponsor press releases and documents
  • Permanent liaison with sponsors on communications matters
  • Registration and creation of dissemination material
  • Background actions such as:
    • Quotes repository
    • Web news (management and technical related news)
    • Press coverage database
    • Journalists database
    • Mailing lists creation and development
    • Website updates and formatting modifications

Mélissa Gaillard - CERN openlab

cern openlab annual report and brochure
CERN openlab Annual Report and Brochure

Mélissa Gaillard - CERN openlab

cern annual report and kt report
CERN Annual Report and KT Report

CERN openlab launched its fourth phase in May to run from 2012 to 2014. This phase addresses topics critical to the continued growth of the CERN scientific programme, such as cloud computing, business analytics, the next generation of hardware, and security for myriads of network devices. The openlab partner companies – HP, Intel, Oracle and Siemens – were joined by Huawei as a contributor for a year. CERN openlab has established itself as a reference thanks to the excellent relationship and on-going commitment of all of the partners and contributors during the past 11 years.

  • Computing chapter of the CERN annual report 2012
  • Copies given to Science ministries and Head of States of all CERN member states

Mélissa Gaillard - CERN openlab

website news techical documents press coverage events videos etc
Website: News, Techical Documents, Press Coverage, Events, Videos, etc.

Mélissa Gaillard - CERN openlab

cern openlab related press clippings
CERN openlab Related Press Clippings
  • Specific coverage follow-up since July 2008
  • More than 150 articles published during the third phase of CERN openlab (number of articles is strongly correlated to the publication of press preleases)
  • Phase IV articles are being recorded on the new website (previous phases’ ones are on the former website)

Mélissa Gaillard - CERN openlab

process for
Process for:
  • Requests from CERN openlab Sponsors:
    • Case Studies, ppt Slides for Conferences, Videos, etc., sent by suppliers/CERN openlab partners for CERN official approval
  • Requests from Journalists:
    • Interviews, visits
  • Requests from Artists:
    • Visits (video work, photography work)
  • Internal Requests:
    • Articles for the CERN Bulletin, the CERN Courier, etc.

Mélissa Gaillard - CERN openlab

about the internal requests
About the Internal Requests
  • They generally concern the CERN Bulletin or the CERN Courier articles.
  • Two possibilities:
    • Either the CERN IT Department proposes the topics to the CERN Bulletin or Courier
    • Or these outlets hear about a topic that would be of interest for the CERNois and decide to propose to the IT Department to prepare an article but in such case this is important to send the article to your supervisor and to me for approval before publication

Mélissa Gaillard - CERN openlab

approval process
  • Check withyoursupervisor first
  • Send the request to me, I willfollow-up with:
    • CERN openlab management,
    • Head of Department,
    • Press Office,
    • Legal Service
    • and Purchasing.

Mélissa Gaillard - CERN openlab

external interviews key principles
External Interviews: Key Principles
  • Media training sessions are regularly organised at CERN.
  • Check the outlet target audience, articles already published by the journalist to understand the level of detail he/she is generally interested in.
  • When the interview is to be done on-site, we need to inform the press office so that they keep tracks of the visit. If a data centre visit is part of the programme, a request must be sent to
  • Journalists generally agree to send in advance the questions or key topics to be covered during the interview.
  • Since the topics covered are generally highly technical, it is not negatively perceived that we propose to send the draft article in advance to make sure all technical facts are accurate as long as we clearly explain that we never step into the editorial process.
  • Always possible to request that an article already published is modified but should be done exceptionally only.
  • Products/services’ endorsement must be avoided.
  • Having someone from the Press Office or a communication officer on the call or present during the interview can be helpful.

Mélissa Gaillard - CERN openlab