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UNLV Student Survey Results PowerPoint Presentation
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UNLV Student Survey Results

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UNLV Student Survey Results - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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UNLV Student Survey Results. Graduating Senior Exit Survey Lindsay Couzens, M.S. And Bea Babbitt, Ph.D. Academic Assessment . Purpose.

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UNLV Student Survey Results

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unlv student survey results

UNLV Student Survey Results

Graduating Senior Exit Survey

Lindsay Couzens, M.S.


Bea Babbitt, Ph.D.

Academic Assessment

  • The Graduating Senior Exit Survey is designed to provide information to the University and to individual colleges about students’ perceptions of institutional effectiveness
  • The items are general in nature- not major specific
  • Graduating Senior Exit Survey
    • Our 58-item survey included in graduation packet for all undergraduate students
    • Collected by advising centers and returned to our office
    • For the 2007-2008 administration we received 1679 responses from a possible pool of 3400 graduating seniors.
    • Responses were compared across 4 years of survey administrations: 2004-2005; 2005-2006; 2006-2007; 2007-2008
  • Sample Demographics
    • 62% Female; 34% Male; 3.5% did not respond
    • 64% between the ages of 20-24; 36% 25 and older
    • Largest response was from Liberal Arts (24% of total sample); smallest response was Public Health (4 respondents total) and Engineering (2% of total sample)
  • Sample Demographics
    • Ethnicity
education goals
Education Goals
  • Students were asked to respond to sixteen survey items related to education goals
  • Asked to what extent they agree that they had made progress towards reaching educational goals during their time at UNLV
    • Sample items include:
      • Learn to think critically and reason
      • Work with others effectively
      • Acquire knowledge and skills needed for career
      • Overall, the classes in my major were academically challenging
student satisfaction
Student Satisfaction
  • Seventeen items evaluated student satisfaction with their educational experiences
  • Asked to indicate how satisfied they were with each item
    • Sample items include:
      • Quality of instruction
      • Availability of courses
      • Quality of academic advising by faculty
      • Developmental, tutorial, and remedial services
      • Overall academic experience
  • Most graduating seniors agreed that they had attained UNLV general education goals.
  • More agreement concerning the attainment of broad academic goals such as learning to think critically or appreciate other points of view and less agreement in areas related to math, sciences, and the arts
  • Most seniors were satisfied with their educational experiences
  • There was greater satisfaction with quality of instruction, and support services and less satisfaction with availability of courses
contact information
Contact Information
  • Beatrice C. Babbitt , Director of Academic Assessment
    • Email: bea.babbitt@unlv.edu
    • 895-1506
  • Lindsay Couzens, Graduate Assistant
    • Email: hendril1@unlv.nevada.edu