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Campus Computing at Hanover College PowerPoint Presentation
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Campus Computing at Hanover College

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Campus Computing at Hanover College - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Campus Computing at Hanover College. Kevin Stormer Network Systems Specialist ’04 Graduate of Hanover College. Computer Labs. Computing facilities at Hanover: Center for Fine Arts Computer Center - 24 Windows XP (P4) PCs (with CD-RW drives), Laser Printer (open 8 a.m. until midnight)

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campus computing at hanover college

Campus Computingat Hanover College

Kevin Stormer

Network Systems Specialist

’04 Graduate of Hanover College

computer labs
Computer Labs
  • Computing facilities at Hanover:
    • Center for Fine Arts Computer Center-24 Windows XP (P4) PCs (with CD-RW drives), Laser Printer (open 8 a.m. until midnight)
    • Duggan Library Computer Center-21 (Brand New) Windows XP PCs, LaserJet Printer (NO FLOPPY DISK DRIVES) (open 24/7), with ID card entrance after midnight
    • Departmental Labs –

(Computer Science/Math, Modern

Languages, Geology, Biology,

Physics, Chemistry, etc.)

printing copying accounts
  • Printing/Copying Accounting System
    • Details:
      • Every Student will be allotted 200 prints/copies per semester (NO Roll-Over to next semester)
      • Additional Pages will be charged at 7 cents/page (5 cents/side for duplex printing)
      • Printing/copying, all use same ID card account system (will need ID card to print and copy)
      • Additional money can be put on card through online interface (with credit/debit card), or through cash exchange at Library or Business Office

We are NOT trying to make any money on this, we are just trying to negate SOME of the cost, printing cost have gotten out of hand past few years. We still have no technology fee!

personal computer minimum requirements
Personal Computer: Minimum requirements


As of January 2004, Win98 is no longer supported by Microsoft, We now require: 2000 or XP

Pentium4 256MB Ram (we do NOT recommend running Windows XP with anything less than 256 MB Ram).

Macs: (Problems in the past)

Most recent Macs (OS X) will work, but we do not support Macintosh computers.

* ALL computers that connect to the StudentNet network must have a 10/100 network interface card.

best case recommendations for 2005 2006
Best-case recommendations for 2005-2006
  • Windows-users
      • Pentium 4
      • Windows XP
      • 40GB hard drive and 512 MB of RAM
    • Notebooks/Tablets
      • Intel Centrino Technology
      • Wireless Network Card (802.11G)
      • Docking station
software standard on campus
Software standard on campus
  • What are the software standards at Hanover College?
    • Hanover College uses Microsoft Office XP/2003 products - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
antivirus software
Antivirus Software

Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition

Version 9.0, managed

Version 10.0 on the way

  • Preconfigured Package (Required for network access), includes:
    • Managed Antivirus Software (configured to communicate with server for updates)
    • Registry edit for Windows Updates (WSUS)
    • Scheduled Defragmentation of hard drive
what is hanover college student net
What is Hanover College StudentNet ??
  • StudentNet is the Hanover College residential data and cable TV network
  • All permanent student residences are given a “port-per-pillow” connection or one data port per occupant
  • 6 shared T1 lines to the Internet, gigabit/second connection to buildings, 100megabit/second connection to rooms
  • StudentNet gives students full access to the Internet, email, fileservers, antivirus software, library resources, and other online services
  • StudentNet support: network, antivirus, spyware, file server support
how do i connect to student net
How do I connect to StudentNet ?
  • Connect your computer to either port in your room
  • Open up Internet Explorer, and type in in the address bar (you should be automatically redirected here, but just in case, you can type the address in)
getting connected to studentnet cont
Getting connected to StudentNet cont.
  • Enter your email username and ID#
  • After you read the agreement, hit the Accept button and follow the directions on the screen. Your account should be active within minutes. If you reboot, the changes will have taken effect by the time your computer restarts.
  • Following registration, you MUST download FREE Symantec Antivirus preconfigured software package from our server (
hanover skynet
Hanover SkyNet
  • Hanover SkyNet is our 802.11b/g wireless local area network. As an extension of StudentNet, SkyNet gives users the ability to enjoy the freedom of wireless network connectivity on campus.
  • Will need security encryption key
  • hanoverin1827
  • This will change, hopefully, within the next few weeks, we will send an email on how to connect after the change.
skynet locations
SkyNet Locations
  • Locations:
    • Library, (Lobby, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floor main areas)
    • Campus Center (Underground, mailroom, cafeteria, and 2nd floor)
    • Outdoor Classroom/Hendricks Hall
    • Science Center Lobby and around Chemistry Department
    • CFA (lobby and recital hall)
    • IT Building (Academic Computing)
    • Horner Center (lobby and 102)
    • Coffee House
    • Shoebox
    • Expanding to new locations (will continue growth until entire campus is covered)
vault file server
Vault File Server
  • Every student/faculty/staff member has preconfigured account (email username, and ID#)
  • Preconfigured Web-Space -
  • Also preconfigured protected web-space (uses email username and password)
  • File Storage, accessible from anywhere through Vault Login, and FTP (100MB of space for students)
  • Lab computers have login icon
  • Student PCs should use network drive mappings
  • 1 terabyte of space protected on Raid5 array, millions times more secure than any disc (DON’T USE 3.5inch FLOPPIES)

  • Essential source of communication for student/faculty/staff communications
  • Can access email (default password is ID#)
  • Login at
  • 100MB of email storage
  • Maximum size of email 5MB
  • Ctrl+K and To… are your friends
    • IMPORTANT: To avoid quota problems, empty your Deleted Items folder and your Sent Items folder
peer to peer software
Peer to Peer Software

(KaZaA, Aimster, Audiogalaxy, DirectConnect, eDonkey, Filetopia, MGCP, Napster, Blubster, Gnutella, PeerEnabler, BitTorrent, or anything else you can find…)

Hanover College does NOT allow P2P (Peer-to-Peer) software on our network. We have no way of distinguishing between legal P2P traffic and illegal P2P traffic, therefore we cannot allow ANY P2P applications. Issues of legality and bandwidth usage force us to have this policy. If we discover you are using P2P software, your account will be disabled.

  • IT HelpDesk
    • Call the IT HelpDesk (6899)
    • Will aid (over the phone), or you can bring your computer in for free support
    • Help Services
      • Connecting to StudentNet
      • Connecting to SkyNet
      • Antivirus Software
      • Spyware/Adware removal
      • Any other questions you may have (email, vault, etc.)
other services computer training
Other Services: Computer Training

Extensive computer application training on topics ranging from Word Tables, Excel financial functions, presentations in PowerPoint, Access databases, and web page creation

Peggy Byers ext. 6836

important computing websites
Important Computing Websites

Suggested on-campus Homepage: Quicklinks to email, library resources, campus news, academic sites, directory lookup, etc.

IT website with news and information concerning IT at Hanover College. Links to fix tools and other helpful hints to keep your computer running smoothly

Everything about your financial account, courses and grades. Shows calendar of your classes and other on-campus event.


IT Help Desk: 9-5 Monday through Friday, trained student worker, bring computer by or call (6899)

Kevin Stormer: Network Systems Specialist


Neil Reeves: Systems Support Coordinator


Peggy Byers: Training Coordinator, IntraNet Webmaster


John Collins: Chief Technology Officer