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CERN openlab V Technical Strategy PowerPoint Presentation
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CERN openlab V Technical Strategy

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CERN openlab V Technical Strategy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CERN openlab V Technical Strategy. Fons Rademakers CERN openlab CTO. Outline. The IT Challenges Whitepaper From Use Cases to openlab Projects Process and Timeline. The IT Challenges Whitepaper. The Main IT Challenges. Data acquisition (online). Computing platforms (offline).

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CERN openlab V Technical Strategy

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Presentation Transcript
cern openlab v technical strategy

CERN openlab VTechnicalStrategy

Fons Rademakers

CERN openlab CTO

  • The IT Challenges Whitepaper
  • From Use Cases to openlab Projects
  • Process and Timeline

Intel Visit - 8 July 2014


The IT Challenges Whitepaper

Intel Visit - 8 July 2014

the main it challenges
The Main IT Challenges

Data acquisition (online)

Computing platforms (offline)

Data storage architectures

Compute management and provisioning

Networks and connectivity

Medical applications

Data analytics

Intel Visit - 8 July 2014

the use c ases
The Use Cases
  • Total of 34 use cases in the Whitepaper
    • Online triggers and DAQ: 3
    • Offline analysis and simulation: 4
    • Data storage architectures: 4
    • Compute management and provisioning: 5
    • Networks and connectivity: 8
    • Data analytics: 10

Intel Visit - 8 July 2014

the use cases
The Use Cases
  • Data acquisition (online)
    • Online data filtering and processing
    • High-bandwidth (TB/s) networking for DAQ at LHC
    • Data transfer and storage
  • Computing platforms (offline)
    • Continuous benchmarking and evaluation of hardware platforms and software tools
    • Design and optimization of simulation and analysis software
    • Investigation of applications of GPUs and co-processors
    • Development of expertise and skills in multi-core parallel programming

Intel Visit - 8 July 2014

the use cases1
The Use Cases
  • Data storage architectures
    • Evaluation of cloud storage for science cases
    • End-to-end implementation of data protection
    • NoSQL solutions for big data
    • Scalable namespaces and catalogues
  • Compute management and provisioning
    • Data analysis facility
    • Secure data federations
    • Remote management of analysis facility
    • Provisioning research clouds at scale
    • Hardware support for large-scale desktop computing

Intel Visit - 8 July 2014

the use cases2
The Use Cases
  • Networks and connectivity
    • Ability to migrate public IP address between sites
    • Cross-site, on demand VLANs
    • Intelligent bandwidth optimisation
    • Latency-tolerant wide-area NFS
    • Layer-3 roaming across Wi-Fi and mobile telephony data services
    • Intelligent, self-adjusting and self-healing Wi-Fi networks
    • Wireless networks for data acquisition
    • Secure, high-bandwidth mobile communication technology

Intel Visit - 8 July 2014

the use cases3
The Use Cases
  • Data analytics
    • The CERN Accelerator Logging Service
    • CERN industrial control systems
    • IT monitoring
    • Intelligent data placement
    • Network monitoring
    • The CERN Advanced Storage Manager (CASTOR)
    • ESA and serendipity in the data archives
    • Analytics and modelling for available improvement in the CERN FCC
    • Data analytics of scientific articles
    • Administrative information systems

Intel Visit - 8 July 2014

use cases with specific interest to intel
Use Cases with Specific Interest to Intel
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Software optimization
  • Rackscale Architectures and Open Compute
  • Support for enterprise-level desktop computing

Intel Visit - 8 July 2014


From Use Cases to openlab Projects

Intel Visit - 8 July 2014

cern openlab projects
CERN openlab Projects
  • The use cases represent high-level requirements or areas of investigation
  • The next step is to define concrete projects out of the use cases
  • The goal is to have an initial set of concrete projects in the coming months

Intel Visit - 8 July 2014

representation and coordination
Representation and Coordination
  • The projects are the main units of technical activity
    • As broad or as specific as the project participants require as long as cost, effort and contributions are clear
  • CERN/Research Lab group and openlab sponsor representation needed across all projects
    • The CERN/Research Lab groups will host the projects
    • Needed for coordination, monitoring, review, etc.
  • Each project can be reviewed independently to be able to preserve confidentiality as necessary

Intel Visit - 8 July 2014

training and education
Training and Education
  • Some of the projects may not be R&D-focused
    • Training or educational activities
  • Leverage existing training activities or facilities across openlab sponsors and research labs
  • Relationship with
    • The Summer Student program
    • Wider education/training activities (similar to the current ICE-DIP project)

Intel Visit - 8 July 2014

project starting date
Project Starting Date
  • Formally, January 1st, 2015
  • New projects can be defined during openlab V
    • If activities do not fit in current projects
    • When new openlab members join
  • Projects can start earlier than January 2015
    • When Openlab V Collaboration Agreement is in place
    • When project Statement of Work is defined

Intel Visit - 8 July 2014

  • CERN openlab V will be a very flexible and dynamic phase with a low level of entry for new partners, wider CERN community participation, wider Research Lab participation, and possible EU contributions
  • The challenges CERN and hence our partners face remain formidable

Intel Visit - 8 July 2014